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The upcoming solar and lunar eclipses are one of those rare moments when celestial events align to support you in ending a cycle, recasting a story, or completing a relationship to make space for something new to emerge. A solar eclipse on April 30 is followed by a lunar eclipse just two weeks later on May 15. Together, these offer you a chance to reflect on the individual and collective shadows that eclipse the light of your soul. What dims your luminosity from within? What awakens you to see the sustaining, nourishing power of your embodied soul?

When I reflect on my own patterns of casting my light into the shadows, the theme of “self-sacrifice” often arises, as it does for so many of the participants in my Empowered Empath and Sage Soul program. We question how to love, speak, write, live, and lead in ways that don’t require sacrificing anything of one’s true self or purpose. Whether it’s sacrificing balance to succeed as an entrepreneur, sacred work to have security, or inner peace to empathically process other people’s emotions, there’s always a cost.

What I have learned is too often the price of belonging – whether to our family, partners, clients, or communities – is we must eclipse our own joy and light to join their communal pain body. The most highly sensitive being in a family system is often assigned a role to carry or caretake the shadow, the darkness, the suffering in a way that moves them out of alignment with their soul. We do it well, and we do it for love. Yet, as we move into adulthood, we have a choice to shift our position and release the servitude to pain.

It is clearer than ever before that sacrificing your own brilliance, your light body, does little to make your or anyone else’s life better. You serve best when you are at your best. You inspire best when you speak your truth, because it is precious, sacred, and yours.

“To wander fully into love
requires that we leave the past in its rightful place.
We must break-up with familiar narratives disguised as reality.
Let them be like waves in the sea,
moving ever outward into time,
disappearing back into wholeness,
such that all that is left
is the act of being born again
into a fate of one’s choosing.” ~
Nancy Fabiano

On this 29th day of April, Dan and I stood on the mountainous earth of Montrose, Colorado with horse constellations facilitator and trainer, Susan Crimmins and the 29 horses that comprise the Metaphorse herd. We drank deeply from their mystical medicine as they joined us with primal movements and messages in the Knowing Field.

Prior to stepping into the corral with the horses, Susan emphasized we embrace breath, heart, and congruency. Horses are prey animals, so their bodies intuitively track dangerous movements by monitoring these three qualities in humans. “If you are anxious, acknowledge it, don’t pretend you are okay. If you want to set a boundary, be clear. And if you’re rehearsing a story versus the truth, know that they only respond to and mirror the truth, so connect to the essence and you will find movement.” As I stood among them during the constellations, these guiding tips left me in awe and gratitude for the simple, yet direct answer to my questions around love and sacrifice.

The horse constellation workshop group this weekend is three-quarters recent Empowered Empath and Sage Soul graduates… not because we coordinated, but more because we were following the same call and questing a shared path. In the online program, we became weavers in consciousness and community. Each person traced the threads of their existence to better understand the mystery of who they are and why they are here.

Tonight, after a full day with the herd and on the eve of the eclipse, I feel inspired to open the portal to the light, truth, and voltage of your soul and invite you to consider being part of the next generation of Empowered Empaths and Sage Souls gathering around the virtual hearth.

You will be met and seen, as the truths of the universe channel through you. Together, with the support of one another and a world class faculty, you will transmute the inherited and lived trauma that afflicts the body and undermines the soul. To be safe, trustworthy, and in sync with the heart of nature, we must remain congruent in our hearts, body, mind and spirit and stay connected to the breath of life.

This is the time to anchor your brilliance and courage, sink roots into the deep Earth, drink in the nutrients and light of the galaxy as you rise up. The ancestors and spirit guides are reaching out for you. The birds are landing. Nature is renewing its vow to teach humans the rhythms of the Oracle way. The mycelium network is kissing the soles of your feet to tickle awake evolution’s most perfect creature, you.

Emily Blefeld: 16 Weekly Online Group Gatherings for Teaching, Exercises, and Constellations (Mondays 12:00-2:30 PM EDT & 7:00-9:30 PM EDT (and perhaps Tuesday 3:00-5:30pm EDT if 3 Cohorts form)

Emily guides you to clarify your desires, crystallize your intentions, step to your edge, and move beyond. All group gatherings will include “tuning-in”, systemic experiential process, and teaching on practices for empath-oriented self, soul, and lineal care, enhancing intuitive perception, living life in alignment with love, and approaching tasks that support your soul’s evolution in a way that grounds ideas into everyday reality and manifestation.

Dan Cohen, PhD: Seeing with Your Heart Private Systemic Constellation Session

Through a private Systemic Constellation, you will access your body’s natural capacity to perceive and integrate the ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness that are at the core of what it means to be you. The deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints are often inherited and remain alive in the heart of a family or soul lineage for up to seven generations. The systemic approach illuminates and clears these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing and nectar for pleasure, presence, and purpose.

Michelle Bias, MA: Taking Our Place & Taking Up Space Private Constellation Session

Our family of origin serves as the template for how we engage in our relationships and navigate our careers, desires, and passions. What we reject in our parents, we reject in ourselves. Internally, we sometimes aren’t at peace with our family of origin. In that case, we tend to experience a plethora of stances such as stuckness, overwhelm, confusion, procrastination, inability to connect, retraction, anxiety – just to name a few. When our original programming is activated, we react to our lives rather than respond. Reactivity belongs to the small space of childhood, and many times, we are “child-adults” attempting to live an adult life. In this session we will look at and transform our primary belonging and the childhood programs still running our adult lives.

Sarah Bastian, MS: Individual Emotional Reconnection and Release Session

Through Emotional Reconnection and Release you will connect with and clear disowned, and unresolved emotions in your body, which are keeping you from achieving the success you want, such as healthy relationships, financial abundance, and good health. Due to cultural, familial or religious beliefs, emotions often become suppressed and stored in your cells, influencing your health and intentions in life. Based on the knowledge and use of acupuncture meridians and applied kinesiology, Sarah will guide you through reconnection and release techniques such as Neuro-Emotional Technique, Healing Movements, and Mental Field Therapy, to help you actualize your potential.

Elise Bish: Desire Catalyst Session

It’s only when we follow the deep pulse of desire within us that we can come into our fullest expression of self. In your desire catalyst session you will…

  • work together to find those desires within you that need attention and connection.
  • release old beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns of shame and disconnection.
  • cultivate an inspired relationship to your body, sexuality, and sensual self.
  • awaken your wild passion and make space for it to create change.
  • cultivate self-acceptance with grace so that you walk through the world with an unwavering, and deep-felt trust in yourself and your desires.

Lisa Murphy, LMT, DD, HP, RMT, TBW, ERYT: Energy Medicine Workshop

Learn to fully experience the world of energy and return your life, relationships, work, and movement to flow! Discussions will include energy origins, wisdom traditions and natural laws. Lisa Murphy will guide you into the world of energy and connectedness. She will discuss how to access your inner spaciousness which allows one to “see” and experience inner vision while engaging your compassionate witness and soul self. She will also share her knowledge about the human energy field and how energy can be enlivened and vibrationally connected. In this workshop, participants will learn practices that support you with harmonizing word, deed and action.

Five Monthly Workshops with Guest Presenters

I love sharing inspiring teachers, mentors, and healers and find it hugely beneficial to weave the knowledge, experience, and voice of way-showers into our collective tapestry.

  • Seeing with Your Heart Workshop
  • Balancing Your Five Energy Bodies Workshop
  • Embodied Desire Workshop
    Taking Our Place & Taking Up Space Workshop
  • Synergy of Sound & Energy Medicine

3 Online Group Gatherings for Constellation Coaching and Mentoring, Intuitive Guidance and Manifestation Support with Emily & Empowered Empath and Sage Soul Graduate Facilitators

Receive constellation coaching, mentoring, intuitive guidance, and accountability support from Emily and skilled Empowered Empath and Sage Soul graduate facilitators. Participants will be invited to come with current challenges, questions, or desire to deepen their integration of the weekly teachings.

Private Online Forum for Heartwork Invitations, Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, Resource Sharing, and the Opportunity to Meet for Peer Support

If you are interested in learning more, I welcome you to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions.  Together we will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  We will answer any questions you have about the program and explore whether it is the right fit for you.  


    Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery Master Class Begins May 17, 2022

    Gather with a global community who share your interests in learning about Constellations, consciousness and the collective fractals that shape experience.

    International Family/Systemic Constellation Conference Online May 7-13, 2022

    We invite you to join our gathering of wise and experienced educators as we move together through an ongoing collective adventure into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our ever changing world.

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