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Creativity to Spark Your Soul and Source Your Movement
To Long for Creativity is to Long for Myself

We are all artists as well as being works of art. We are creator and creation. Whether we are crafting a program, wildcrafting herbal medicine, writing a book, telling a story, navigating a canvas or exploring the landscape of the heart, we are a portal, conduit, and incarnate collaborator with and for our greater muse. The question is: Do we have the courage, audacity, and soulful confidence to say “yes” to the seductive ideas coursing through our minds eye, waking us in the night, and knocking on the doors of our heart in synchronistic moments throughout our days?  

All artful undertakings mirror the connection between the realms of the seen and unseen within the creator. Creativity brings a rapture, an ecstasy and jubilation to our lives.  It allows us to communicate with our playful spirit, wild essence, and source self.   Like being in love, creative living spreads through our entire being.  We recognize it; we seek it, and when we give space for it to awaken within, our soul is invigorated. 

In Hellinger’s book Rising To Love (2008), he writes,

“Everything is in movement, in a creative movement. Behind this a power is at work, something that is inexhaustibly creative, boundlessly creative. This is the real power. When we become empty inside, we finally come into touch with our true cause, with our source. It is this creative power. This source is not our own. It is the source of every single one of us, and of the world as a whole.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, amplifies this idea:

Creativity is a force of enchantment, a creative process that is both magical and magic…  Our planet is inhabited not only by animals, and plants, and bacteria, and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are a disembodied energetic life form. They are completely separate from us but capable of interacting with us, albeit strangely.  Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through a human’s efforts that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual.”

Emily Blefeld, LICSW and Michelle Bias, MA welcome you and your ideas to join them for an immersion into the heart of creativity.  Together in community with others, we will harness our creative lifeforce to weave the threads of magic into our creative projects while awakening our capacity to co-create with our guides and the ideas seeking us.  This retreat welcomes seasoned artists and those yearning to enrich their lives with everyday flow.  

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We invite you and your inspired ideas to join a creative container of like-hearted souls!
What You Can Expect:
  • Constellations to spark your soul and source your movement
  • Creativity prompts to awaken flow and inspire depth
  • In-circle time to arrive, fully show up in collaboration with the Mystery, and create
  • Recordings of the retreat for review 
  • Community to share in heart and art and overcome barriers to soulful expression
Dates: January 21-22, 2023

Time: 11:00-4:00pm Eastern on both Saturday and Sunday

Emily Blefeld, LICSW

Emily Blefeld, LICSW, co-founder of Seeing with Your Heart, is internationally known as a trainer, Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, and psychotherapist. She specializes in supporting change-agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs to dismantle the old paradigms, outdated narratives, and ancient codes that hold them back and open to the full expression of their life’s purpose and soul’s path.  Her intuitive gift of sight and knowledge of the hidden pathways of consciousness help clients trace inherited family and soul trauma through multiple generations or incarnations to release the burdens and blocks that interfere with living their truth, expressing their love, and embodying their passion.

Drawing from over two decades of experience and training, she combines expert psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring with Constellations and practical rituals to help free clients from the traps of limiting beliefs, patterns and habits. Emily holds a Masters of Social Work and is certified in multiple therapeutic modalities including Systemic Family Constellations, Compassionate Spirit Release, ADHD treatment, Core Energetics, Women’s Mystery Traditions, etc. In addition to her private practice, she regularly travels throughout the US and internationally, including presenting training and workshops in Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Hawaii, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Brazil. 

Michelle Bias, MA

Michelle Bias, MA is a Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator, Integrative Life Coach, public speaker, writer, curator of stories, and facilitator of workshops for organizations and businesses and their team-building events. She co-founded OK, So Tulsa’s Storyslam in 2013, which became a non-profit in 2020. She co-hosts a monthly, open-mic storytelling event and assists other storytellers in workshopping their stories for main stage and curated events. Before embarking upon the journey of life coaching and constellations, Michelle was a professional photographer and the owner of a production company where she began to discover that the lenses we look through in life are often narrow and limited. She is a fiber artist and works with other artists and designers, assisting them with their natural dyeing projects. 

Michelle specializes in individual and family inherited trauma and will guide you towards discovering the resources, often forgotten, still available to you within your family system. With spunk, experience, non-judgment, and integrity, she will offer creative and curious ways to experience your world and navigate your life. She holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has a private practice working with clients across the globe. You can find out more about Michelle at

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