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November 1, 2022 from 12-2pm Eastern

When you begin to see with your heart, there’s an opening for perception that can reach across space from the inner earth to the infinite cosmos, and beyond time from this morning’s anxieties to distant mirrors of past and future. In turn, an informed and healthy heart helps guide you through the complexities of life in the Cellphone/Internet age. As a caution, tradition teaches that perceiving is not the same as comprehending or understanding. To integrate and contextualize what we perceive, we rely on spiritual teachings from our lineages, the scientific method, insights from quantum theory, and Constellations.

Here in New England, storm windows are coming down, garden beds are greeting the morning sun with a light spray of frost, and we are feeling the crunch of leaves and sticks under our soles. In crisp walks through the woods, our minds play around with the connection between Alchemical Constellations, the early 1600s, the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, and the cries for Women, Life, Freedom, coming from Iran. We look out of the greater world and weave it into our own soul’s sense of purpose.



The 1600s birthed global corporations and the Scientific Revolution, but also was the time of the height of European witch hunts and religious wars. We are heartened to realize that two foundational techniques in Family Constellations with roots in alchemical and women’s wisdom traditions – that were negated by the rise of materialist science in the 1600s – have been revived and validated by experiments in quantum theory that were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2022.

These foundational techniques are:

  1. Representative Perception. The ability of a stranger – given no information – to tune-in to a focus client’s family member, dead or alive, and report emotional and somatic content that is factually accurate.
  2. Systemic Entanglement. The phenomenon by which a living person and a long-dead ancestor are inextricably linked, sharing traumas and blessings in changing portions.

We use the body as an instrument, transmitting and receiving information from fields of consciousness. This allows us to probe the deeper forces and patterns that influence an individual’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotional experiences. Where we mediate between the ordinary, physical world and the domain of unified consciousness, we practice alchemy –ancestors heal, the negative codes held in our cells release, and the resources of nature and spirit flow.

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger for their 1980s experiments which proved the phenomenon of quantum entanglement which Albert Einstein has famously dismissed as “spooky action at a distance.” Both representative perception and systemic entanglement now have validation. When we call in the consciousness of an entangled ancestor and say, “I see you,” we are aligned with the phenomenon of the Observer Effect and Entanglement as described by quantum theory.


For many empaths and intuitives, even naming the potential for alchemical healing as if by magic, raises the shadow of the witch hunts and terror of persecution. They feel a lump in the throat and a protective shield hardening around their heart. A cautionary voice of “reason” collapses possibility. As an antidote to these fears, we greet the seam between summer and winter by celebrating – even if somewhat haphazardly – the ancient rituals of the Jewish New Year, the Druid holy day of Samhain (Witch’s New Year), and the Catholic tradition of the Day of the Dead.

These rituals call our attention toward the Earth and its capacity to sustain us with healthy and vibrant embodiment. In our group and individual explorations of the Knowing Field, we have often placed representatives for Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth. There have been many times when a person stood as Gaia, felt into their body, and heard her call to her human children. Years ago, we summarized the message from our living planet,

Basta Ya! Enough of her grief and despair. Enough of repression of the feminine. Enough of the human activity that destroys the fabric of the planet. The consciousness of our ancestors and the spirit of the land we stand on implored us to stop the patterns of endless wars, rape, enslavement, and environmental destruction fueled by generational trauma.

Listening to the messages coming from young women taking to the street in Iran, recalled these words. Gaia’s call is being heard everywhere, even through the deafening explosions intent on drowning her out. Our dear friend, artist/therapist/Constellator William Thompson, flagged a blog post by Nazli Rahmanian, an Iranian woman now living in the U.S. who reflected on the girl’s revolution roiling Iran.

Much has been lost in the last couple of centuries as this modern civilization has lived a divisive story of colonialism and capitalism. The myth of endless economic growth has brought so much destruction to our planet and all Her living inhabitants for the apparent gain of a few. The old story and its empty promises are falling apart. As I grieve the loss of so much that is beautiful and sacred, I hold in my heart a dream for a new civilization. One that is rooted in the story of relatedness. One that cannot be born without the inclusion of the feminine. One that is born from the sacred marriage of feminine and masculine. How sweet the day that women, men, rivers, and trees sing their true song. And the Earth too. Woman, Life, Freedom!

This too is our mission, though we are not activists on the global stage. In our understanding, we don’t have to journey far to locate the places where the Earth suffers. When we look within ourselves, when we touch our own heartbreak, everything out there is within us and within is where we have the most agency to begin the healing process.

We are likely familiar with the ways we advocate for goodwill and reconciliation, but listening carefully, often the words are about accusation, revealing the places where we close our hearts. Being afraid of our own power and its origins, we may do something beautiful, then regret it. How readily do we tear ourselves down for our mistakes and accept the splattering of someone else’s projections to paint us in the wrong? If we do not engage in personal work in parallel with our activism, the shadow of our entanglements with old family traumas undermines our best efforts.

As the sun recedes and the air cools, the autumn season invites us to follow our search within ourselves down to the source, especially to the ancestral roots that are often the vibrational string behind our most vexing emotional and behavior patterns. These journeys through the generations of our creation heal our restless ancestors, release their entanglements from our body’s cells, and fill our hearts with the fullness of resilience and connection. 

Our next free workshop is November 1, where we will dedicate an afternoon to the celebration of Druid Samhain (Seeing with Your Heart style). Tradition suggests that on this night, when the veils between the worlds thin, ancestral consciousness becomes more easily accessed. We will meet to lift awareness, to welcome ancestral support, and to celebrate, release, change, and grow in life.


Seeing with Your Heart is Expanding and Wants to Weave with You in Our Emergence!

Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen are seeking candidates to join our new Leadership Team for the inaugural Alchemical Constellations Training Program beginning in February 2023 and potentially to become an Associate Facilitator in our therapeutic practice. If you are an experienced Systemic Constellations facilitator with a desire to teach and mentor the art of Systemic Constellations, we invite you to consider sharing your gifts and skills with Seeing with Your Heart’s widening community.

2 Day Virtual Retreat: Creativity to Spark Your Soul & Source Your Movement on January 21-22, 2023

Together in community with others, we will harness our creative lifeforce to weave the threads of magic into our creative projects while awakening our capacity to co-create with our guides and the ideas seeking us. 

Alchemical Constellations Training Program Begins February, 2023

The program will cover the foundational principles and tools of facilitating Systemic Family Constellations with alchemy and magic. It will train practitioners who marry competence in facilitating Constellations with their unique talents, skills, artistry, and medicine. Our vision is to walk alongside you as you learn to see, live, and lead with an awakened heart.

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  

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