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Emily’s Soul Lineage & Winter Program

The Empowered Empath & Sage Soul Program Begins January 11, 2021

Soon after my gift of sight reignited in 2012, one of the most powerful presences that consciously appeared to me is one who I call the Danu Woman. She presented countless times before I fully heeded her call, always fierce and at times frightening, urging me to “connect to the heartbeat of the drum and return to the caves.” Her bright blue diamond eyes pierced through me as she stared from beneath the long black hair sweeping across her face.

When I first encountered clairvoyant presences, I feared them and as a psychotherapist, I worried they were early signs of psychosis. If I wasn’t fearing them, I was discrediting their validity or doubting my mind’s eye’s imagination. Nonetheless, they came through steadily in flash images of specific individuals in transparent form, a felt sense and inner knowing, or what might appear as a short scene from a movie. Some I understood as the presence of ancestors and sprits, whereas others I came to learn were visuals and physical sensations from past lives.  

The Danu Woman was as undeniably and viscerally real to me as a person in the flesh and therefore, broke through my evidence-based, limiting worldview.  This spring, when I began designing the Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program, dreaming up the curriculum, crafting the invitation and writing the website, I called upon my soul’s council and she again came present to co-create with me. Telling her story tells “our” story, so with courage and commitment, I share

There are times when the resounding vibration of our soul and its guides echo through the chambers of our heart and invite us to awaken, come to the edge, align with our intuition, and step into the Mystery. These are moments when facing the unknown or unveiling in the light of truth is the only choice if we want to evolve and progress on our soul’s path while expanding our capacity for our heart to love and be loved. These moments change the course of our lives and if guided by our soul and its council, change the lives of those we serve and love as well.

Trusting our intuition, following its guidance, and aligning with the path it presents carries us towards places and experiences that serve as initiations or pivotal moments that bring us fully to life. The trail we blaze when responding to synchronicities or direct messages from beyond is laced like a starry sky with elemental and other-worldly resources to support and nourish us. I have found that the more I follow the breadcrumbs, the stronger my relationship to myself, my soul, and its guides.

In response to the Danu Woman’s message, I purchased a drum and began to integrate it into my work. She stood with me (and still does) every time I connect my drum to the pulse of the Earth. But what caves? Who is she, and what does she want with me? Over time, she has shown me images of her brandishing swords and daggers, being captured and raped, ceremonial rituals, sacrificing her oracle son as a gift to the Gods, and leaving her body with the fire at the bottom of a smoked filled cave to escape the cruelties of human violence. I learned that she lived in Ireland a thousand years ago, at a time when the indigenous Gaelic mystics were overrun by Christian and Viking invaders.

In 2015, Dan and I took 3 days for ourselves in Ireland after facilitating two powerful residential intensives. To follow her guidance to “return to the caves,” we planned to visit Newgrange in County Meath, said to be dwelling places of the ancient deities and then the Dunmore Cave near Kilkenny.

On the first day, our quest become a fiasco. After a late start, we drove in circles for hours along country roads, following directions, but somehow repeatedly losing our way. (I have come to learn patience now as getting lost can actually be spirit’s way of creating a detour). By the time we arrived at Newgrange it was closed, as was Dowth Passage, another underground tomb.

With the sun low in the late afternoon sky, we were ready to write off our day’s adventure as a complete loss. That’s when the Danu Woman appeared, standing on the roadside pointing to a small street sign that we passed too fast to read. I saw her again a few minutes later by another road sign, just as Dan was about to enter the ramp to the southbound highway. “Wait,” I said, “Don’t get on.”

The sun was down now, and dusk had faded into a chill starlit night. Dan noted that we hadn’t eaten since leaving the hotel midday and still had a 2-hour drive ahead of us, but in the spirit of Seeing with Your Heart, he was willing to take directions from the invisible woman standing beside road signs that said, “Hill of Slane.”

Guided by the Danu Woman and our intuition, we found ourselves on a hilltop with illuminated ancient ruins. The place was deserted, but an informational sign told us this was the site of a Tuatha Dé Danann goddess temple that had been destroyed by Saint Patrick and replaced by a Catholic church, which itself had collapsed centuries ago. Putting on our headlamps and taking my drum, we set out to tap in, root down, and connect to the pulse.

We entered the stone ruins, which were beyond haunted. Fear gripped my body, but the Danu Woman reminded me I was not alone. The earth beneath my feet was still as sacred as it had been when her people performed ceremonies there. The fear was transmuted by the alchemy of my soul’s fire into the light of doubtless wild nature.

We found a set of stone steps leading up to the top of the sole remaining tower. There was a small window at the top which looked out into an open vista of land and up to the galaxy of stars and shimmering moon above. I played my drum. Responding to the sounds of the long-forbidden drumbeat, the hidden spirits of the land arose to meet us. 

Without really knowing what we were doing, we performed a sacred ceremony to reclaim and reconsecrate that broken temple for the Goddess. The energies responded and used our bodies as instruments to awaken the consciousness of our souls.

We felt the energy peak in a transmutational release that echoed across the centuries from when the ancient ways were driven underground or hidden behind hedges. The land shuddered beneath our feet. From the deepest graves a heaviness of deep sorrow, loss and pain discharged like a great exhale of healing as the light of the goddess traveled the laylines to the crystalline core.

The next day in Kilkenny, we arrived at the Dunmore Cave two hours before the posted closing time to find the visitors center dark and the gates chained. Not to be denied, Dan banged on a side door until a man answer, who explained they were closed for a staff meeting and visitors were not permitted to tour the cave without a guide. We were due to fly home the following day so Dan insisted, pleading for us to be allowed to enter the cave self-guided. The man agreed, and we had the rare opportunity to be in the Dunmore cave for 2 hours by ourselves with the history and spirits of the land.

“Return to the caves,” the Danu Woman implored. Around the year 978, more than 1,000 women and children perished at the bottom of this 50-meter cavern (deeper than a 15-story building). They had taken refuge in the back of the cave after an army of attackers slaughtered their men in battle. The invaders lit a large bonfire at the cave’s mouth which burned out the oxygen within.

After hiking to the bottom, I laid out a prayer shawl my mother had made for me and a matrix of crystals attuned for the occasion. I connected my drum with the pulse of the Earth in ceremony to honor the women and children. The Danu Woman appeared together with others. By accepting her invitation to scale to the bottom of the quiet unknown, I allowed the Mystery of that time to drape itself around me.

Images sparked like the Northern Lights depicting my soul and its lineage. In one, I saw the cave had served as a ceremonial portal to the Gaelic spirit world. In another, the Danu Woman was my mother in a past life; I was her oracle son who was gifted to the gods through sacrifice and ceremony in a last and futile attempt to save the community and culture from the attackers. 

Why did she guide us to the darkest places of collective and past-life trauma? Civilized people everywhere avoid the memories of past atrocities. Why were we brought to the burnt temple and treacherous cave to stand with her on their bloody soil?

Because even though the Empire’s forces of conquest and oppression burned the goddesses’ temples and drove her followers underground or into the mists long ago, we are reborn in each generation. I was living as a well-respected psychotherapist in today’s society, but was hiding my clairvoyance and denying my gifts. I was one to over-give and under-nourish, often pleasing or care-taking, while neglecting my own needs and truth. Like the child in the cave, it felt virtuous to sacrifice myself to serve the needs of others. In loyalty to this inherited imprint, my self-doubt, skeptic, and fear had more power than my inner mystic.

We embody all these energies: the conqueror, the priestess and their sacrificed child. She came to heal the origins of those patterns and to reveal the truth of my soul’s history. Her message for those whose hearts fill with light is to bring your gifts, your inner wisdom and your soul’s purpose out from the cave.

This is not the time to shrink away from the embers of your deepest truths, to dim your light, or doubt your soul. This life is your invitation. This human body is your portal. Truth is your compass. And the family, life and time you were born into – even if extremely painful – is the training ground for your soul’s evolution.

Now, more than 5 years later, the Danu Woman still presents when I’m living loyal to my conditioning versus aligned with truth. She, and my soul’s wisdom from prior incarnations and genetic inheritance, council my leadership and inform the ancient practices I teach. One of the cornerstone features of the Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program is supporting others with intuitively hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing their soul council and working directly with them in co-creating a life aligned with the laws of the universe.

Your soul council is calling you, just as mine calls to me. Together, you will re-align with your soul, access the depths of your heart, awaken and attune your intuition and lead your life in alignment with your deepest knowing.

Fear may rise up as you lift the veil; however, fear can be welcomed as it is the remembrance in your bones of times your voice was muffled, freedom stolen or path trampled. It is the encoded history of prior lifetimes of being burned, hung, tortured, or sacrificed for having the courage to live as the wayshower. It is the presence of your conditioned ancestors – the ones who learned to agree with the cultural and oppressive norms to survive. Fear may arise, but it is not here to be your guide, it is here to remind you that you are not alone. You have done this before. And this is the time.

At this critical moment in the life of the planet, the Earth and all humanity need our hearts and souls to awaken.

I am excited to announce that for this reason and many more, I am offering another round of the 4-month Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program starting on January 11, 2021. 

Calling all…

  • Empaths, who see, know, feel and hear the unspoken truths of the living and unresolved consciousness of the dead, yet struggle with small talk, self-care, commitment, and feeling emotionally hijacked
  • Witches, alchemists, and shamans who are fiery cauldrons, kicking out stars and magically wielding a new way, but muffle their voice and dim their blazing luminosity in terror of being “found out” or criticized
  • Mystics, intuitives and healers who powerfully inspire and support their family and communities, while hiding their altars, tarot cards, and spiritual books, offering their services for free, and overlook tending their own needs.
  • Family constellators, herbalists, therapists, writers, coaches, lawyers, artists, and others who are ready to break-free and unleash their legacy, but are loyal to a role, profession, license, relationship, or false sense of security

This program is designed to support you to:

  • Explore the threads of your existence and uncover the mystery of who you are and why you are here
  • Enhance your intuition, learn to navigate the dimensions, and channel insights from beyond that elevate your life and others
  • Develop self-trust to step into your gifts and confidence to use your voice
  • Create heart-centered and ancient practices for energetic self-care in everyday life
  • Break ground on your projects, dreams and deepest desires
  • Receive high-level mentoring for healthy, balanced manifestation and soul care

Hear what Rosi Greenberg, Founder of Drawn to Lead and past participant of the Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program is saying about her experience…

Weekly Online Group Gatherings for Teaching, Experiential Exercises, and Systemic Constellations (Mon 12-2:30 PM EST or 7-9:30 PM EST, or Mon 3-5:30 PM EST if 3 Cohorts Form)

All 16 group gatherings will include “tuning-in”, systemic experiential process, and intuitive mentoring along with teaching on practices for empath-oriented self, soul, and lineal care, enhancing intuition and psychic perception, and approaching tasks that support your soul’s evolution in a way that grounds ideas into everyday reality and manifestation. The group size will be limited to 24 people. 

Twice Monthly Group Constellation Coaching Gatherings for Intuitive Guidance, Manifestation Support, and Q&A (Thur 12-2:00 PM EST & 7-9:00 PM EST, and Thur 3-5:00 PM EST if 3 Cohorts Form)

Twice a month we will gather for group constellation coaching, mentoring, intuitive guidance, and accountability support with Emily and your fellow empowered empaths and sage souls. Participants will be invited to come with current challenges, questions, or desire to deepen their integration of the weekly teachings. Emily and participants will access the phenomenological field through constellations, mediumship, and psychic perception to support participants in identifying and releasing patterns or beliefs that keep them stuck and stepping powerfully into their soul’s evolution and life’s purpose.

Dan Cohen, PhD: 1 Private Systemic Constellation

Dan guides you to clarify a specific desire or intention and name the resistance within or around you that stands in opposition. Together, you will trace the deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints that are inherited and remain alive in the heart of your family or soul lineage. Your Systemic Constellation will clear these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing.

Freedom Cartwright: The Tentacles of Slavery, Racism and Assimilation Workshop

Our energy systems are presently operating under the matrix of oppression. The tentacles of slavery, racism and assimilation wrap our reproductive organs and compress our creative capacities.  In this workshop, we will explore what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, ‘Wait on time.’” Our planet’s expansion and evolution are not inevitable. We need to awaken, take a stand and find our voice for change. We are ready now. Because we are here now.

Elise Bish: Desire Catalyst Session & Embodied Desire Workshop

It’s only when we follow the deep pulse of desire within us that we can come into our fullest expression of self. Through your desire catalyst session and workshop experience you will…

  • gather the parts of yourself that hide in the unexplored shadows of your being, and bring them into the light of authentic expression.
  • awaken your raw, wild passion and make space for it to create change.
  • cultivate self-acceptance with grace so that you walk through the world with an unwavering, and deep-felt trust in yourself and your desires.

Anna Booth Cohen: Private Herbal Consultation to Nourish Your Body, Spirit, and Soul

In your herbal consultation, Anna will introduce the art of working with plants as partners while sourcing healing on personal and collective levels by forging a deep relationship with the natural world. Through exploratory conversation and tuning-in, Anna gains an understanding of your health history, current state of being, and intentions and provides lifestyle recommendations, suggestions of herbal allies, and custom-blended herbal supplements to support your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Emily Blefeld, LICSW & Dan Cohen, PhD: Two Seeing with Your Heart Workshops on Collective and Archetypal Themes Alive in the Group

In these transformational workshops, Emily and Dan will guide you through hidden pathways of the heart to access the depths of your existence and the most deeply embedded patterns rooted in the sorrows and suffering of past generations. In their unique process, you will gain an embodied connection with resources that will infuse your life with magic, understanding and deeper feelings of ease, flow, love, and abundance.

Weekly Heartwork Invitations, Online Forum, and Optional Buddy Groups to Further Explore, Integrate, and Practice the Sacred Tools and Applied Practices in Daily Life.

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions.  Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.  

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