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Her apparition smiled back at me from just above the ocean crest, fin moving in rhythm with the undulating waves. Long wavy hair carried by the sweeping wind, glistening golden skin shimmering under Mexican sunbeams. “Yemanja” I sang, “Yemanja.” I continued to place grapes and white rose petals on the offering for her.  The guitar strings harmoniously vibrated as women’s feet danced in circles alongside me.  Their arms lifting to meet the glory of the sky, voices in chorus singing her name, and my heart expanding with each deep ocean air breath.

I first met Yemanja years ago, walking along the California shoreline on a day when I was questioning everything in my life.  With doubt residing on the altar of my heart, she presented in her force, power, and love, inviting an opportunity to move beyond right and wrong, good and bad, and instead to embrace the deeper truth of my heart.

At the time that I first met her, I was having a very human moment… a moment when you stop walking, turn to the ocean, allow the tears to roll down your face, and just let go. With no other foreseeable way forward, I began to pray. And there in the distance (through my gift of sight) appeared this magnificent mermaid looking goddess staring back at me with her radiant vibrancy.  When our eyes met, my heart swelled with a feeling of “all will be well.” Answers rolled in like rhythmic waves crashing on the shore of my soul. It was but a moment, but truly imprinted a compass upon my heart to always move towards my true north.

As the image of her exquisite details began to fade, I did what most modern seers do… I took out my phone and Googled the features of this beautiful sea woman to learn who she was and what she’s about.  Yemanja, also spelled Yemaya or Yemọja, appeared on my search engine as a prominent deity from Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean religions. She is associated with the ocean, motherhood, fertility, and nurturing. With this confirmation of who I had just had an epiphany with, I paused to welcome her into my conscious field and to offer my permission and consent to be influenced by her gifts.

My sense is that we all have moments that we can look back on and say, “had the sea not parted in that moment,” I wouldn’t be here today. For me, this experience could be categorized with that level of importance and marked a pivotal time of commitment to my life’s path.  After ten years later of walking this path, I met her again on a beach in Mexico  where I was celebrating a friend’s birthday. Her community often celebrates Yemanja, singing her songs, and loving her in co-creative spirit.

Her re-emergence this winter again affirms that I always can trust moving to my true north and is synchronistically aligned with the birth of the Generational Alchemy: Where Magic Meets Manifestation course.  

With every course I teach, I agree to be shaped, changed, and opened by the collective constellation that only a unique cohort of individuals (and their guides) can create. And this course has quite the “pre-field” to it… everything is moving, and everything is rearing its head to be harmoniously aligned with natural flow. We come together to walk each other home and it is often through thresholds and portals of deep transformation that we access the luminosity and possibility of our souls.

The folks that are coming together for this upcoming circle are listening to the deeper pulse of their existence and the consciousness shaping it and have said “YES” to the mystery of their path.  And so have I. 

There are times when our soul and its guides invite us to awaken, move to the edge, and harness the inherited current of our manifesting power to plant and grow the seeds of our dreams. These are moments when unveiling the light of truth is the only choice. If we want to evolve and progress on our path, we must answer the call to expand our capacity to love and be loved. This is where we change the course of our lives and the lives of those we serve and love.

For me, now is the time to embrace my INFINITE, CREATIVE LIFEFORCE and release any form of “doing” that stands between me and the freedom of being, in all its glory.

As we pass this year’s equinox and come into an historic eclipse season, the conditions of your garden matter. The intentions you seeded on the New Year are sprouting this spring to give you a fresh start, free from the burdens and limitations of the past.

As you prepare to begin anew, join an inspiring, pulsing community of pattern breaking souls who are ready to co-create wildly with the multidimensional field.

The Generational Alchemy course weaves systemic constellations, intuitive perception, experiential process, intentional focus, natural laws, and ancestral healing to empower you and your ideas and support you to bring them into manifestation. Generational Alchemy is the key to unlock a new story, filled by the magic, mysticism, and brilliance that is you.

Fear may rise up as you hear the call and lift the veil; it is the remembrance in your bones of times when voices were muffled, freedom stolen or the path trampled. It is the encoded history of prior lifetimes of being burned, hung, tortured, or sacrificed. Fear may arise, but it is not here to be your guide. It is here to remind you that you are not alone. You have done this before. And this is the time to live as the wayshower in the presence of your conditioned ancestors – the ones who learned to agree with the cultural and oppressive norms to survive.

Trusting our intuition, following its guidance, and agreeing to the path it presents carries us towards places and experiences that serve as initiations or pivotal moments that bring us fully to life. The trail we blaze when responding to synchronicities or direct messages from beyond is laced like a starry sky with elemental and other-worldly resources to support and nourish us. I have found that the more I follow the breadcrumbs, the stronger my relationship to myself, my soul, my lineage, and my life.

12 Weekly Gatherings Facilitated by Emily Blefeld (Mondays 1:00-3:30pm Eastern)

All gatherings will include systemic experiential process and teaching on practices for conscious alchemy, systemic healing, natural laws, and manifestation practices.

One Private Alchemical Systemic Family Constellation with Emily Blefeld, LICSW

The deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints are often inherited and remain alive in the heart of a family or soul lineage for up to seven generations. The systemic approach illuminates and clears these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing and nectar for pleasure, presence, and purpose.

One Subtle Energetic Alignment session with Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS

The Subtle Energetic Alignment™(SEA™) process provides insight into the origin of emotions and experiences in the body, psyche, and ancestral lineage that have not yet found closure that prevent you from being in alignment with your goals and intentions. Recognizing and working with these origin points brings balance and creates a potential shift in perception, biofield, physical body, and family system.

3 Group Intuitive Coaching & Systemic Mentoring Sessions

Participants are invited to bring their current challenges, questions, or desires. Together we will identify and release patterns or beliefs that keep you from stepping powerfully into your soul’s evolution and life’s purpose.

Weekly Individual & Group Systemic Constellation Support (Facilitated by the Hearth Tenders)

In each weekly meeting, we will gather around a virtual hearth and ignite the sparks within. When the blazing fire needs tending or when the flame seems to have grown cold, our hearth-tending team is there for support. Ginny Vinson and the hearth tenders (alumni graduates) offer individual (1:1) and group constellation support and integration outside of class between sessions.

Seeing with Your Heart Alchemical Constellations Workshop with Dan Cohen & Emily Blefeld

In this transformational workshop, Emily and Dan will demonstrate their unique way of co-facilitating constellations that infuse life with magic, understanding and deeper feelings of ease, flow, love, and abundance.

Discover the Emotional Root of Your Challenges with Subtle Energetic Alignment™ Workshop with Sarah Bastian, MS

Subtle Energetic Alignment™ (SEA) is a powerful tool that provides insight into and offers the release of these trapped emotions that create barriers to your health and success. Based on the knowledge and use of meridians and applied kinesiology, Sarah will discuss how, why, and where emotions can become suppressed in your body. She will demonstrate how SEA works with an individual in a one-on-one session as well as how SEA can be used in co-facilitation with constellation work.

Weekly Heartwork Teachings, Invitations and Community Groups to Further Explore, Integrate, Practice, and Apply the Sacred Tools in Daily Life.

Weekly inspiring heartwork (“homework”), designed to accelerate your transformation and manifestation. This includes at-home rituals, practices, art, and group experiential processes.

Private Online Forum for Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, Resource Sharing, Guidance and Growth


Emily Blefeld, LICSW: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Trainer, and Co-Founder

Emily is internationally known as a trainer, Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, and psychotherapist. She specializes in supporting change-agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs to dismantle the old paradigms, outdated narratives, and ancient codes that hold them back and open to the full expression of their life’s purpose and soul’s path. Her intuitive gift of sight and knowledge of the hidden pathways of consciousness help clients trace inherited family and soul trauma through multiple generations or incarnations to release the burdens and blocks that interfere with living their truth, expressing their love, and embodying their passion. 


Dan Cohen, PhD: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Trainer, and Co-Founder

Dan Cohen, PhD, specializes in helping individuals, couples and families heal the effects of inherited trauma and fulfill their desires for having more love and deeper impact in their lives. Combining a near-encyclopedic knowledge of world history, mythology and culture with an uncanny psychic awareness, Dan offers clients profound and transformative healing while expanding understanding and restoring peace of mind. Since 2000, he has become a leading voice for incorporating personal, ancestral and spirit consciousness into therapeutic practices. 

Ginny Vinson: Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Hearth Tender

Ginny Vinson nurtures positive change through courage, love, and meticulous attention to the ecology of individuals and organizations. In 2001, in the prime of her life, Ginny was rear-ended by a tractor trailer which left her as a quadriplegic. The life she knew was over, but she soon realized the utility of the two things she had left under her control: her mind and her voice. Like an oak tree, Ginny grew into a powerful, stable being with a benevolent spirit and mind. She is both light and shade, omnipresent for those who seek the wisdom of her insight and the comfort of her compassion. Ginny is the founder of Transitions, a coaching and consulting company which provided seminars, workshops, and personal services. 

Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS: Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Subtle Energy Practitioner

Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS is a Subtle Energy Practitioner, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Sacred Art Practitioner, artist, writer and Ancestral Researcher. For the past twenty-six years, she has trained in various modalities that are complementary to whole-body transformation. Her keen interest in genealogy, genograms, Systemic Constellation work, ceremony and an animistic cosmology provide her a strong foundation to help others connect with, honor and rewrite their own past in a way that reveals truth, and creates flow and harmony in their present and future. You can find out more about Sarah at

Fabiola Robinson, BS: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher, and Hearth Tender

Fabiola embraces modern and ancient knowledge in her unique synthesis of family constellations, mindfulness, energy healing, and meditation to assist clients in finding positive forward movements in their lives. In her coaching practice, she leads mindfulness and compassion processes and facilitates family constellations. Fabiola is president of a software company where her compassionate management style encourages creative approaches to cost efficiency, problem solving, improved customer satisfaction, and overall business growth. You can learn more about Fabiola by visiting

Gozde Turkmen Redden, MBA: Systemic Coach, Constellations Facilitator and Hearth Tender

Gozde is a systemic coach and facilitator working with individuals, groups and organizations from around the globe. Beginning her professional career as an engineer, she always held a deep interest in human consciousness and a curiosity to study the orders of the cosmos. Through years of trainings, workshops and life’s events, she forged her masterful way of weaving ancient knowledge with new wisdom.

Gozde is naturally connected with the wisdom of Anatolia, the cradle of mysticism in the tradition of Sufism and Wise Women. Earth is her temple. She offers clients systemic constellations, rituals, and a wide range of somatic and energy medicine modalities. Learn more via

Risa Tapales, SRCD, CCFC: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Life Coach and Hearth Tender

Risa is a Family Constellations Facilitator and Life Coach whose desire for supporting others on their path is largely informed by her own recovery for the last seventeen years. While she may utilize creative processes such as vision boards and journaling as a way of finding clarity and ease, Risa now offers painting with Family Constellations. She believes that art brings a sacredness to connecting within and moving through issues. “This is how we transform pain into unique creative expression,” she firmly believes. On the canvas, Risa facilitates the uncovering of traumas and bringing them back to their rightful place of belonging in the individual’s ancestry. You can learn more about Risa by visiting her website at:

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions. Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward. We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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