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Imagine how bright your life would be if you could birth what you dream into desire and what you desire into your reality. If you could live your soul’s purpose by releasing the blocks of fear, self-sacrifice, and unconscious entanglements, while bringing your whole being into loving resonance with those in your life and all of nature.

The time is now!

It is time now to consciously move through the hardship of your soul’s journey and find healing.

It is time now to remember the threads of where you come from and weave a tapestry of belonging that goes beyond trauma, conditioning, and limiting patterns and reaches into the vibrant, vital, loving, connected, and creative ancestors and soul guides. 

It is time now – to come out on the other side – and live into the reality that you dream up.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

And we are here now!

In just one week, our internationally renowned training faculty, Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld, Lisa Murphy, Antonia Stessl, and Rotger Heilmeier, together with an amazing circle of participants coming with deep and profound intentions, will embark on a transformative journey on the serene grounds of the St. Ottilien retreat center in Eresing (west of Munich), Germany.

This experience – March 4-8, 2024 – is a place in time and space that holds the invitation to transmute, find new connection with the Divine, draw the Earth’s lifeforce into your bodies, ground and root yourself, and attune your frequency to heartbeat of the Earth and the Eye of the Universe.

For those of you who are ready to liberate yourselves from inherited entanglement patterns, soul restrictions, and hidden family dynamics. We warmly invite you to join us to

  • Cultivate inner wisdom and crystal clear clarity
  • Release the effects of inherited family trauma
  • Embody rhythmic flow in life, love, and work

Imagine what life would be if the insights we experienced and learned in sacred circles became the source code for uplifting every aspect of our lives. Can we embrace that the magic, the synchronicities, the ability to journey to past and future times, are simply natural for the human experience? The uncanny way that ideas, people, and events move into elegant alignment during constellations, shamanic and homeopathic work, is actually a reflection that we are capable of far more than we believe and if in harmonious alignment, our life could flow in optimal potential.

How would we live if we surpassed the limitations of our upbringing and education and accessed the wellspring of knowledge and capacity encoded in our bodies memory? Can we evolve beyond the conditioning imposed by hundreds, thousands of years in which direct knowing of the mystical was persecuted, suppressed, and nearly wiped out by religious and patriarchal forces?

Together, let us dream into our reality that trust, hope and strength can rise above the fear that keeps us down.

Freedom, joy, happiness are real options for our lives.

Let us make it as bright and colorful as our planet Earth, as green as the meadows and valleys and forests, as blue as the rivers and seas, as bright as the sun above us.

By attuning to the frequencies of non-local consciousness, you will receive insights and realizations specific to your life and soul’s purpose. These resources will shift your perspective, expand your capacity for self-expression, and enhance your vibrancy and well-being. 

The time is NOW!

Our circle in St. Ottilien is a journey of spiritual growth and remembering. And as soon as we reach this new reality, as soon as we have come out on the other side, each one turns around and reaches a hand to another who remains still stuck in the past.

Through the transformative modalities of Alchemical Family Constellations, Soul Constellations, and Sacred Sound Healing, we will reach to the depths of our beings. Together, we acknowledge the ancestral traumas that linger within us, honoring the pain of our forebears as we alchemize it into healing love. As we witness and honor our ancestors’ stories, we pave the way for profound transformation within ourselves.

Join us as we journey together towards deep healing, growth, and awakening.

Are you ready to embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery, transformation, and awakened potential? Welcome to the realm where ancient wisdom and modern manifestation converge. 

Within your body remains the wisdom of generations past, the resonance of sacred rituals, ceremonies, and initiations, alongside the encoded memories of unresolved traumas and patterns of pain and suffering that have haunted your family for years. These wounds can grip your everyday, surfacing as anxiety and depression, relationship struggles, financial difficulties, and/or career challenges. If left unaddressed, these patterns snowball down the generations, impacting not only your life but the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Intergenerational trauma is a silent force that can shape our lives, but it doesn’t have to define our destiny.  

Whether divination, prayer, magic, ritual, routine, or leadership, the elements of manifestation require…

soul inspired alignment of intention,

liberated embodiment,

& rhythmic action. 

If you yearn for a fresh start, free from the burdens and limitations of the past, generational alchemy is the key to unlock a new story, filled by the magic, mysticism, and brilliance that once was burned at the stakes, but never died.

As you prepare to begin anew, join an inspiring, pulsing community of pattern breaking souls who are ready to set intentions, dream wildly, and co-create with the multidimensional field of ancestors, guides, and astral fields. Together, we will unveil these ancient mysteries and integrate them into your modern world. 

This 12 week program is calling…

* Constellators, energy healers, therapists, writers, coaches, attorneys, and artists who seek to unleash their legacy in harmony with their most inspired ancestors and inherited genius

* Mystics, alchemists and shamans who are fiery cauldrons, kicking out stars and magically wielding a new way to stoke the communal hearth of their life in a way that goes beyond the beyond

* Empaths, intuitives, and mediums, who see, know, feel or hear the unspoken truths of the living and the unresolved consciousness of the dead and want to weave these communications into a wider web of influence

* Heart-centered, heart-led humans who powerfully inspire, support, and tend their family and communities and are ready to dive deep to love more fully, and live more consciously, while unraveling the mysteries of the wider field

The earth awakens after the dream of winter. Animals stir, buds swell, and spring’s expansive vibrant energy invites us to emerge, grow, and bloom in our one precious life. Do you trust what lives in you? Can you harvest your life force energy to flower?

Come immerse yourself in an alchemical workshop experience designed to transform your deepest longing into life’s reality! Cultivate the desire that moves within and root it into your life – your family, business, relationships, passion, and authentic self.

Attend In Person or Livestream from Anywhere

Unite Worlds & Bridge Realities with a groundbreaking experience where the boundaries between the virtual and physical realms dissolve, creating a truly immersive and dynamic event.

With Menla’s audio-visual tech team and Seeing with Your Heart’s leadership team of Systemic Constellation Facilitator’s, we’ve reimagined the retreat experience, allowing you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you choose to join us in person or participate virtually from your home, you will experience the magic of a unified event and be part of an international community on a shared quest for personal transformation.

Menla is a hidden oasis set in a secluded valley beside an enchanting stream in the heart of the Catskill mountains. A truly unique venue, Menla is a project of Tibet House US – the Dalai Lama’s cultural center in North America.

330 acres of private wilderness are at your feet. Clear your mind. Let nature reignite your creative passion and life force. Menla is an official Audubon bird sanctuary, and the calming sound of birdsong is with you from dawn to dusk.

Stay in a range of deluxe accommodations or shared cabins set in fragrant woods and gardens with murmuring streams and trails nearby.

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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