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Putin, The Father of Neurology, the Hanged Harlot Who Came Back to Life, and the Magical Bean


“I am convinced that Constellation Work, with its systemic worldview and the gift of the opportunity to stand as a representative in a constellation, is one of the most relevant and important tools to support us as we navigate our evolution into our future.” 

Hunter Beaumont

The outbreak of war in Europe once again reveals how human conflicts, whether personal or societal, are often fueled by entangled, inherited trauma. This week, our colleague from Germany, Rotger Heilmeier, hosted a collective Constellation to look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He asked Dan to represent Vladimir Putin. A report from the representation:

As Putin, when I looked at Ukraine, I saw a giant sandwich spread across the entire nation. I felt a cold-heart urge to devour all of it, down to the bedrock.

As Dan, when such strange images present in representation, I always ask “who” is being called into Constellation. A google/web search revealed that Putin’s paternal grandfather was Josef Stalin’s personal chef during the Holodomor [Ukrainian for genocide by starvation] of 1931-33. On Stalin’s order, Soviet agents mercilessly confiscated the entire Ukrainian agricultural harvest, including all livestock and seed. Spiridon Putin cooked the stolen food into gluttonous feasts, while four million Ukrainians died from starvation.


With Russia putting its nuclear arsenal into a status of High Alert, the survival of Ukraine, Europe, in fact all humanity is imperiled by this war. We are hopeful this this crisis will be averted, and peace will be restored, as we continue to explore the material and spiritual aspects of nuclear science. The alchemy which created these massively destructive weapons also holds the key to changing the paradigm of understanding human consciousness.

Emily and Dan are presenting a free event to help each of us understand the entangled, inherited traumas that are fueling the current war and find ways to contribute to a more peaceful world in resonance with our own ancestral fields. Please join us for this Collective Constellation on the Russia-Ukraine war on Wednesday March 9, 1:00 – 3:00(ish) pm New York time. 

In the Deep-Dive Master Class, Science Myth Magic & Mystery (starting April 25, 2022) we build bridges between the personal landscapes of emotion and desire and the hidden truths behind the well-known narratives of science. The class is a circle of adults from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and professions who are deeply committed to expanding consciousness evolution and inventing new ways for nurturing a more heart-centered humanity.

Every class is an awakening where intimate personal emotions are understood in the context of the storehouse of human history. We give special attention to the 1600s, which birthed global corporations and the Scientific Revolution. This is when alchemists were converted to scientists and witches were persecuted, burned, and driven insane. What began then is now completing. What died is being reborn.

The Father of Neurology, the Hanged Harlot Who Came Back to Life and the Magical Bean

The piece of history that follows illustrates how widening the spotlight to include overlooked women and consciousness-altering plants opens new perspectives. Whenever we add surprising elements to a collective Constellation, the field reveals new truths and myths.

Britain’s Royal Society and its predecessor, the Oxford Philosophical Club (1649-1660), included many giants of the Scientific Revolution, including William Harvey, Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, and Robert Hooke. Among them was Thomas Willis, the Father of Neurology. Willis revolutionized the study and understanding of the brain by conducting anatomical dissections on freshly deceased corpses and live animals. He mapped the architecture and function of the brain, concluding that the cells in our head – not the wisdom in our heart – produce our entire psychological life.

Willis determined that the brain operated like a clock, a biological machine that can be stopped and started. His evidence was based on the famous 1650 case of Anne Green who was hung for murdering her infant child. After her lifeless body was delivered to Willis’s salon for a public dissection and lecture, Green coughed and was revived. Her loss of memory during the time her brain was oxygen starved was evidence for Willis that memory resides in the brain.

While Willis is enshrined in the canons of science, Anne Green is obscured, as is often the case when powerful men abuse vulnerable women. Anne Green was a scullery maid in the manor of Sir Thomas Reade. Sir Thomas’s grandson, Geoffrey, sexually assaulted her and after she miscarried their child, the wealthy family arranged for her to be charged with infant murder and hung. This is how she landed on Thomas Willis’ cadaver table in front of a distinguished gathering of Oxford elites. After her resuscitation, the sheriff granted her a pardon based on Divine providence.

Even more obscure than Anne Green is the role of a consciousness-altering plant which was first introduced to England in 1650, the same year as her conviction and hanging. An Arabian trader known as Jacob the Jew opened a coffee shop in Oxford just a block away from Willis’ house. Soon enough caffeine addicted the members of the Oxford Philosophers Club. No longer addled by morning ale, they began their days alert and energized, stimulating one of the most fertile eras in scientific discovery.

Recognizing that the birth of the neural-based theory of consciousness originated with public hangings and dissections conducted by Great men fueled by caffeine may cast light on why neuroscience still has no answer for how the brain creates consciousness. 


Quantum Consciousness

Scientific Materialism and its Laws of Physics describe the properties, behaviors, and interactions of virtually all natural phenomena. The glaring exception are the experimental outcomes of quantum mechanics that challenge Thomas Willis’ foundational assumption that consciousness has physical causes.

Experiments in quantum mechanics have proven there are two domains of reality: our ordinary world of objects; and a second domain of unity consciousness, where all things and people are interconnected. The human body evolved to co-exist within both domains. Overturning Willis’ centuries old conjecture, leading researchers now propose that the brain does not produce consciousness. It transits between the domains of ordinary reality and unity consciousness.

The tools of Seeing with Your Heart – tuning-in and representation – allow these transits to be revealed in ordinary awareness. A Constellation can draw images and memories from past-life, ancestral, fetal, birth, or childhood memories. The representatives enter a non-ordinary state and find themselves with another person, in another century, another country.

Seeking the source trauma, we unearth how an individual’s personal struggles are rooted in the soil of human history. How many reading this can feel a deep inner resonance with Anne Green and her abuse and near killing at the hands of wealthy men seduced by their power?

After severe personal or societal traumas, consciousness can remain earthbound. Instead of releasing, it creates a vibration of trauma memory that encodes in the cellular memory of descendants. The Holodomor still pains the people of Ukraine and resonates in Putin’s paternal lineage. 

Revealing the hidden histories and honoring the fates of all involved, reverses the entanglements, freeing ancestral consciousness from cellular memory. In ordinary reality, our entangled ancestor is long ago and far away. They may be many, many generations back, on a different continent, far from the reach of records and memories. We can only know the source by transiting our awareness into unity consciousness. It’s all there. Past, present, and future, close and distant are present simultaneously.

With these tools, we can find the ancestor, observe them and be seen by them. The questions we are experimenting with are: Can we release trauma memory, reverting it into unity consciousness? If epigenetic switches in our cells flip, does the entanglement no longer occupy our bodies?

“I’ve had the felt experience of being guided to unexpected resolutions by some unseen hand,

Of knowing that we are parts ofa larger whole,

Of knowing that, in one sense, we are not individuals, but rather human systems of relating,

Of knowing that the Here and Now contains both the past and the future, undivided.

I have experienced deeply held beliefs transform in minutes

And hate and fear and frozen hearts dissolve.

Entanglements can be undone.

Love can prevail.”

~ Hunter Beaumont

The next round of the class begins April 25 & 26. There will be 2 sections, gathering on Mondays or Tuesdays from 12-2:30 pm New York time. 

The Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class offers a phenomenological and experiential map of where we came from, how we got here and what pathways lead us forward into a new evolutionary way. When you were taught that “myth” is a false story, “magic” is conjured illusion and “mind” is what your brain makes, you were indoctrinated into the worldview designed to stifle self-expression and spiritual awareness.

This experience is designed to support your own contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. The class is offered in two parts: group Zoom video gatherings and a private session. In the private session, you and Dan will set up your personal Constellations to identify and release hidden entanglements and free up forward movement towards any big life intention or desired outcome. On the group calls, we will all come together to learn about human life on the mythological, historical and cultural levels. These classes will feature collective Constellations where the field will be our teacher. 

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