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Seeing with Your Heart News…

  • Thanks to an influx of registrations, we added a 7:00pm (Eastern) cohort for the Generational Alchemy: Where Magic Meets Manifestation Course. The start date is pushed back to next Monday, April 1. The class size is limited to 20 people. We have opened free discovery calls for Wednesday and Thursday should you be interested in joining.
  • Most of you reading this know – or know of – our friend and colleague Elise Bish. She is a conscious sexuality educator, systemic family constellations facilitator, and desire coach who recently tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation and received diagnostic news that she has triple negative ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer. We did a constellation for her this weekend and reflect on it in this newsletter. If interested in supporting Elise, please click here to learn more.

With the lunar eclipse happening yesterday, we felt the ground shift beneath our feet as a sea change rolled through. Astrologer, Systemic Constellations Facilitator, and graduate of Seeing with Your Heart courses, Stephanie Gailing, says this can be expected during eclipse season and can carry us in ways where we “may not necessarily know to what destination this movement will ultimately take us.” Our path is literally “eclipsed” for a moment. 

A week ago, we sent the final promotional newsletter for the Generational Alchemy course and processed the resulting applications and registrations. What happened next, although it defied logic, somehow completely fits with the expectations of the extraordinary community that surrounds Seeing with Your Heart and the core of our teachings.

Elise Bish has been a cherished faculty member of our Seeing with Your Heart community since its inception in 2013. She is the Desire Catalyst, a conscious sexuality educator, systemic family constellations facilitator, and desire coach who believes that sex is sacred, pleasure is healing, and that the purpose of life is to walk through the world with our desire leading the way. To me, she’s one of the most dedicated people I know to supporting people with liberating healthy sexual energy from the control of sexual oppression and shame. For her, our erotic lifeforce is the life giving, generative, unique, creative energy that moves us toward connection to self, others, art, nourishment, expression, inspiration, and spirit.

This past fall, the inner voice of her intuition urged her to get tested for the BRCA gene mutation. In January, she received results showing that she has the BRCA 1 mutation which greatly increases her lifetime risk of breast, ovarian, and skin cancer. Just weeks later, after getting approved by insurance to do a preventative mammogram, she received staggering diagnostic news that she has triple negative ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer.

At age 36, her life has been turned upside down and heart turned inside out. Her wife, Kit, Emily and Dan, and many others, have rallied around to support her through the complexities of medical treatment and fertility preservation. Her doctors say that because the cancer was detected early, her chances for recovery post-surgery are greatly improved. Within days of integrating her new reality, Elise’s mind flooded with images of dismemberment and torturous amputation as her body felt waves of terror and shame.  Her nervous system locked into the inherited trauma of her soul and maternal lineage. She reached out to Emily for a systemic constellation to “liberate her body from the grasp of cancer, release her DNA from passing it to her future, and prepare her body for healthy fertility.”

For the last four days, instead of managing the pressing logistics of the course launch, Emily’s attention has been directed towards organizing an in-person Constellation for Elise at Dan and Emily’s Martha’s Vineyard home, under the full moon, and at the precipice of eclipse season. When we met in our living room in Aquinnah on Saturday, there were 17 people in the circle, all dear friends, all connected in some way to Elise and Seeing with Your Heart.

For Elise (and Emily), this was so moving. Any part of them that knows how to exile their needs in service of others had nowhere to hide, and no way to avoid receiving, as all these loving hearts gathered in support on a wild island with less than two days notice.

Fittingly, the Constellation was epic. In nearly four hours, we worked a braided strand that blended representatives from Elise’s family lineage, with the karmic resonance of her soul lineage, and the archetypal lineage of the BRCA gene mutation. The common thread was sexual perpetration that originated in pillage and rape traditions of European warfare and eventually became encoded within all of us who are descended from these brutalities.

When we turned towards the healing movement, drums, rattles, and instruments turned the room into a cavern of sound healing. We invoked the harmonizing call of the whales (the keepers of ancient records) who swim the waters of the nearby Nantucket Sound and invited Elise to represent her “high timeline” and travel the lineage. She first stepped back in time through the generations into a soul lineage trauma, where “the world went still” and she found herself chained to cement walls, violated by a guard, and taken from her beloved and their village. She stood in the place where her soul split from her body as murderous rage took her life. Simultaneously, the representatives in Elise’s maternal lineage began to look at one another and acknowledge their relational pain, blame, and shame.

Within moments, a movement took place in the Field where the representative for her soul birthed into Elise’s family lineage. The healthy ancestors of her living DNA responded with healing sentences. And it was clear that Elise’s soul incarnated into a biological family who had experienced similar trauma and offered a genetic inheritance that could provide her soul continued healing with what was unresolved. 

Although Elise is facing one of the greatest challenges of her life, she is also simultaneously standing for collective liberation and so is the healthy ancient soul and familial systemic field that courses through her.

In our understanding, healing begins with connection and connection requires bravery. With courage, she looked into her ancestral field, acknowledged everyone and everything that belonged to her given system, and dared to disentangle the power of vitality from the grasp of oppression. As we gently allowed the movements to unfold, Elise and others discharged silence, shame, and the traumatic consequences of these belief systems from cellular memory and drank in healthy lifeforce offered by ancestors, soul, and the mutation itself. This is alchemy.

After nightfall, we traveled to the Gay Head cliffs for a final ceremony. Though it was blowing a fierce nor’easter, and the tide was nearly high, Emily, Elise, and a few courageous friends drummed on a narrow strip of beach, bared their breasts to the four great winds, and further absorbed the elemental healing power of ocean and sky.

Here is the part that defies logic (but makes every bit of sense according to the science of sound healing). Sunday afternoon, Elise and Kit returned to Providence and Emily completed the final details for the next day’s class. Although she had been offline for days, applications and registrations for the course spiked in her absence. It was as if, during the intensity of the healing movements, when we attuned to the songs of whales, we also embodied their well-documented ability to communicate telepathically. While were we practicing generational alchemy on Elise’ behalf, many of you felt silently called to learn to use it in your own lives and professions.

Later that Sunday when Elise saw another healer for energy work, she commented that Elise looked more like she was pregnant than a person afflicted with cancer. Elise woke up the next day with a grounded nervous system, a readiness to face what is ahead, and a lightness in her heart and body.

With the new registrations, the Generational Alchemy course now has a waitlist. To resolve that, and keep the class size intimate, Emily is opening a second cohort on Mondays from 7:00-9:30pm. If you want to amplify your community and healership, we have a place by the fire we are keeping warm for you. Click the links below to apply and book a free discovery call.

12 Weekly Gatherings Facilitated by Emily Blefeld (Mondays 1:00-3:30pm Eastern)

All gatherings will include systemic experiential process and teaching on practices for conscious alchemy, systemic healing, natural laws, and manifestation practices.

One Private Alchemical Systemic Family Constellation with Emily Blefeld, LICSW

The deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints are often inherited and remain alive in the heart of a family or soul lineage for up to seven generations. The systemic approach illuminates and clears these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing and nectar for pleasure, presence, and purpose.

One Subtle Energetic Alignment session with Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS

The Subtle Energetic Alignment™(SEA™) process provides insight into the origin of emotions and experiences in the body, psyche, and ancestral lineage that have not yet found closure that prevent you from being in alignment with your goals and intentions. Recognizing and working with these origin points brings balance and creates a potential shift in perception, biofield, physical body, and family system.

3 Group Intuitive Coaching & Systemic Mentoring Sessions

Participants are invited to bring their current challenges, questions, or desires. Together we will identify and release patterns or beliefs that keep you from stepping powerfully into your soul’s evolution and life’s purpose.

Weekly Individual & Group Systemic Constellation Support (Facilitated by the Hearth Tenders)

In each weekly meeting, we will gather around a virtual hearth and ignite the sparks within. When the blazing fire needs tending or when the flame seems to have grown cold, our hearth-tending team is there for support. Ginny Vinson and the hearth tenders (alumni graduates) offer individual (1:1) and group constellation support and integration outside of class between sessions.

Seeing with Your Heart Alchemical Constellations Workshop with Dan Cohen & Emily Blefeld

In this transformational workshop, Emily and Dan will demonstrate their unique way of co-facilitating constellations that infuse life with magic, understanding and deeper feelings of ease, flow, love, and abundance.

Discover the Emotional Root of Your Challenges with Subtle Energetic Alignment™ Workshop with Sarah Bastian, MS

Subtle Energetic Alignment™ (SEA) is a powerful tool that provides insight into and offers the release of these trapped emotions that create barriers to your health and success. Based on the knowledge and use of meridians and applied kinesiology, Sarah will discuss how, why, and where emotions can become suppressed in your body. She will demonstrate how SEA works with an individual in a one-on-one session as well as how SEA can be used in co-facilitation with constellation work.

Weekly Heartwork Teachings, Invitations and Community Groups to Further Explore, Integrate, Practice, and Apply the Sacred Tools in Daily Life.

Weekly inspiring heartwork (“homework”), designed to accelerate your transformation and manifestation. This includes at-home rituals, practices, art, and group experiential processes.

Private Online Forum for Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, Resource Sharing, Guidance and Growth


Emily Blefeld, LICSW: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Trainer, and Co-Founder

Emily is internationally known as a trainer, Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, and psychotherapist. She specializes in supporting change-agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs to dismantle the old paradigms, outdated narratives, and ancient codes that hold them back and open to the full expression of their life’s purpose and soul’s path. Her intuitive gift of sight and knowledge of the hidden pathways of consciousness help clients trace inherited family and soul trauma through multiple generations or incarnations to release the burdens and blocks that interfere with living their truth, expressing their love, and embodying their passion. 


Dan Cohen, PhD: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Trainer, and Co-Founder

Dan Cohen, PhD, specializes in helping individuals, couples and families heal the effects of inherited trauma and fulfill their desires for having more love and deeper impact in their lives. Combining a near-encyclopedic knowledge of world history, mythology and culture with an uncanny psychic awareness, Dan offers clients profound and transformative healing while expanding understanding and restoring peace of mind. Since 2000, he has become a leading voice for incorporating personal, ancestral and spirit consciousness into therapeutic practices. 

Ginny Vinson: Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Hearth Tender

Ginny Vinson nurtures positive change through courage, love, and meticulous attention to the ecology of individuals and organizations. In 2001, in the prime of her life, Ginny was rear-ended by a tractor trailer which left her as a quadriplegic. The life she knew was over, but she soon realized the utility of the two things she had left under her control: her mind and her voice. Like an oak tree, Ginny grew into a powerful, stable being with a benevolent spirit and mind. She is both light and shade, omnipresent for those who seek the wisdom of her insight and the comfort of her compassion. Ginny is the founder of Transitions, a coaching and consulting company which provided seminars, workshops, and personal services. 

Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS: Systemic Constellations Facilitator and Subtle Energy Practitioner

Sarah Rehfuss Bastian, MS is a Subtle Energy Practitioner, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Sacred Art Practitioner, artist, writer and Ancestral Researcher. For the past twenty-six years, she has trained in various modalities that are complementary to whole-body transformation. Her keen interest in genealogy, genograms, Systemic Constellation work, ceremony and an animistic cosmology provide her a strong foundation to help others connect with, honor and rewrite their own past in a way that reveals truth, and creates flow and harmony in their present and future. You can find out more about Sarah at

Fabiola Robinson, BS: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher, and Hearth Tender

Fabiola embraces modern and ancient knowledge in her unique synthesis of family constellations, mindfulness, energy healing, and meditation to assist clients in finding positive forward movements in their lives. In her coaching practice, she leads mindfulness and compassion processes and facilitates family constellations. Fabiola is president of a software company where her compassionate management style encourages creative approaches to cost efficiency, problem solving, improved customer satisfaction, and overall business growth. You can learn more about Fabiola by visiting

Gozde Turkmen Redden, MBA: Systemic Coach, Constellations Facilitator and Hearth Tender

Gozde is a systemic coach and facilitator working with individuals, groups and organizations from around the globe. Beginning her professional career as an engineer, she always held a deep interest in human consciousness and a curiosity to study the orders of the cosmos. Through years of trainings, workshops and life’s events, she forged her masterful way of weaving ancient knowledge with new wisdom.

Gozde is naturally connected with the wisdom of Anatolia, the cradle of mysticism in the tradition of Sufism and Wise Women. Earth is her temple. She offers clients systemic constellations, rituals, and a wide range of somatic and energy medicine modalities. Learn more via

Risa Tapales, SRCD, CCFC: Systemic Constellations Facilitator, Life Coach and Hearth Tender

Risa is a Family Constellations Facilitator and Life Coach whose desire for supporting others on their path is largely informed by her own recovery for the last seventeen years. While she may utilize creative processes such as vision boards and journaling as a way of finding clarity and ease, Risa now offers painting with Family Constellations. She believes that art brings a sacredness to connecting within and moving through issues. “This is how we transform pain into unique creative expression,” she firmly believes. On the canvas, Risa facilitates the uncovering of traumas and bringing them back to their rightful place of belonging in the individual’s ancestry. You can learn more about Risa by visiting her website at:

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions. Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward. We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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