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When Emily and Dan agreed on short notice to host the upcoming hybrid in-person/online Seeing with Your Heart retreat, we envisioned it as a gathering for those on a deep healing journey to reawaken their creativity, purpose, passion, and connection. We did not expect that the urgency to release patterns of generational trauma would suddenly be so intensified by the horrors of a new brutal and bloody war.

Many people are reaching out to us for support in unearthing the systemic roots of what they are experiencing through the tremble in their bodies and overwhelm in their soul. And personally, we are doing deep and wide work to embody the healing sentence “I am you” when facing the question, “What side am I on?” 

“The children are always ours, every single one of them, all over the globe.” ~ James Baldwin 

Despite the eruption of a powerful cycle of violence and destruction, this is an era of the rising feminine and the emergence of a planetary movement of consciousness evolution. Millions of humans from all backgrounds and nationalities feel the yearning in their heart to amplify resonance with the life-affirming frequencies of ancestral and spirit consciousness in the awakening of a new dawn.

This is a critical time to embody a vibrant, regenerative, creative, and loving self, as we find ourselves living in the resounding echoes of an incomplete collective past. If you are feeling overwhelmed by waves of fear, grief, or despair, and yet remain committed to making a positive contribution to free yourself, your children, and future generations from misery and war, we invite you to join us at the Dalai Lama’s US Buddhist retreat center. Together, we will dive into the deepest parts of human experience to learn to see ourselves and the world in new light.

Bring your ancestors, shed old patterns, transform outdated stories, unlock the river of love, and manifest the life you are here to live.

Alchemical Constellations are a unique and powerful method of unearthing the systemic roots of the issues that burden or block our way. What was unresolved, repressed, and irreconcilable for our grandparents’ and great grandparents’, finds its way into our bodies and wreaks havoc on our everyday lives.

By engaging with ancestral presences, we will release the oppressive structures of guilt, shame, and fear that squeeze the juice out of life. Alchemy of the heart transforms the decay of trauma into nourishment for the full flowering of your life.

Whether you join us in person or participate online, you will experience the magic of a unified event and be part of an international community on a shared quest for personal transformation. Through a harmonious blend of online and in-person Constellations, we bridge continents and touch the edges of each shoreline.

Join Online ($95): We are offering a fully facilitated companion workshop experience.

Seeing with Your Heart’s leadership team and Menla’s professional audio-visual tech team will provide you with a profound journey of self-discovery and growth, no matter where you are in the world. Our daily schedule is designed to immerse online participants fully in the retreat experience. During the livestream, our dedicated online leadership team will facilitate Break-Out room exercises and Integration processes. A daily online-only circle will offer opportunities for personal sharing and Constellations.

The workshops will be recorded for online participants. Recordings will be provided for those who cannot attend all live sessions. You are welcome to leave your webcam off if you prefer not to be recorded.

Menla is a hidden oasis set in the heart of the Catskill mountains. A truly unique venue, Menla is a project of Tibet House US – the Dalai Lama’s cultural center in North America.

Lodging options offer a range of deluxe accommodations or shared cabins ranging in price from $167-$304 per night (camping and commuter option available). Your lodging cost includes three meals per day. Menla’s vegetarian farm-to-table menu is as fresh as it comes featuring organic dishes straight from Menla’s gardens.

Participants will be given access to a private website wage to book reservations with Menla at 20% discount.

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