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Emoyeni we-Ubuntu
In the Spirit of Ubuntu
A Seeing with Your Heart
- Back to the Roots -
Retreat and Safari Tour
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Facilitated by
Emily Blefeld, Dan Cohen, & Erik Anderson
Hosted by
Christel & Erik Andersen
May 14-19, 2025 (Constellations Retreat & Game Drives)
May 19-25, 2025 (Tour of Mother Africa, Constellations at Sacred Sites, and Wisdom Teachings from Zulu Shamans)
Held at the Springbok Lodge Situated in the Pristine Nambiti Private Game Reserve in the Heart of Mother Africa

South African Family Constellation facilitator and trainer, Erik Andersen, and his wife, 5th generation native of KwaZulu-Natal, Christel (Engelbrecht) Andersen, are pleased to welcome an international circle of consciousness evolutionaries, led by Seeing with Your Heart co-founders Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld to South Africa. This promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime immersion in Mother Africa on the lands that influenced Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations. This unique gathering includes a 6-day Seeing with Your Heart immersion on a wild game reserve, five open safari game drives within the retreat experience, and a 7-day optional tour to sights of natural and spiritual significance in KwaZulu-Natal, led by Christel, shamanic rituals led by Zulu Shamans, and constellations facilitated by Dan, Emily, and Erik.

Re-awaken to humanity’s first medicine carried by the peoples of KwaZulu-Natal, the pathways of Ubuntu: I Am Because You Are. Our circle honors the founders of all nations: Ancestors, Earth, Ocean, and Sky. We light sacred fires to rekindle our memory of the medicine, we all need to heal and come back to the rhythmic roots of our origins. Immersed in the cradle of KwaZulu-Natal, we will honor the roots, blessings, and initiations and remember our origins as systemic constellators, shamans, healers, mystics, miracle makers, and medicine people.

Two hundred thousand years ago, the first of our species lived on this land, originating the knowledge of survival by hunting animals and foraging plants for nourishment and medicines. They were the first to learn about birthing, illnesses, prayer, language, laughter, grieving, dying, and loving. When their bodies return to the earth, they became the first ancestors, their lessons still encoded in genetic memory. They remain with us: friendly, warm, and welcoming. They are within you, they are the “I” of Erik Andersen’s reflection:

When I think of South Africa, I think of mountains, open spaces, and thorn trees.

I think of turbulent history and ancient history

I remember that birth, decay, and rebirth started as HER story. 

When I smell South Africa, I smell the Earth hot after a thunderstorm,

the sharp smell of cow dung and the grassy veld. 

When I hear South Africa, I hear birds and crickets and the cicada beetle.

I hear taxis hooting and dogs barking and haadeedaas. 

When I taste South Africa, I taste pap, sweet naartjie and sweat.

I taste the air rich with pollen and seed. 

When I see South Africa, I see dry broken branches, the red earth between toes and vast blue and open skies.

I see smiling faces and lined faces and faces of many colors. 

When I feel South Africa, I feel my blood and hers are one.

My bones are her substance, and her wind is my breath.

I howl with the wind and become lost in her Southern Stars.

We welcome you to embark on a profound journey of systemic transformation and healing. Held in the embrace of Africa, this retreat and excursion will connect you to the streams of consciousness that pulse with ancient, unified wisdom. It is time to embrace the eternal heritage of the Earth and the life it grows. Come to open your hearts to love and enlivened joy, while connecting back to the roots of all that you know and all that you seek to remember.

Guided by Emily and Dan’s alchemical facilitation, Erik and Christel’s bridge to the origins, and the spirit of our shared ancestry, we will weave together the threads of history into a tapestry of healing. Through Seeing with Your Heart Constellations, experiential exercises, group processes, and sacred rituals, you will reconnect with the heart of humanity and the powerful, healthy roots of your original ancestors and their healing practices. Gain foundational wisdom that will support you to live liberated, embodied with grace, ease, and love, and return inspired to contribute your unique lifeforce to our collective future.

Connect with the Streams of Consciousness that Pulse with Ancient Unified Wisdom!

Return to the Embrace of Mother Africa

Enjoy a picturesque retreat in the heart of the Nambiti Reserve.

The Springbok Lodge will host the Seeing with Your Heart retreat May 14-19, 2025. Chosen for its beautifully appointed tented suites, excellent service, superb cuisine, and prolific wildlife, you will experience Alchemical Constellations in an unforgettable setting. 

Springbok Lodge is situated in the Nambiti Private Game Reserve, a conservancy comprising 22,000 acres of pristine, Malaria-free bushveld. The Reserve is home to the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, as well over 30 species of plains game. The reserve’s biodiversity and abundant natural water system, with its perennial rivers and waterfalls supports majestic acacia trees and attracts rare bird species, including many raptors and vultures.


The 5-day Seeing with Your Heart retreat includes five unparalleled 3-hour game drives into the heart of the African wilderness, designed to be a sensory feast for the heart as the untamed beauty of the bush comes alive around and within you.

Witness majestic African wildlife in their natural habitat, as you hear the symphony of the wild and breathe in the fresh, invigorating air. Feel the gentle caress of the wind and the warm embrace of the sun as you traverse the rugged terrain in an Open Safari vehicle that comfortably accommodates nine guests, ensuring an exclusive and personalized encounter.

With the guidance of a seasoned Game Ranger, a connoisseur of the land’s flora and fauna, you will have the rare experience of seeing, hearing, smelling African animals up close and personal. These may include the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo) as well as dozens of other animals.

At the midpoint of each game drive excursion, you will savor a serene interlude with either an early morning coffee break or exquisite Sundowner break in the late afternoon. Step out of the vehicle to stretch your legs, and relish in the drinks and snacks provided, all while soaking in the breathtaking vistas and tranquil ambiance.

Winding through one of the few remaining primordial landscapes on the planet will awaken the oldest cellular memories in your body: Ubuntu I Am Because you Are.

Each day, you will be greeted by the magnificent sights, sounds and smells of this untouched African bush. Your body will renew its bond with nature as we open your soul to answer the call of ancestral, nature, and spirit consciousness.

LODGING: Springbok offers 4-star opulence in the African bush. Lodging is in a shared luxury tent (max 2 people) with large ensuite bathroom facilities inside, and an outdoor shower. Each of the luxury tents have their own viewing deck with chairs so you can enjoy unsurpassed views from your tent deck or from the pool whilst relaxing with friends nearby sharing your experience. The abundant natural water system, with perennial rivers and the beautiful waterfall and cascades on the Sundays River, makes for a unique sanctuary, attracting several rare bird species and an enviable array of raptors and vultures. Please note: There are NO single rooms. Everyone has to share as there is limited accommodation in the lodge. The luxury tents have 2 single beds or a double bed for couples and an en suite bathroom and outside shower. 

At the end of a thrilling day of game viewing and birding, indulge in a hot bath or enjoy the rush of an outdoor shower under the star-studded African sky. 

MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as coffee, tea, and snacks twice daily are included in your registration (alcoholic beverages are not included). The menus source ingredients of the highest standard from local producers. The kitchen can accommodate special dietary needs.

The optional 7-day Seeing with Your Heart Tour of Mother Africa and Constellations at Sacred Sites departs from Springbok Lodge on May 19. Are you in for an adventure of a lifetime?  

Seeing with Your Heart South Africa


Hop aboard a luxury coach, with an experienced tourist guide and the Seeing with Your Heart community, and journey in body, soul, heart, and mind to unforgettable destinations while creating once-in-a-lifetime memories.

This tour includes shared accommodations (3 or 4 star) for 6 nights as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with the exception of 2 lunches). 

Throughout the tour we will be creating Constellations that are Beyond the Beyond while immersing in traditional medicine practices!

Scroll down for complete destination details…

May 19, 2025: Drakensberg Mountains – Ukahlamba National Park

May 20, 2025: San Cave Paintings

May 21, 2025: Valley of a Thousand Hills and Visit with a Zulu Sangoma

May 22, 2025: Village of Umdloti on the Indian Ocean and Marian Hill Monastery (where Bert Hellinger lived)

May 23, 2025: Village of St Lucia and Isimangaliso Wetlands Park

May 24, 2025: Lake St Lucia and Isimangaliso Wetlands Park

May 25, 2025: Closing Circle and Departure to Durban and Airport

By the end of our time together, you will leave transformed, touched by the magic and beauty of this continent, the diversity of wildlife and plants, the vast landscapes, the extremes of everything (wealth/poverty; hot/cold; third world/first world) and the magic of Seeing with Your Heart. The warmth, courage and diversity of the South African people will forge lifelong bonds with the land and those with whom you share the journey. This trip to the land of extreme contrasts will challenge, change, and enrich your entire worldview and forever instill the spirit of Ubuntu within you.

Hear What People are Saying about Seeing with Your Heart…

Constellations are a unique and powerful method of unearthing the systemic roots of the issues we face in our lives. The process is powerful, deeply transformational, and helps us to see and understand the landscape of our life, relationships, challenges, and aspirations in an expansive and clear way. 

Many of us recognize that what is unconscious will continue to permeate our lives until it is made conscious; however, have you extended that idea to include what is unconscious in your family lineage?  What was unresolved, repressed, and irreconcilable in our grandparents’ and great grandparents’ finds its way into our unconscious and wreaks havoc on our everyday pursuit for happiness, health, passion, and purpose.  

While yearning to embody a vibrant, regenerative, creative, and loving self, we find ourselves living the resounding echoes of an incomplete past (near and distant).  As our higher self reflects on the suffering of our present situation or relationship, we greet an awareness that in some way we have sought out the characters in the drama of our life to bring healing and transformation to generational burdens with intention to liberate not only ourselves but those that stand behind us and those that come after us.   

Shed old patterns, transform outdated stories, unlock the river of love, and manifest the life you are here to live.

Seeing with Your Heart restores the long evolved human capacity to engage with the organ of perception that evolved in the human species over millions of years. The Retreat experience will consist of large group and smaller guided Constellations, Knowing Field exercises and ritual ceremonies to help you heal the embedded generational wounds and personal traumas that flatten your expression. Together, we will share what is alive and access the ancestral and spirit resources that are the source of true liberation.  

Embark on a Profound Journey of Systemic Transformation and Healing! Back to Your Roots...

Retreat Facilitators & Hosts

Emily Blefeld, LICSWco-founder of Seeing with Your Heart, is internationally known as a trainer, Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, and psychotherapist. She specializes in using a rhythmic approach to support change-agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs open to the full expression of their life’s purpose and soul’s path. Her intuitive gift of sight and knowledge of the hidden pathways of consciousness help clients trace inherited family and soul trauma through multiple generations or incarnations to dismantle the old paradigms, outdated narratives, and ancient codes that hold them back.

Drawing from over two decades of training and experience, she combines expert sound healing, psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring. Emily creates group and individual Constellations and practical rituals to free clients from the limiting beliefs and patterns that hold them back and manifest their heartfelt intentions and desires.

Emily holds a Masters of Social Work and is certified in multiple therapeutic modalities including Systemic Family Constellations, Energy Medicine and Sound Healing, Compassionate Spirit Release, ADHD treatment, Core Energetics, Women’s Mystery Traditions, etc. She regularly travels throughout the US and internationally and has presented training and workshops in Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Bali.

Dan Cohen, PhDco-founder of Seeing with Your Heart, specializes in helping individuals, couples and families heal the effects of inherited trauma and fulfill their desires for having more love and deeper impact in their lives. Combining a near-encyclopedic knowledge of world history, mythology and culture with an uncanny psychic awareness, Dan offers clients profound and transformative healing while expanding understanding and restoring peace of mind. Prior to obtaining a PhD in psychology and training with Bert Hellinger as a Constellations facilitator, Dan was internationally known for his work in violence prevention and conflict resolution.

Since 2000, he has become a leading voice for incorporating personal, ancestral and spirit consciousness into therapeutic practices. Dan holds a PhD in psychology from Saybrook University and an MBA from Boston University. He is author of I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison and numerous scholarly articles and book chapters, most recently, Family Constellation therapy: A nascent approach for working with non-local consciousness in a therapeutic container, published in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Dan has led Seeing with Your Heart workshops and training courses in 18 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, South America and throughout the United States.

Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini, a Zulu Sangoma, Thokoza Gogo vukanjani siyavusela thokoza ndawe sheee whuuu ndawe
1)I Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini.
2)I live in KwaZulu-Natal and I am a Sangoma.
3)I have 1 child and 3 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchildren.
4)I’m kind and I loving person.
5)And I love my sangoma work.  

Christel & Erik Andersen – Your South African Hosts
A note from your hosts…

We are both born and bred South Africans that live in the picturesque Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal – on the ridge escarpment of the Drakensburg mountains (Zulu: uKhahlamba mountains, Barrier of Spears)

We are grateful that this ancient land received our ancestors and consequently us, and to call it home. 

The roots go deep here, and we are excited to celebrate our collective heritages in this cradle of life with you. To hold the space of this experience. 

As South Africans, Erik and Christel both acknowledge the turbulent events of recent history and the tremendous losses and gains of our diverse peoples. Events indelibly part of our DNA. 

It will be a pleasure to host you, we will ensure that you are well taken care of!

-Erik and Christel

Erik Andersen, is an experienced constellations facilitator and Seeing-with-your-heart leadership team member and Christel is the immersion’s organizer and an experienced tourist guide. 

Erik is a registered Systems and Family Constellations facilitator and Seeing with Your Heart trainer and counselor. With over 20 years’ experience, more than 10 of which he has facilitated group and one-on-one constellations with people locally and around the world. Together with Tanja Meyburgh, he is co-founder of REAL Academy – an online resource for embodiment practices and ancestral learning.

Integral to his practice, Erik works with meditation groups using the tools of Kabbalah, Awareness meditation and Kriya Yoga. Erik works with Energy and Fields in a direct manner and enjoys the shamanistic direction his work has taken.  

Christel Andersenhas more than 20 years of experience in the Tourism Industry. As the owner of Souljourney she has planned numerous soulful experiences for groups and individuals in Southern Africa.  

Christel was raised on a farm, in a German speaking community in Kwa Zulu Natal. Her relationship with the land, the Zulu people, as well as the fascinating story of her ancestors, prompted her to become a healer and storyteller, in many creative fields, such as music and art,  as well as the shamanic tradition of the Zulu people. Christel will take care of the logistics before and during the immersion and will lead the week-long tour through Kwa Zulu Natal after the immersion experience.

Reserve Your Place for this Once-in-a-Lifetime Event!

Full Program Schedule & Travel

Arrival Details

Guests should plan their arrival to be at OR Tambo International airport at the latest 10h00am on May 14, 2025. A luxury coach will bring them from OR Tambo Johannesburg to the Springbok Lodge 5 Hour drive (this will be an additional cost as some may choose to travel on their own).

Guests, who choose not to go on the tour, should plan their departure for the evening of May 19 from OR Tambo. A luxury coach will bring them from the Springbok Lodge to OR Tambo Johannesburg 5 Hour drive. 

Travel insurance is not included via the tour.  It is important that every individual purchases their own travel insurance, especially for luggage and valuables as well as medical emergencies. 

Part One Retreat: Springbok Lodge and Game Drives

May 14, 2025 (Arrival day)

2:00pm (14h00)  Arrival and check-in 

6:00 – 7:00pm (18h00 – 19h00)  Dinner

7:00 – 9:00pm (19h00 – 21h00)  Opening circle with Gogo Nomzimane, a Zulu Sangoma (traditional healer)


May 15, 2025

7:00 – 8:00am (07h00 – 08h00)   Optional Open Space Sunrise Circle

7:00 – 8:45am (07h00 – 08h45)   Breakfast

8:45 – 9:30am (08h45 – 09h30)   Break 

9:30am – 12pm (09h30 – 12h00)   Morning Circle

12:30 – 1:45pm (12h30 – 13h45)   Lunch

1:45 – 3:00pm (13h45 – 15h00)   Afternoon Circle 

3:30 – 6:30pm (15h30 – 18h30)   PM Game Drive

7:30 – 8:30pm (19h30 – 20h30)   Dinner 


May 16, 2025

6:00 – 9:00am (06h00 – 09h00)   AM Game Drive

9:00 – 9:45am (09h00 – 09h45)   Breakfast

10:00am – 12:30pm (10h00 – 12h30)   Morning Circle

1:00 – 2:00pm (13h00 – 14h00)   Lunch

2:00 – 5:30pm (14h00 – 17h30)   Afternoon Circle 

6:00 – 7:00pm (18h00 – 19h00)   Dinner 

7:30 – 9:00pm (19h30 – 21h00)   Optional Open Space Moonrise Circle


May 17, 2025

6:00 – 9:00am (06h00 – 09h00)   AM Game Drive

9:00 – 9:45am (09h00 – 09h45)   Breakfast

10:00am – 12:30pm (10h00 – 12h30)   Morning Circle

1:00 – 2:00pm (13h00 – 14h00)   Lunch

2:00 – 5:30pm (14h00 – 17h30)   Afternoon Circle 

6:00 – 7:00pm (18h00 – 19h00)   Dinner 

7:30 – 9:00pm (19h30 – 21h00)   Optional Open Space Moonrise Circle


May 18, 2025

7:00-8:00am (07h00 – 08h00)   Optional Open Space Sunrise Circle

7:00-8:45am (07h00 – 08h45)   Breakfast

8:45-9:30am (08h45 – 09h30)   Break 

9:30am – 12:00pm (09h30 – 12h00)   Morning Circle

12:30 – 1:45pm (12h30 – 13h45)   Lunch

1:45 – 3:00pm (13h45 – 15h00)   Afternoon Circle 

3:30 – 6:30pm (15h30 – 18h30)   PM Game Drive 

7:30-8:30pm (19h30 – 20h30)   Dinner


19 May 2025 Day 6 (Check out day)

6:00 – 9:00am (06h00 – 09h00)   AM Game Drive 

9:00 – 9:45am (09h00 – 09h45)   Breakfast

10:00am (10h00)  Check Out/Departure  

Game Drives use 9-passenger open roof vehicles led by Game Rangers with expertise in the plants, animals, legends, and customs of the land. Halfway through the game drive there are breaks for coffee/tea/snacks and a chance to step off the vehicle to stretch and absorb the landscape heart-to-heart.

Every day in the Lodge includes morning and afternoon coffee/tea/snack breaks.

Part Two Tour

May 19, 2025: Depart Springbok Lodge to Drakensberg Mountains

The tour starts from Springbok Lodge on 19 May 2025 at 10h00. We will travel towards the majestic Drakensberg Mountains – Ukahlamba National Park – a world heritage site and recognized spiritual power spot. The site’s diversity of habitats protects many globally important plants and endangered species, such as the Cape vulture.

Lodging for the next two nights is at a mountain chalet.


May 20, 2025: San Cave Paintings

We will walk to a sacred cave to view the ancient rock art paintings of the San people – the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa before the arrival of the Nguni tribes in the 13/14th century (the Zulu people are one of the four Nguni tribes). These were the first people hunter-gatherers who lived in these caves for tens of thousands of years. Some surviving cave wall paintings are 2500 years old.


May 21, 2025: Valley of a Thousand Hills/Visit with a Zulu Sangoma

We will travel towards the Valley of a thousand hills, home of the Zulu people for many generations. Gogo Nomzimane, a Zulu Sangoma whom we met on the first night, will welcome us to her homestead where we can experience the magical way of the Shaman. There will be time for a few personal consultations (extra charge).

Lodging will be in the valley of a thousand hills. We will receive an introduction to the culture of the older ways. Many of these traditions are still practiced by the Zulu people even as they have adapted to modern living conditions. 


May 22, 2025: Indian Ocean

We travel to the coastal village of Umdloti on the Indian Ocean, where we can swim in the warm, wild waves or in calm tidal pool. We will visit Marian Hill Monastery where Bert Hellinger lived and worked for many years.

Greenfire Dolphin Coast Lodge


May 23, 2025: Village of St Lucia and Isimangaliso Wetlands Park

After an early morning start, we reach the Village of St Lucia and the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park – also a world heritage site and recognized spiritual power spot of natural and cultural significance. This village is home to an African market, many restaurants, and shops selling products made by local artisans. Delicious seafood is served at any of the local restaurants. At night, hippos graze in the village and we may see them on our way home from dinner.

Forest Lodge, St Lucia


May 24, 2025: Lake St Lucia and Isimangaliso Wetlands Park

In the morning, we take a boat tour on Lake St. Lucia to see the Hippos, Crocodiles, and birds up close and personal. In the afternoon, we have leisure time for the beach, a guided walk or relaxing at the pool. In the evening, we will go on a night drive in the Isimangaliso reserve to experience the many nocturnal animals that live in the African bush.

Forest Lodge, St Lucia


May 25, 2025: Departure to Durban and Airport

On Sunday we travel to Durban for afternoon/evening departures from King Shaka International (DUR) airport.

At the end of our time together, you will leave transformed, touched by the magic and beauty of this continent, the diversity of wildlife and plants, the vast landscapes, the extremes of everything (wealth/poverty; hot/cold; third world/first world) and the magic of Seeing with Your Heart. The warmth, courage and diversity of the South African people will forge lifelong bonds with the land and those with whom you share the journey. This trip to the land of extreme contrasts will challenge, change, and enrich your entire worldview and forever instill the spirit of Ubuntu within you.

Together with Your Ancestors, Return to the Roots for a Seeing with Your Heart Experience in Mother Africa!
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