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Work Privately with Emily & Dan
Individual Constellation Intensives

Thanks to Dan and Emily for what has been an incredible experience, and for all the gallons of healing that I have received. It has been an absolutely unique experience, poetry in motion from the depths of the spirit. — ME

Imagine who you would be, what you could do, and how your life would change if your inner critic, self-sabotaging patterns, and heavy emotions lifted off your shoulders and didn’t return.

You have taken the trainings, attended countless workshops, and done your own deep work to ready for each moment, and yet, as soon as you breathe life into what your heart most desires, its shadow activates and you are greeted by what stands in opposition.

This is when you are ready for deep generational healing work. The deep roots of the burdens and blocks that interfere with manifesting your intentions may be generations or even centuries old.

Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen’s Seeing with Your Heart Constellations access ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness by tracing persistent problems and patterns to generational sources of trauma. Our work is both supported by the most recent research in epigenetics and consciousness science and aligned with the wisdom traditions of the indigenous cultures. We have refined an experiential process that illuminates and clears your invisible loyalty to suffering, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing.

Individual Constellation Intensives are conducted via Skype, phone, or in person. Click to the left to contact us about booking an intensive with Emily and/or Dan.

Couples Constellation Intensives

Investing in the Couples Constellation Intensive completely shifted the way my partner and I are able to feel around each other, support each other, and maintain our individual passions. We have greater ease and smoother communication, and the love between us is flowing more abundantly than ever before. — AT

Seeing with Your Heart Constellations for couples dives beyond the immediate stories and emotions to literally shift patterns and open new pathways to deepen clarity, connection, communication, and love.

A couple’s relationship is like two deep water waves coming together. At the peak, they amplify magically. At the trough, they descend into painful conflict, often mirroring hidden patterns embedded in each partner’s family of origin. Over time, relationships which began so vibrantly, survive the instability of peaks and troughs mostly by cancelling each other out into a flattened mediocrity.

Emily and Dan have pioneered a unique approach to release the disturbing and dysfunctional dynamics that undermine close relationships. Their clients consistently report achieving breakthroughs in seemingly insoluble conflicts that have long resisted other therapies and interventions.

Couples Constellation Intensives are conducted via Skype, phone, or in person.  If interested, click to the right to contact us and learn more about our couples intensive services.

Supervision and Mentoring

Working with Emily and Dan has contributed to phenomenal breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. What I’ve received through their unique methodology, wisdom, and impeccable support has greatly surpassed my initial hopes and intentions. — EB

Succeed in the real-world economy. Access magic in your healership. Use consciousness as your ally in all aspects of your life.

Emily Blefeld, LICSW and Dan Cohen, PhD specialize in mentoring professionals who are committed to bringing their unique contributions forward into the world and deepening their positive impact. They also provide expert supervision for psychotherapists and Systemic Family Constellation facilitators.

Whether you are breaking ground on the project of a lifetime, growing your business or refining your skills as a therapist, healer or facilitator, having Emily or Dan as your mentor or supervisor will merge your inner imagination and outer skill-set into a coherent whole.

Along with a wealth of experience in developing constellation and psychotherapy practices, mastering entrepreneurship and brand identity, and generating scores of positive client results, they possess a rare ability to tune-in to the invisible realms of consciousness-beyond-the-ordinary. It is this latter skill – and their ability to integrate it with the former – which sets their mentoring and supervision work apart.

Through ongoing work with Emily or Dan, you will transform the burdens, obstacles, and restraints that block your way forward, free you to step forward more powerfully into fulfilling your professional intentions, and support you with developing effective systems and practices for sustainable and exponential success.

Interested in learning more? Please click to the left to contact us about our supervision and mentoring services.

ADHD Psychotherapy & Coaching

I have often allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the details of life.  Emily is the first ADHD coach–of the many I have worked with–who ‘gets’ me. She understands the ADHD mind and works with it –with me–to move me forward, step by step, toward mastering my own life.  — DB

Proven strategies for a fast paced world.

We live in a world that is fast-paced, highly competitive, and screaming for our attention.  The ADHD mind — creative, action-oriented, and flexible — naturally responds with a sense of urgency, seeking better, faster, and more innovative ways to perform.  At one point or another, that which was once energizing becomes draining and insurmountable.  You get overwhelmed.  You feel scattered.  Your stress levels rise.  You try to give it your all, but rarely feel like your efforts are enough, and may even give up.

As an ADHD specialist, Emily integrates highly effective traditional and alternative methods to help you with focus, organization, decision making, time management, relationships, communication, anger management, and impulse control. The strategies that she utilizes draw on proven techniques to help you manage the chaos of daily life, cultivate your natural strengths, redirect your limitations, build resilience, strengthen your confidence, and fulfill your life’s larger visions.

Ready to take the next step?  Please click to the right to contact Emily and learn more about these services.

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