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Preparing for the start of the Alchemical Constellations training on February 21, Dan and Emily have become acutely aware that when death arrives, it teaches them about life. Since Christmas, death has been startlingly present in their lives. First, they sat for a few weeks by Dan’s sister bedside as she completed her life’s journey. Next, the Blefeld family was hit with the terrible news that one of their elders had an aggressive cancer with a life expectancy counted in weeks. Finally, a childhood friend of Emily’s was murdered, and was followed into the Great Beyond by her dog, Rufus Bader Ginsburg Maloney.

We have shed many tears, and offered and received much comfort. We have been with our grief as it sears our hearts and pours through us….

…And, we accept that every life experience holds a gift that sparks us to awaken our perception, improve our self-knowledge, and more fully grow into our humanness. Even as we mourned the loss of loved ones, we drew from the tools and principals of Seeing with Your Heart to enrich ourselves and others.

Being in immediate proximity to death leads us to question the assumption: Is death really the end? 


We have long accepted that every time we tune-in, represent or map a constellation, we are accessing the consciousness that continue when the body dies. We know this because, when we meet someone in a consult, before we talk about our services, the first thing we do is listen and tune-in. Tuning-in, we follow Bert Hellinger’s guidance to pause and go inward to the stillness that sees the vast complexity of human life. Once there, we receive vivid images and vignettes, ancestors arrive to heal, hidden truths and buried secrets are revealed, and words are transmitted through embodied perception. Time after time, clients receive these tune-ins with astonishment and describe our images as, “Spot on!”

A group of strangers sit in a Constellations circle. The one taking their turn as the focus client, asks two others to represent their maternal grandparents who died decades earlier. The representative for Grandfather stands still for a minute, until they feel one leg collapsing. “I have this sharp pain in my hip. I can barely stand.” The client gasps, “My grandfather was injured in the war by shrapnel that shattered his hip. He always limped from the pain.”

In this Constellation, the client’s intention was to leave the group psychotherapy agency where she worked for the past six years and launch her private practice. Several times already, she had lined up everything needed for the move, then pulled back at the last moment. She hated the agency environment and deeply wanted to introduce Constellations, and sound and energy flow into her psychotherapy. She told us,

“I feel stuck, even though I am desperate, and nothing is stopping me.”

In an Alchemical Constellation, we are looking for the entangled ancestor, asking, who is the ancestor who is stuck and what resources live behind this ancestor that our client is seeking to remember and include? Where does the stuck ancestor belong in the family system and what unresolved story is being honored through our client’s lived experience?

Our understanding is when a person dies, their consciousness continues. Dying doesn’t necessarily bring peace. For some, a disturbed person becomes a disturbed ancestor. A remnant of their lived suffering remains active and through genetic memory pathways, resonates in the body of a descendant. In traditional cultures, this phenomenon is well-known, and indigenous communities use ancestor rituals to ease the consciousness of the dead and free the living.

In the English-speaking world, these rituals are nearly completely eradicated. But like everything that dies, they are being absorbed and reborn. The validity of ancestral consciousness, largely denied and ignored by science for centuries, is being reestablished. Constellations are one tool that are part of a greater global movement to rekindle the secrets of alchemy, re-member universal laws, and evolve the heart of humanity to relieve our over-stimulated brains.



When a person declares an intention, such as, “I want to leave the agency job and start my private practice,” the disturbed ancestor who failed, who remained trapped in unfulfilling work, awakens within them. In a Constellation, we trace the connections between the client’s cellular memory and the ancestral field. We asked the client about her grandfather. She told us that because of his war wound, he became an alcoholic who abandoned the family and failed in his work. Grandmother re-married and her second husband became the grandfather the family knew.

In this Constellation, the entanglement between the grandfather and granddaughter was expressed in a sentence: “I can’t step forward.”

The healing movement restored the grandfather to his place in the system as having given life, a life that continues on in his grandchildren. Grandmother’s story depicted him as abandoning his family, but seen through a systemic lens, the representatives acknowledged that his body and emotions were broken by war trauma, and she had cast him aside and to remarry a second man who was a success. Our client wanted similar success, but the unconsciousness entanglement kept her loyal to grandfather’s low pay and suffering and in service to clients who also struggled with addiction.

Releasing the entanglement restores a life-affirming connection between the living and dead. By that spring, our client had launched her private practice. Years later, she is thriving personally and professionally. Her therapy practice integrates multiple modalities to help her clients to nurture their connection with elemental, ancestral, spiritual, earth, cosmic and mythic consciousness.

The Seeing with Your Heart Alchemical Constellations Training and Facilitator Certification is for individuals ready to untie the tangled threads of past generational sorrows, free themselves to live into the possibilities of spontaneous creation, and expand their lives and work with Constellations.

If you have read this far, this training is something to consider for your life and heart… for you are interested in the alchemical mysteries of transformation in relationship to the living and the dead. 

We invite you and your ancestors to join us for a deep dive into the heart of alchemy. Together we will liberate generational imprints and conditioning while developing profound relationship with the field of consciousness beyond the beyond. Stop treading lightly… now is the time to fully arrive to the constellations of your life and up-level its potency by becoming a facilitator of alchemy who sparks infinite potential in every waking moment.

Stand tall with the Earth’s lifeforce coursing through you, the ancestral codes in the cells of our bodies fully awakened and the greater intelligence of the cosmos accessible to your everyday thoughts. If called to grow a private practice, then claim your visibility, financial abundance, and capacity to communicate and transmit the Mysteries of the Universe.  


“Write the tale that scares you, that makes you feel uncertain, that is uncomfortable. I dare you. In a world that entices us to browse through the lives of others to help us better determine how we feel about ourselves, and to, in turn, feel the need to be constantly visible, for visibility these days seems to somehow equate to success. Do not be afraid to disappear, from it, from us, for a while, and see what comes to you in the silence.”

– Michaela Ewuraba Boakye-Collinson aka Michaela Coel
British actor, screenwriter, director, producer and singer



Dare to step into the uncomfortable art of being present to your creative life force, to grow quiet for a couple days and retreat into the heart of creativity and how it pulses through your being. This retreat welcomes seasoned artists and those yearning to enrich their lives with everyday flow. All levels of experience are welcome!


Two Day Virtual Workshop on January 21-22, 2023!

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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