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Understanding the Great Mystery

Your Life in the Pandemic

On New Year’s Eve, Emily and Dan greeted the new decade with a night out at a downtown restaurant, followed by a small gathering with our closest friends and family. As is our tradition, we wrote down our personal, professional and shared intentions for the year. Dan boldly predicted that the 2020’s would be the “best decade ever.”

In just a few weeks, sprouts began to form. We started writing a book, launched the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program in 3 cities in Brazil, transitioned our private practice to new platforms, and began to prepare our training curriculum for facilitation at events in Australia and New Zealand. We were on our way and so thrilled about the “clear vision” of 2020!

Scarcely 3 months later, all of our plans were canceled, and our calendar opened as wide as the clear blue sky. We are self-isolating in our house, connecting by video and phone with our community and questioning when we will gather in-person again? If we develop a dry cough and fever, will we survive? Will we need hospitalization? Will any loved ones die in isolation? Will the food supply and electric grid break down, leading to total social chaos?

These anxieties are as pandemic as the virus itself. As we continue to offer virtual Constellations, counseling and mentoring we are tuning-in and diving down into the emotions that are churning your hearts and distressing your minds. Many of you are out of work, short on cash, low on optimism and cracking under the strain of being alone or in too close quarters with others. The questions that our clients and students keep asking is how can I calm my body and clear my mind to receive the gift of this upheaval?

What can we learn about the mystery of the Coronavirus by opening the Fields of consciousness revealed through Seeing with Your Heart?

Pandemic Panic, the Call of the Earth, and Your Life Path

March 25, 3:00pm EST

This free video class with international trainers, Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen, offers tools to integrate the deeper message of the pandemic and align your life with your soul purpose and evolutionary survival.

Click here to learn more and register!

Free Online Video Call

Many times, we have tuned-in to the consciousness of the earth, Gaia, to hear her call to her human children, “Basta ya! Enough is enough!” Enough of her grief and despair. Enough of repression of the feminine.

Human activity is tearing the fabric of the planet. The consciousness of our ancestors and the spirit of the land we stand on implored us to stop the patterns of endless wars, rape, enslavement, and environmental destruction fueled by generational trauma.

Now, these greater forces are no longer begging or imploring. A virus unleashed by human encroachment on animal habitats and transported in a matter of weeks to every continent is penetrating our lungs and stealing our breath. We can no longer ignore the call of Gaia, or naively contribute to her degradation in our consumption, work and behaviors. Now is the time to restore what it means to be human.

In the last week, we have met twice on Zoom with our current Immersion class. In one call, we created a blinded Constellation about the COVID-19 virus (see the bottom of this newsletter if interested in the insights generated). In the other, a large group Constellation for a past year’s graduate. What is clear is that it’s emotionally supportive to come together, check-in, drop-in and Constellate. These calls have been so appreciated and meaningful that we are creating a new public series to help people get through the month of April without succumbing to the waves of fear, anger and grief that will almost certainly accompany the increasing rates of infections and fatalities.

As you deal with the physical and emotional stresses of surviving the global pandemic, you may feel called to examine deeper questions about its meaning to your life, relationships, purpose, and being. How can we, as a collective, learn these lessons? How do we integrate the messages into our personal, familial and communal lives? What changes in our being need to occur for our lives to align with the Earth and with the heart evolution required for survival? You may want to develop practices that honor the earth. This may be the moment to get yourself untangled from the ancestral inheritances that keep you burdened and bound.

Now is a time to find new communities of support. Death is coming on the wind like a gathering storm. Today, you may not know anyone personally who has succumbed to their infection, but that is not likely to be true by the end of April. When faced with the possibility of death, we often renew our commitment to life and allow emotional/behavioral patterns, relationships, career paths, etc. to die in order to create space for what’s truly desired. The Seeing with Your Heart community is composed of compassionate individuals who have journeyed deep into unraveling their own patterns, who understand the wheel of birth, life, death and rebirth and who can hold powerful and painful emotions with fierce tenderness and kind intent.

In this spirit, we have created the following offerings for you:

Pandemic Panic, the Call of the Earth, and Your Life Path

March 25, 3:00pm EST

This free video class with international trainers, Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen, offers tools to integrate the deeper message of the pandemic and align your life with your soul purpose and evolutionary survival.

Free Online Video Call

Your Life in the Global Pandemic

This 4-week online video series is designed to support empaths, visionaries and healers to unearth the multidimensional wisdom of the pandemic, integrate its impact on your life, and re-examine the deeper, existential questions about your relationships, purpose, and being.

$ 88.00

Aria Everts, Founder of the School of Ambrosial Animals, Seeing with Your Heart Graduate, and Prior Seeing with Your Heart Team Member presents...

Emily is honored and excited to share that she will be participating in a movement called RISE IN RESILIENCY created by Aria Everts, a prior Seeing with Your Heart team member we once called our “Mission Magician.” In response to the desire for resources and community connection right now, she’s brought together some incredible wellness practitioners, sponsored by amazing organizations, to support our shared RESILIENCY.

🌟 RISE IN RESILIENCY is a free series of 6 online gatherings in response to COVID-19. Aria and her team are featuring professionals who offer tips and tools to create more resiliency during this turbulent time. 🌟

On April 1, 2020 at 7:00pm Eastern, Emily will present Ancestral Healing for Pandemic Panic and the Empathic Heart!

The human heart, that weathers the emotional storms of these turbulent times and supports those in need, also carries and vibrates with the inherited burdens of your ancestors. As you face the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, economic upheaval, and profound transformation ahead, your empathic heart feels the collective panic, senses its undercurrent, and unconsciously opens to the chorus of ancestral voices within and around you. Join Emily and Aria to connect with the strength, resilience, and support that’s behind you, while releasing any inherited panic, rage, and grief that no longer serves you.

Whether you are shaken to the core by COVID-19 and need support for your nervous system, are interested in restructuring your practice to accommodate an online world, or are feeling ready to break ground on the project of a lifetime, having Emily or Dan as your mentor will merge your inner imagination and outer skill-set into a coherent whole. Along with a wealth of experience in developing constellation and psychotherapy practices and generating scores of positive client results, they possess a rare ability to tune-in to the invisible realms of consciousness-beyond-the-ordinary.

Through ongoing work with Emily or Dan, you will transform the burdens, obstacles, and restraints that block your way forward, free you to step forward more powerfully into fulfilling your professional intentions, and support you with developing effective systems and practices for sustainable and exponential success. 

Interested in learning more, contact us to explore how we can support you.

COVID-19 Virus Constellation Insights

We created 15 representations and randomly assigned each a number 1-15. The Constellation was totally blinded with each participant selecting a number without knowing what the number they selected represented. We did not reveal what anyone was representing until after the Constellation was complete.

Here is a short summary of some of the highlights. The detailed transcript is below:

In the initial setup (The representatives – listed in bold – referred to themselves and the others only by number; the names are included here to make sense of the reports for the reader.):

  • COVID-19 virus felt aggressive and was pushing people around.
  • Healthcare System put a post-it note on her face and blamed the COVID-19 for putting it on her face. She was aware of her entire surroundings, was connected to the Elders Who Die from the COVID-19 virus and wanted to curl up next to the Global Economy.
  • The Leaders of the Government were mainly concerned with themselves and felt no connection with the others. They reported worries about their own bodily sensations and asked, “Why am I here? This is contagious.”
  • Today’s Adults stated that she and the Destruction of the Earth “have been nemeses for a long time – we are like batman and the joker. There’s something we like about this long-time relationship. We get off on what the other person causes.” She had concern about The Great Mystery and Gaia.
  • Pangolin/Bats (the wild animals thought to be the source of the virus) were agitated and felt “stuck in what happened to the representative for Destruction of the Earth.” He said, “the only sense of connection I have is with the The Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity. I want some sort of order and control.”
  • The Global Economy reported “feeling like an empty shell. Invisible, dead. And she questioned where the Leaders of the Government were and why doesn’t anyone care?
  • The Consciousness of Human Ancestors felt a lot of anger.
  • The Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Imbalance was a powerful, indiscriminate destructive force.
  • The Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity reported feeling heavy and pulled to the ground; however, when she spoke, the Pangolin/Bats said, “I’m reassured when she speaks and I could go to the back now where its calm.”

When the representatives were asked to look for a movement of resolution

  • COVID-19 was not as aggressive and not connected to anyone but the Great Mystery.
  • Elders who Died From COVID-19 wanted everyone to stand holding hands. They lost power and connected to the Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity.
  • The Pangolin/Bats found solace when the Children Who Grew Up Post-Pandemic and the Health Care System drummed. “I want people to go back. I want people to go back without having to ask them.”
  • The Global Economy wanted to participate with the Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity. “I want to run with Gaia to stay alive.”
  • Gaia wanted to run and breathe deeply. “I want my lungs to move. Air in and out. I want to shake it all off.” She joined the circle holding hands. “I felt like I was worshipping the Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity.”
  • Destruction of the Earth reported feeling happy that the Global Economy “was no longer having a pity party for herself. I felt strong, grounded, ready, and prepared and feel I could take it all on.”
  • At first, the Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Imbalance wanted to blow everything up. Without the movement of resolution, they felt free, flying away from everything following the stream of light on Gaia’s head.
  • The Paradigm of Masculine/Feminine Unity didn’t feel connected until they were invited to join the circle holding hands. The first to invite them was the Global Economy. They felt caring towards the Elders Who Died From COVID-19. They welcomed the Healthcare System and the Destruction of the Earth and the Great Mystery to hold hands in the circle.
  • The Great Mystery held reverence for the Consciousness of Ancestors. She reported, “Today’s Adults represent truth. The Destruction of the Earth represents knowledge. My vision is drawn to the Children Who Grow-Up Post-Pandemic. We need to create this chain of hands to reach them.”

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