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Two Front Doors


“I tried to yell for help. When I did, Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. This was what terrified me the most, and has had the most lasting impact on my life. It was hard for me to breathe, and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me.” ~ Christine Blasey Ford


 “You and I both know why this fight matters. What’s at stake is to protect the right to life and conservative values for decades to come.” ~ Ralph Reed, Faith and Freedom Coalition


Seeing with Your Heart taught me how unspoken truths that are held in by fear and shame close the throat and infect the body. With the presence of my ancestors and spirit beside me, I have found the courage to be a force of love and healing for myself, my loved ones and humanity as a whole.” ~ Barbara Wesler


In nearly every Seeing with Your Heart Constellation, when we open our hearts to a person’s deepest desires, we meet its resistance in the generational trauma that is inherited along with our genetic characteristics. From the experience of more than a thousand Constellations, we have come to recognize that oppression is the source of trauma.

Of the many social traumas that are embedded into our global culture, one that is most impactful and painfully enduring is the prevalence of rape, incest and sexual abuse. In this fractal pattern of violation, force, and intimidation, the survivors who dare speak their truth are coerced into silence, exiled, persecuted and shamed. The powerful, entitled, and privileged snarl their smug denials and violently defend their innocence. So is the way of the world across countless generations.

Last week, millions of women watched the Blasey-Kavanaugh hearing and felt their own sexual trauma history revived in their bodies. They felt the molestation, incest, abuse and rape of mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties across countless generations. They felt the powerlessness, shame and despair of being violated without protectors or justice.  

These embodied responses occur against the backdrop awareness that Brett Kavanaugh is the nominee hand-selected to overturn Rowe v. Wade and make abortion illegal, contraception less available, workplaces more inequitable and women’s healthcare less affordable. As the white male power structure closes ranks to force the nomination through, an increasingly diverse society is energizing to protect the vulnerable who dare to speak their truth.

Seeing with Your Heart means to open the doors of perception to confront, acknowledge, release and integrate the legacy of our inheritances. At this time in human history, we are all the children of rapists and prey, slaves and masters, patriarchs and the dispossessed. We cannot change the fate of those who came before. We can only receive the life force that connects us to them and use it to shape our own destiny.

As the next cycles of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion and Act with Your Heart Advanced programs form, we are increasingly aware that the field of consciousness that are breaking through into awareness have a voice and a message. As we have written before, the Womb of the Earth is calling her human children: “Basta Ya! It’s enough already!”

Basta Ya! It’s enough of woman’s voice being silenced. Enough of her grief and despair. Enough of endless wars, rape, slavery, and environmental destruction. As part of awakening to consciousness as the ocean we swim in, it is time for people of every kind to say: “It’s enough already!” The masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral energies that combine to create life must reharmonize.


Is this your time to learn a new way to lean in, root down, and rise up into being authentic, courageous, and fully expressed in your one precious life? If you are bursting to manifest a big intention for yourself, your work and your relationships, we invite you to apply to participate in either of these two programs.

The Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program will teach you how to use Constellations as a doorway into dimensions of ancestral and spirit consciousness where your darkest shadows and brightest resources reside. The Immersion will empower and nourish your heart and support you in coming alive to satisfy your deepest emotional, relational, sexual, financial and creative desires.

The Act with Your Heart Advanced program supports graduates of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion and comparable Constellation training programs to more fully integrate ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness into your work and everyday life while deepening your capacity to live your love and bring your intentions into reality. In this advanced circle, we will weave and grow together to leverage your strengths, nourish your big ideas, and offer them community, guidance, and heart-centered power. 

“I came to this program with the intention of finding community, healing myself, sharing the wisdom I felt I’d gathered. I come out the other side a new woman. As a woman who learned — for survival’s sake — to always seek the notes of harmony, from singing to being, speaking my truth was not a possibility before this program. As I opened more and more to the amazing opportunities for growth offered here, I became more and more able to be authentic. I went from telling lies to save people from hurt to the powerful realization that I must tell the truth to clear the space for love. I recommend this program with all of my heart if you are willing to step into the next level of being, if you are willing to find teachers in every place of your life, if you are willing to explore all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know, if you are willing to shatter the ways of being in the world and come to a brand new shore.” ~ Victoria Stuart, 2017-18 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program Graduate

“A desire to clear away the blockages in my field that hold me back from manifesting my work of service in the world and the loving, nourishing relationships I want to deepen into inspired me to work with Emily and Dan. After having completed the Act with Your Heart program, I feel much more attuned to my ancestral and spirit resources/guides as well as aware of and embodying my intuitive capacities and bringing that forward in my life and work in a way that feels authentic. The biggest impact has been the integration of more parts of myself and a deepened trust in my capacity to work with the dimensions of consciousness as I navigate the waves of human existence on the planet at this time. If you’re feeling a call to this work, I highly recommend stepping in to see what may be here for you.” ~ Kat Gibson, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion & 2017-18 Act with Your Heart Graduate, Founder of Lady Gaia

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