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Emily’s Story & New Program

I spent much of my life looking forward to turning 30 years-old because, as I told my parents many times as a child, that’s when I would finally be “my true, fully expressed self.” This notion was persistent throughout my life with little explanation except the basic interpretation that I enjoyed adult conversation over games, women’s jewels and dresses over kids clothes, and freedom to create over meaningless homework.

But when age 30 arrived, instead of crossing triumphantly into full bloom, my true, fully expressed self cracked open deep recesses within my being. Everything dramatically changed in ways I could hardly comprehend. This was the pivotal time in my life when I began to see, hear, know, and feel the consciousness of the dead.

I had always been highly intuitive, some may say psychic, and considered myself an old soul, but to have the veils between the worlds lift overnight was destabilizing to say the least. I had built a highly successful psychotherapy private practice specializing in ADHD. Working from an “evidence-based” integrative health model, I had a long waiting list of prospective clients, facilitated peer supervision groups for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and neurologists, and was sought out as a speaker at conferences and trainings.

Then, from the first time I participated in a Systemic Family Constellation, I discovered that I could close my eyes, open my heart, and see a person’s deceased loved-one beside them and describe them and their personality in fine detail. I quickly learned how to trace the lived and inherited challenges someone was facing to their origins and could describe in vivid details the experiences, people, time, and places that shaped the shadow of pain they and their ancestors carried. As I began to highly tune my organs of perception, beings and truths from other’s dimensions began to open to and descend on me.

I knew I wasn’t crazy and yet, I feared my own knowing and questioned its power. I was scared of the persistence of the images, messages, and truths flowing through me and often prayed that I would wake up from this dream/nightmare that had become my reality. I wanted to dial it down or turn it off and didn’t know how. Like all human descendants from the burning times, I had unconsciously internalized the oppressive belief systems that persecuted, killed, and cast out witches, shamans, alchemists, and medicine people.

I feared how my family would react. My husband was a project manager in commercial construction, preferring concrete, tangible reality. My father was an MD and my sister was a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I was terrified that if they found out what I was perceiving, they might want me treated for psychosis.

I sought out teachers, mentors and supports that could guide how I integrated my sight-perception within my life and profession. For the first year, I looked deep within my soul and prior incarnations, communing with my ancestors and guides, to better understand what was arising within me. Just prior to my 31st birthday, I vowed to live in my fullness and step “fearward” into this gift. I took off the mask I had worn over the last year and in some ways, my whole life, and risked belonging to the well-known structures, people, and roles surrounding me to belong to myself, my soul, my truth. I shared with my family, friends, and colleagues what Sera Beak calls, a “truth-bomb,” and my world caught on fire. 

The landscape of my life as I knew it went up in flames. Relationships I held sacred, especially my marriage, burned to ash. My clinical approach changed from medical diagnosis and treatment to viewing symptoms as messages from deep within about what wants to heal. I left my secure referral network and began to integrate holistic health approaches such as systemic constellation work, ancestral healing, shamanic practices and shadow work.

My community shifted… some friends and colleagues supported the changes, some stepped back from me. My family’s love was a constant, although it took time for them to understand my gifts and perspective. I knew my mom, a spiritual director and social worker, would stand behind me every step of the way. But, I can remember the moment I learned my dad was there too. Just a week after I confessed to him, “Dad, I see the dead,” I opened my mailbox to find that he had sent me Judith Orloff’s book called, “Second Sight: An intuitive psychiatrist tells her extraordinary story and shows you how to tap into your own inner wisdom.” It was his way of saying, “I know you are aren’t crazy and there’s a place for you and your gifts in the field of medicine.”

As the familiar and secure surroundings of my life shed off me like snakeskin, I went into a deep death cycle. I stood among the remains, raw and exposed, wondering who am I; where am I; why am I here; and where am I going? When I tuned-in to the frequency of my soul and its council, when I listened carefully and included my multidimensional being, the sprouts of new life grew within me and I began to come into resonance with my signature vibration and soul purpose.

Over the following years, together with my beloved life and business partner, Dan Cohen, I co-founded Seeing with Your Heart and became an internationally known Systemic Family Constellations facilitator/trainer, psychotherapist, coach and mentor. Every day, I access my intuitive gift of sight, knowledge of the hidden pathways of consciousness, and experience and training as an ADHD specialist to help my clients fully live their truth, express their love, embody their passion, and actualize their intentions.

From this place, I feel the desire to support those of you who are waking up in this pandemic experience to the life that is calling you into being. I created the Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program to offer you a four-month online sacred circle where you will be met and seen, hear the truths of the universe channeling through you and become an empowered empath who generates in their lives what they desire in their sage soul.

This 4-month program is calling…

* Empowered empaths, who see, know, feel and hear the unspoken truths of the living and unresolved consciousness of the dead, yet sometimes struggle with small talk, self-care, commitment, and feeling emotionally hijacked

* Witches, alchemists, and shamans who are fiery cauldrons, kicking out stars and magically wielding a new way, but muffle their voice and dim their blazing luminosity to resist visibility in terror of being “found out” or criticized

* Mystics, intuitives and healers who powerfully inspire, support, and tend their family and communities, while hiding their altars, tarot cards, and spiritual books in their homes, offering their services for free, and overlooking their own need for tending

* Mediums, family constellators, herbalists, therapists, writers, coaches, lawyers, artists, and everything in-between who are ready to break-free and unleash their legacy, but are loyal to a role, profession, license, relationship, or false sense of security

You didn’t arrive on this Earth, in this time, to shrink away from the embers of your deepest truths, to dim your light, or doubt your soul. This life is your invitation. This human body is your portal. Truth is your compass. The family and time you were born into – even if extremely painful – is the training ground for your soul’s evolution.

Now more than ever, even with being confined within the walls of our homes for weeks on end, humanity and the Earth need your soul on deck. We all have stories as to why we haven’t fully arrived to this life or answered the call of our heart, and we also know there’s a deeper truth to every story, especially those we tell ourselves.

Your body and soul are here for this, for a reason, divinely inspired and sourced, whether you know it yet or not. There’s a universal invitation to release the frenzied, overwhelmed, and disorganized avalanche of modern living and to begin the work of taking care of yourself and aligning with your soul’s calling.

We will come together to support you to:

* Explore the threads of your existence and uncover the mystery of who you are and why you are here

* Develop self-trust to step into your gifts and confidence to use your voice

* Create daily, weekly, and monthly practices for self-care, everyday life, and the sacred tasks that help you actualize your intentions

* Break ground on your projects, dreams and deepest desires in a way that inspires and supports you

* Enhance your intuition, learn to navigate the dimensions, and channel insights from beyond that elevate your life and others

* Receive high-level mentoring from Emily and your online cohort for healthy, balanced manifestation and soul care


Emily Blefeld: 2 Private Systemic Constellations

Emily guides you to clarify your desires, crystallize your intentions, step to your edge, and move beyond. In this transformative process, you will greet the resistance within or around you that stands in opposition to you and your deepest intentions. The deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints are often inherited and remain alive in the heart of a family or soul lineage for up to seven generations. The systemic approach illuminates and clears these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing and nectar for pleasure, presence, and purpose.

Weekly Online Group Gatherings for Mentoring, Teaching, and Accountability (Mondays 3:00-5:00 PM EDT & Perhaps 7:00-9:00 PM EDT if 2 Cohorts Form

All group gatherings with Emily will include individualized “tuning-in” and mentoring along with teaching on practices for empath-oriented self-care, enhancing intuition, and approaching tasks that support your soul’s evolution in a way that grounds ideas into everyday reality and manifestation. The group size will be limited to 12 people.

Dan Cohen, PhD: Three Seeing with Your Heart Workshops on Collective and Archetypal Themes Alive in the Group

In these transformational workshops, Emily and Dan will guide you through hidden pathways of the heart to access the depths of your existence and the most deeply embedded patterns rooted in the sorrows and suffering of past generations. In their unique process, you will gain an embodied connection with resources that will infuse your life with magic, understanding and deeper feelings of ease, flow, love, and abundance.

Orion Ohev: Human Design & Wealth Dynamics Readings

Human Design shows how you’re uniquely designed to move through the world, make decisions, utilize your natural gifts and talents, and transcend your conditioning. It does this through a complex calculation based in Quantum Physics, Western Astrology, the Chakra System, the Kabbalah System, and the ancient philosophy of the I’Ching. Wealth Dynamics, a system also based on the I’Ching, supports you to understand where to focus your time and effort to create the most Value, Leverage, Wealth, and Abundance with the most amount of ease and fun.

Elise Bish: Desire Catalyst Session

It’s only when we follow the deep pulse of desire within us that we can come into our fullest expression of self. Through your desire catalyst session and workshop experience you will…

  • gather the parts of yourself that hide in the unexplored shadows of your being, and bring them into the light of authentic expression.
  • awaken your raw, wild passion and make space for it to create change.
  • cultivate self-acceptance with grace so that you walk through the world with an unwavering, and deep-felt trust in yourself and your desires.

Anna Booth Cohen: Nourishing Herbs for Your Body, Spirit & Soul Workshop

In this workshop, Anna will focus on Nourishing Herbs that tend your body, spirit, and soul. Nourishing herbs are simple, gentle, slow, abundant, and powerful. They ask us to shift away from the symptom-centric model of health, to drop back into connection with the ways of living on the Earth that our ancestors know, and to make space within our lives to give our bodies, minds, and spirits the resources they crave. They are active on every level of the body, from cell to spirit, and they are capable of transforming our experience of how it feels to live as an embodied human on the Earth.

Private Online Forum for Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, Resource Sharing, and the Opportunity to Meet for Peer Support

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions.  Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.  

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