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Seeing with Your Heart
Immersion Program

Emily and Dan’s unique methodology, shared wisdom, and impeccable support not only created deep, palpable shifts in my life, but also equipped me with the concrete tools and intuitive vision to access the wellspring of knowledge that the conscious field provides. – Elise Bish, Desire Catalyst

See with Your Heart. Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life.

The Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program is for heart-centered individuals who hold a strong desire to expand their lives, relationships, and influence in their communities and the world. Together with others who hold a shared commitment to fulfilling their soul’s unique blueprint, you will embark on a journey that explores every aspect of your existence and calls all parts of you into harmonious formation.  Supported every step of the way by Emily Blefeld, Dan Cohen, Sarah Bastian and the group, participants clear out their inherited patterns of negative mind chatter, self-destructive impulses and hijacking emotions and step powerfully forward unencumbered and fully resourced.

We live in a time which feels like the brink of cataclysmic collapse. Instead of experiencing our planet as creation’s playground, our spirits fall into the shadows of environmental destruction, collective suffering and inherited wounds of war, displacement, poverty and oppression.

Though enveloped by darkness, many of us feel strongly called to live in the magic that becomes ours when we tap into our full capacities as human beings. We hold within us the desire to live free amidst oppression, stay awake among the sleepwalkers and remain vibrant within a decaying environment. We seek to shed old paradigms, transform outdated stories, dismantle ancient codes, and manifest the life we are here to live.

Seeing with Your Heart means accessing your body’s evolutionary capacity to perceive and integrate the ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness that are at the core of what it means to be human.

When you step to your edge and move beyond, when you clarify your desire and crystallize your intentions, you will inevitably be greeted by the resistance that stands in opposition to you and your highest purpose. Dan, Emily, and Sarah work with you to illuminate the deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints, often inherited and active in the heart of a family lineage for up to seven generations. Seeing with Your Heart Constellations release these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing.

Past graduates of the immersion include artists, physicians, film-makers, attorneys, farmers, activists, healers, therapists, educators, coaches, executives, and change agents who possess a bold vision for the impact they want their lives to have. Holding them back are the typical doubts, disbelief and despair that plague aspiring leaders—lack of clarity in their vision, fear they don’t have what it takes, financial concerns, lack of time, apprehension of change, relationship challenges— the list goes on.

The newest discoveries in human consciousness reveal that when we uncover and clear the multi-generational roots of dark disempowering beliefs and paralyzing fears, we open new and unimagined pathways to passion, pleasure, and purpose.

Rather than discussing what is at the root of your challenges, we identify who is at the root and access the resources required to unlock the mind, body, heart and soul.

Our grieving planet needs us to cease being defined by our problems and instead contribute to reversing the tides. Participants in the Immersion step to their edge and beyond — and live there brilliantly.

Are you ready to live fully in this most extraordinary time in human history and walk forward empowered on the path of your heart’s choosing?

Dan and Emily’s work consists of helping all of us remember what has been forgotten, in our own lives, and more specifically, in our lineage. Emily and Dan act as courageous co-explorers into the underwater shadows of our psyches, both personal and collective. – Marc Luchs

This deep, rich, and transformative experience will increase your impact on the world and forever change how you understand your life.
Cultivate Self-Transformation:
  • Uncover the roots of the obstacles, burdens, and restraints that hold you back 
  • Release limiting beliefs, impulses, and fears
  • Learn practical tools to create and achieve your life’s purpose
Improve Your Relationships:
  • Experience the gift of being supported, seen, and recognized for your extraordinary self by others who meet you with love, support and encouragement
  • Stand tall in loving space with family, friends and life partners who respect your unique place in our world
  • Create and strengthen relationships that amplify your life’s potential 
Navigate Pathways of Consciousness:
  • Open awareness to the dimensions of consciousness that extend beyond human scale and form
  • Strengthen your connection to the wisdom of spiritual archetypes and the sacred earth
  • Communicate with ancestral consciousness that survives beyond the end of life
  • Use your intuitive perception to live and love in alignment with the truth of your heart
Learn Tools for Deepening Your Impact in the World:
  • Develop the capacity to use your heart as an organ of perception for greater intuitive awareness, connection and intimacy
  • Solve problems using a model that integrates personal, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness
  • Become fluent in the principles and tools of Systemic Family Constellations and the Three Dimensions of Consciousness to enhance your personal life and professional practice
  • Integrate Constellations with your current knowledge and skills 
Launch Yourself — Launch Your Movement:
  • Connect with your calling and move confidently towards the future that beckons you forward
  • Become an alchemist of the heart who transmutes the damaging effects of transgenerational oppression
  • Unlock your inner knowing to create a consciousness of prosperity, opportunity, and radical positive change in yourself and the world 

It was one of the defining experiences of my life. I gained so much more than I could have anticipated and am exceptionally grateful for the entire experience, from start to finish. – Amelia Trotter

Click Here to Apply Now! Space is limited to 14 Participants.
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The sincerity of Emily and Dan’s intention shines on all that happens during the work together. Dedication beyond the ordinary. Talent and expertise and imagination set the stage for participants to uncover their deeper truth. – Sylvie Erb

The Program Components Include:
Four 3-Day Group Immersion Weekends Located at 14 Rhode Island Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island.
Weekend Immersion Dates
The Weekend Experience Invites Participants to Immerse In...
  • Deepening your awareness and understanding of how ordinary, inherited and spirit consciousness create your unique identity:
    • The Flow of Love
    • Guilt and Innocence
    • Truth and Reconciliation
    • Victim/Perpetrator Bond
    • Inherited Trauma
    • The Unconscious Handprints of Oppression
    • The Balance of Give and Take
    • The Corrosive Voice of Shame
    • The Path to Freedom
  • Living wisely where ancient science and modern wisdom meet the four existential questions:
    • Who am I?
    • Where am I?
    • Where did I come from?
    • Where am I going?
  • Using Systemic Family Constellations in individual, group and collective work
    • Acquiring techniques to enhance intuitive perception and energetic attunement while leading from your center
    • Working with intention, resistance, and consciousness beyond human scale
    • Opening to your creative life force and sourcing the support of your ancestors and guides to manifest individual and collective intentions
  • Aligning your deepest desires and innate capacities for love, pleasure and sacred sexual power with the ancient roots of human sexuality
  • Integrating personal, ancestral and spiritual consciousness in evolutionary healing ceremonies and rituals
Two Individual Constellation Sessions with Dan & Emily (in office, by phone, or Skype)
One Individual Ancestral Healing Session with Sarah Bastian (by Phone or Skype)
Option to Upgrade to Include Integration and Mentoring Sessions with either Dan or Emily

A basic principle of our work is that one must dive into the darkness to reach the light and rise into the light to release its shadow.

Private sessions can be used for any intention, such as…

  • Release patterns of self-sabotage
  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Open to self-love
  • Launch career initiatives
  • Increase peace and balance in life or relationships.

Your individual sessions demonstrate different methods for Constellating one-on-one. Together with the group processes, these Constellations serve as a foundation for your integrating individual work into your own private practice.

Nine 2 Hour Group Video Sessions (8-10PM EST) for Teaching, Mentoring, and Support to...
  • Ask questions, explore challenges, and share successes
  • Deepen your understanding of the principles and tools guiding Constellation work and ways to incorporate them into your life or work
  • Engage in experiential exercises with personal, ancestral, and spiritual consciousness
Video Session Dates
Private Online Forum for Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, and Community Support with Your Seeing with Your Heart Generation
Autographed Copy of Dan Cohen’s Book, I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison
Upon Completion of the Immersion Program, You Will Gain Access to the Seeing with Your Heart Evolution’s Private Online Forum for All Generations of Seeing with Your Heart Graduates to Connect, Collaborate, Share Insights, and Receive Ongoing Community Support

Graduates receive a Certificate of Achievement for successfully completing the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion. Certification does not mean that the participant has achieved excellence in facilitating Family Constellations.  We encourage continued development of the artistry and experience that leads towards mastery in our advanced intensives and other programs or study groups.

Over the past 25+ years I have been part of countless workshops, seminars and programs that have enhanced my life — and perhaps those programs prepared me for the life transforming process that happens in the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program. Dan and Emily have developed one of the best, life changing programs ever offered. – Ed Federici

- Accommodations -
Meals & Lodging

Coffee, tea and plentiful snacks are provided, but you will be responsible for your meals. We will have a lunch and dinner break each day and will provide recommendations to nearby restaurants.  There is a Whole Foods in walking distance, along with cafes.  And we welcome you to pack a lunch. We will likely coordinate one shared dinner per weekend. 

You are responsible for arranging your own lodging. We recommend the newly renovated Extended Stay America – Providence – East Providence located at 100 Warren Avenue, East Providence  02914. It’s only a short 10 minute drive from the workshop space.  Each room has a small kitchenette and past participants were pleased with the environment. Extended Stay America Reservations…   

If you are seeking lower cost lodging options, two graduates of our Seeing with Your Heart Immersion and Advanced Act with Your Heart programs have generously offered lodging in their beautiful loft apartment on the West Side of Providence. Bedding on a couches or inflatable mattress is $40 per night. Their private guest room is $70 per night. 


The closest airport to Providence, RI is the Providence (PVD) Airport which is 10 miles away. Boston Logan Airport (BOS) is 50 miles away, but has more flights and lower fares. Amtrak train service stops at the Providence (PVD) station. There is also express bus service from New York City or Boston to Providence. Participants utilize the private online forum to coordinate ride sharing from the airport, train and bus station.

Emily and Dan’s big hearts coupled with their complete devotion to the tribe both as a group, but more importantly as individuals is awe inspiring and humbling. Emily has a profound capacity to tune into the field and connect with people with ancestral and spirit consciousness. Dan’s deep knowledge of the Constellation process and his insatiably curious mind about science and philosophy is equally impressive. Their collaborative approach is often amusing and ultimately amazingly effective. – Jorge Rico

Click Here to Apply Now! Space is limited to 14 Participants.
Feeling the tug of your heart, but not ready to apply?

Sign up for a free conversation so we can
explore if this program is a right fit for you

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