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Emily and Dan are honored to facilitate a 4-day Seeing with Your Heart Residential Intensive as the inaugural event for the new owners of Chilham Castle, a historic manor house built in 1618, that after four centuries of private ownership, is being repurposed as a stage for birthing movements that will define the next millennium. This historic site, once owned by Henry VIII, features one of the UK’s oldest inhabited buildings, a hexagonal stone keep built on sacred geometric principles in 1171.The new owners have renamed it Wisdom Castle and intend to curate immersive transformational experiences for people to reach their highest potential.

Surprisingly, but not unexpectedly, this is our second intensive in an ancient British castle. In 2015, we facilitated an epic and still unforgettable event on the grounds of Stirling Castle in Scotland. That gathering had many astonishing healing movements and just as many dark encounters with the forces of malevolence, sexual violence, rage and bloodshed that have ignited the many catastrophes of our current times. For Emily, the event was an initiation into the soul wisdom that guides her Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program. So many empaths, mystics, and intuitives are in hiding because of inherited terror, their unconscious entanglements with the colonizing forces that villainized medicine women and alchemists, and drove witchcraft and magical wisdom underground.

Reflecting on the event in Scotland, Emily wrote…

“I gained an incredibly embodied experience of the relationship the cells of my body have with the forces of conquest and those whose blood was shed across the land, who’s necks were noosed and hung from the trees, who’s power and place were silenced through sacrifice and beheading, and who’s healing salves and practiceswere called demonic. I stared into the eyes of those who initiated the young warriors in my lineage, who raped and pillaged the land and bodies of my ancestors and felt how their pain continues to reverberate today. And through the portal of those eyes, I discovered the fates I carry, found peace and meaning with my soul, gained trust in my clairvoyant gifts, and was able to stand visibly in front of the ancestors sourcing my purpose in life.”

In the 7 years since, we have continually refined our work and deepened our understanding of hidden ancestral entanglements and how to heal them. Seeing with Your Heart offers a phenomenological and experiential map of where we came from, how we got here and what pathways lead us forward into a new evolutionary way.

1618 England was part of an epochal cultural upheaval. Global corporations were invented, the British Empire was formed, magicians converted to scientists, women who lived in their own creative magic were branded witches to be persecuted, burned, and driven insane. Mythic beings, earth spirits, angels and ancestors were obliterated. The roots of your stressful life were planted: modern depression, anxiety, corporate dependence, racism, loneliness and alienation were born.

On this land, beside the actual structures, stones and trees that were present in those times, we offer you an invitation to anchor your brilliance and courage, sink roots into the deep Earth, drink in the nutrients and light of the cosmos, and be a part of the chorus of consciousness defining the next millennium.

You and your gifts will be met and seen. Truths of the universe will channel through you. Together, we will digest the inherited and lived trauma that afflicts the body and undermines the soul. Your ancestors and guides are reaching out for you. The birds are landing. Nature is renewing its vow to teach humans its rhythms and we are showing up to the breath of life.

What better place than a centuries old English castle to reveal and release ancient patterns and hidden loyalties? To commune with the council of ancestors guiding your path? Whatever stands in the way of your fulfilling your life’s purpose or deepest desires can be understood at its depths, integrated for its blessings, and transmuted in community with other seekers and soul-inspired co-journeyers on this quest of the wonders of life.

The new owners have asked to cap the group size at 16. We therefore encourage you to register as soon as you know you want to reserve your seat in the circle.


Empowered Empath & Sage Soul Program Begins June 20, 2022

Gather with a global community to enhance your intuition, learn to navigate the dimensions, and channel insights from beyond that elevate your life and others

Seeing with Your Heart For Love & Relationships June 29, 2022 (6:30-8:30pm Eastern)

Do you wish to open your heart to sensual, sacred, and soulful love and free yourself from the patterns that destroy intimate, fulfilling relationships?

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