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A Collective Constellation of the Trump Family Lineage

Ancestral Roots, Donald Trump and 2020 Presidential Election

On the eve of the US Presidential election, we want to share this video Ancestral Roots, Donald Trump and the 2020 Presidential Election from a Constellation Dan facilitated in his Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class.

This 3-month class has 24 participants from 7 countries who came together for a deep dive to explore how the shadow of malevolence and the light of love combine to create human experience. The group gatherings feature collective Constellations on questions of broad concern, such as public education, the justice system, sexuality and mental illness.

For the October 1 class, we set up a collective Constellation to look at Donald Trump and the coming election. We worked with the representatives blinded. This means that prior to the call, Dan created a list of 16 representations and numbered them 1-16. The representatives selected a number but were not told what it stood for. The reports you will see in the video are from class participants who are are blind to what they are representing.

There are three takeaways from this Constellation.

One is the capacity that people have to see with their heart – the ability to access and communicate with the consciousness that surrounds us. It seems so uncanny, that a woman in Belgium who only knows she is representing #9, can give that report as Donald Trump.

It’s mind-blowing. But why? Why, if this is an ordinary quality of perception, is it not treated as ordinary? It’s because both science and religion are vehemently opposed to allowing it. Science teaches it is impossible. Religion declares it is dangerous. Between them, this natural human organ of perception has been practically amputated by the stigma against it.

Two is how it reveals the web of systemic influences that account for Donald Trump’s enduring popularity. The reports from his parents and grandparents reveal the exquisite way that he serves two opposing constituencies: The people who hate landlords…and the landlords themselves. He manages to merge them into a unified voice. He speaks seamlessly to both groups and gains their unyielding support. He appears as an integrator, a kind of savior, who can serve landlords and people who hate landlords.

He is able to convince his supporters that empowering landlords – cutting their taxes and freeing them from all government constraints – will somehow enrich and make great again the people who have been impoverished by landlords.

He can do this because he is his parents’ relationship. His Scottish mother and her family despised landlords. When his mother’s voice comes out of his mouth, he speaks for the descendants of the Scottish Highland Clearances, who are deeply enmeshed with his Red State voting constituency. He vocalizes their hatred of disastrous leaders who sold their people out to foreign interests. That speaks for his mother’s lineage.

He combines that with his father’s lineage, which is pure exploitation of immigrant, non-white, non-Christian and displaced persons. Paternal grandfather, Fredrich Trump, operated brothels in Alaska and invested the profits in New York to build slum housing for immigrants.

Somehow, Trump has succeeded to merge polarities as the child of these two parents and lineages. He can speak with his mother’s voice of homicidal shame and rage and reach the raging heart of the Red State voters, while he does the business for his father’s lineage, the cold blooded, calculating, money grabbing Wall Street business class. Remarkably, even with his shallow ego and toddler temper, he’s actually serving and satisfying both parents.

Three is that rather than just seeing him as a horrid villain who lies and tantrums without conscience, he allows us to see the shadow perpetrator within us. He is the President. He does represent us, even if only representing the part of ourselves we reject.

As United States citizens, or English speakers anywhere, or descendants of other European colonizers, we have each and every one of these fractal patterns within us. We have sacred prostitutes and exploited prostitutes. We have rapists. We have lords, princes, working people, slaves, and slave owners. All of that is embedded in us.

If we only see the villain outside, we are avoiding the portal into our own being. The shadow perpetrator is within us. We can apply the same tools of tuning in, representing, looking systemically, and meeting the ones who were left out who need their place.

If we disentangle from our own system, we create the ground to exercise our free will. In the entangled places, our free will is stolen from us by our ancestors. Their demands upon us are transmitted unconsciously as we fulfill their intentions which overpower our own desires.

Perpetrating energy is a life force for positive movement. It becomes destructive when it’s confined to the shadows. There, it’s being projected unconsciously. But, when we harmonize it in healthy conscious balance with all of our other qualities, perpetrating energy integrates to be channeled as creativity, sexual energy, motivation, and desire.

Human beings all want to eat; we have to kill to eat. Our species are not passive creatures, like a leaf soaking up sunlight. We are active agents that change the world. To create a better world for ourselves, we have to be able to use that energy with awareness. Not to create more bloodbaths and genocides, but to start using it more constructively, tempered by love, compassion and empathy.

Releasing systemic entanglements harmonizes the balance between feminine and masculine energies. They find a balance point where we learn to be human, to share the planet with plants and animals and other humans in a way that is aligned with our higher values.

If you are interested in receiving individualized support to dive deep, we welcome you to reach out and inquire about booking a Free 30 Minute Consultation to tune-in to your heart, challenges, vision, and intentions. Together you will identify some of the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward. 

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