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The Star of Bethlehem

On the night of this year’s Winter Solstice, December 21, the mythical Star of Bethlehem will reappear for the first time since 1623 when the planets Jupiter and Saturn merge low in the western sky in what is called the Grand Conjunction.

Bethlehem has a special place in my heart because in 1983 I walked across Israel and Palestine as a peace pilgrim, arriving there on Christmas Eve. It’s nearly 40 years ago and I still ask this question: Did God’s angels really play cards with me? In some way, the Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class is about how it took me nearly four decades to redefine ordinary reality so that the card game makes sense.

The next round of the Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class begins January 20. There will be 2 sections that gather on Wednesdays from Noon-2:30 pm and 7:00-9:30 pm New York time. The group size will be reduced to no more than 20.

The recent Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class that I facilitated began by exploring the historic fractals of the early 1600s and ended with the speculations about humans and their relationship to starlight:

Darkness is the source of Light.

Light is the source of life.

Consciousness is a property of Light.

For 12 weeks, twenty-four participants from seven countries took a deep dive into the Fields of consciousness that are humanity’s operating system. We were looking for the cultural, historic and mythic fractals that can decode the complexity of our personal and collective emotions, behaviors and relationships.

Our explorations merged our most personal and intimate desires with the largest collective themes of existence. In each person’s individual Constellation, I asked, “What is your desire? What is blocking your way?” My ability to channel ancestral consciousness supports tracing the threads of family and soul lineages. Together, we can find and release the source of inherited entanglements and connect with supportive lifeforce energy.

I did not make the Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class about starlight. Starlight did. The esoteric wisdom contained in myths teaches that human life exists between a visible material world and an invisible spiritual realm. These are interconnected and active at all times. When we access the consciousness of the earth beneath our feet, the lifeforce animating our body and the invisible spiritual realm, life teaches us how to be human.

For our final class, we did an exercise to tune-in to the archetypal, spirit or ancestral resource that best supports their human journey.

Starlight penetrated into our class of its own volition: Indigenous Woman: “I am in direct connection with Starlight. I have this timeless, infinite wisdom and knowledge.”

Winged Sexual Sorceress: “Starlight is alive in sexual energy.”

Mystic Witches: “Mother, sit in front of fire and look into the flame. Remember how to listen deeply to languages that are not of Man. Look deeply into the flame. You will remember.”

In the final check-out, two representatives who had not uttered a word in the Constellation spoke up. One said, “I saw a circle of blue light. There were creatures coming from the Pleiades, and they were protecting us.” The other said, “I represented Soraya, who is another dimensional me.” When I Googled Soraya afterwards, I saw it is Arabic for Pleiades.

To honor the return of the Star of Bethlehem on the night of the Winter Solstice, I will share the story of when God’s angels played cards with me.

Summer of 1983, on a perfect July day in Boston. I was walking through the Commons with a woman I was trying to impress. There was a spray of playing cards on the path, tossed by one of the 3-Card Monte hustlers near Park Street station. With dramatic flair, I reached down and plucked one face-down card from the rest: Queen of Hearts. She was suitably impressed. A few weeks later, I spotted a single card face down on a sidewalk in Harvard Square: Jack of Diamonds.

That October, I left Boston to travel as peace activist. On the first morning in London, I was awoken by a frighteningly intense and vivid apocalyptic dream. As I lay semi-awake in a strange bed on a different continent from where I had woken the day before, a voice that wasn’t mine spoke firmly and succinctly: “If you want to be holy, you must give up sex and language. But your job in this lifetime is not to be holy. Learn to be human.”

Without a plan, I crossed Europe meeting peace activists and joining protests. In Cambridge, England another single playing card was face down on the sidewalk before me. I picked it up: Queen of Diamonds. A few weeks later it happened again in Amsterdam: King of Spades. Then again in Nuremberg, Germany: Jack of Hearts.

In early December, I took a ferry from Athens to Haifa, Israel. At the ship’s map, I met two other peace activists who were en route to join the Bethlehem Peace Pilgrims for the finale of their 20-month peace walk from the Trident Submarine Base in Bangor, WA to Bethlehem, Palestine.

The walk had been formed by Father George Zabelka who had served as a military chaplain during World War II. He had offered prayers and blessings to the crew of the plane that bombed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. By 1982, frustrated with the threat of nuclear war, he announced, “I’m walking to Bethlehem. Who is coming?” A small group walked with him, 6,500 miles arriving on Christmas Eve, 1983.

My walk to Bethlehem through the Israeli-occupied West Bank remains one of the peak experiences of my life. With other friends from the walk, we rented a room in Bethlehem and lived there the next 4 months. We traveled extensively in the West Bank and Israel meeting other activists and creating relationships that could form a lattice for a peace between all who called Palestine and Israel home.

Everyday living in Palestine and engaging in deep conversation with people from all backgrounds, beliefs and viewpoints helped to hone my own understanding of what it is to be a Jewish peacemaker in a post-Holocaust world. Four memories stand out.

First was my recognition that the portrayal of Palestinians as violent terrorists, dead set on wiping Israel and the Israelis off the map was self-serving political propaganda. Years later, when I read Bert Hellinger’s statement, “The worst atrocities and injustices are committed by people who feel quite innocent,” it put into words what I felt there.

Second, was an epiphany where Jesus appeared and healed me.

Third, was when Theresa Fitzgibbon said: “The last thing Jesus ever had in mind was to start a church.”

Fourth, were the experiences that shifted my understanding of the web of consciousness. There were so many magical moments, serendipities and synchronicities. The final trick that brought down the edifice of an empty universe that does not care occurred in Jerusalem on a bitterly cold rain swept night a few days after Christmas. I had bicycled 10 miles from Bethlehem to Jerusalem for dinner with a childhood friend. After the meal, I was unlocking my bike and saw the card directly under the pedal, placed in that exact spot for me to find.

On an empty street, getting soaked through to the skin, I stared at that single face-down playing card. I was afraid to pick it up. I stood frozen, paralyzed, by the prospect of experiencing a watershed moment (or not). The rain seeped through the seams of my jacket, leaking into my underwear.

The playing card spoke silently in the same voice as the waking dream in London that told me, “Learn to be human.” Scornfully, it said, “Why do you make God’s angels do card tricks?” My inner voice spiraled into a falsetto of disbelief and amazement. The angel scolded, “One last time, find magic from a single playing card face-down on the sidewalk. In return, cease disbelief in the face of mystery.” After debating with myself for an eternity, I accepted the deal, reached down and picked up the Queen of Hearts.

If you have read this far, I highly suggest you apply for admission to the class.

The next round of the Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class begins January 20. There will be 2 sections, gathering on Wednesdays from 12-2:30 pm and 7:00-9:30 pm New York time. The group size will be reduced to no more than 20.

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions.  Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.  


Come together to constellate, learn, and connect in sacred space while being met with depth, seen multidimensionally, and heard as the truths of the universe channel through you. 

This global pandemic provides a universal invitation to deconstruct the conditioned ways you are relating to your work, life, relationships, and desires and begin the work of soul care and manifestation.

Your body and soul are here for this, for a reason, divinely inspired and sourced, whether you know it yet or not. If you have read the prior newsletters, been interested, and then somehow talked yourself out of submitting an application, notice the force of your resistance and ask yourself, “what if I were using that energy towards igniting my own vitality and presence here on Earth?”  You can tell the force of something by the force it takes to resist it.    

You didn’t arrive on this Earth, in this time, to shrink away from the embers of your deepest truths, to dim your light, or doubt your soul. This life is your invitation. This human body is your portal. Truth is your compass. 

Now is the time to… 

* Explore the threads of your existence and uncover the mystery of who you are and why you are here

* Develop self-trust to step into your gifts and confidence to use your voice

* Break ground on your projects, dreams and deepest desires in a way that inspires and supports you

* Enhance your intuition, learn to navigate the dimensions, and channel insights from beyond that elevate your life and others

* Receive high-level mentoring from Emily and your online cohort for healthy, balanced manifestation and soul care

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