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Seeing with Your Heart Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program.

You are about to apply to join a select group of Immersion participants who will set out on a journey of discovery into the light and shadows of personal, familial, cultural and evolutionary history. This journey will lead you to know yourself better than you ever have. By next summer, as the weight of inherited burdens lifts from your shoulders, you will be freed to create a life for yourself inspired by creative imagination and resourced by your unique individual, ancestral and spiritual guidance

Because it is important that our program is right for the individual and that the individuals are right for the group, we carefully review all applications and meet with each applicant for a 30 minute Skype or phone inquiry session.

After you submit this application form, you will be redirected to view our online calendar to schedule your program inquiry session.

Please select the Free 30-Minute Phone or Skype Inquiry option and schedule a time that is convenient for you.

You may fill out the application and then meet with us before making any commitment to the Immersion program. 

We encourage you to apply – open to the mystery and stay curious as to what’s around the bend. We recognize that being a part of this journey takes courage and determination.

In a free inquiry session with us, you will have the opportunity to tune-in to your heart, connect to your inner wisdom and resources, and consciously explore what is calling you forward and whether or not this program answers that call.   

We understand that this is a big commitment, but we also know that typically the reasons for saying no to exploring your heart’s intimate truths mirror the barriers that hold you back from living to your full potential. 

We are ready to stand with you, to support you, to see you, and to be there by your side as you step into your purpose.  

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