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Creativity to Spark Your Soul and Source Your Movement

“Everything is in movement, in a creative movement. Behind this a power is at work, something that is inexhaustibly creative, boundlessly creative. This is the real power. When we become empty inside, we finally come into touch with our true cause, with our source. It is this creative power. This source is not our own. It is the source of every single one of us, and of the world as a whole.”

– Bert Hellinger, Rising in Love


“You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.” ~Rumi

There comes a point in life when “Please see me” is no longer the plea, and “Here I am” becomes the stance. When another’s approval no longer has a grip on your heart. When another’s blessing to exist, to take up space, or to shine bright, although appreciated, is no longer your desire or purpose. When the essence of your being and the need to express has more weight than the perseveration around how you will be received. When “I am” is enough and through that space of simply being, seeing happens from within.

“The façade has dropped. The over compensatory strategies are done. What you see or don’t see is no longer my business. I’m gripping for the edge of my life and crawling back into form. I am here. I exist. I show up and life breathes me to return anew. I root. I rise. I bring myself forward. If you meet me, I’ll be here. And if you don’t, I’ll be okay.”

So many clients come to work with us at “Seeing with Your Heart” to be seen, to be heard, to be known, to feel loved and through intergenerational systemic process, to release blocks that are in their way. As the work unfolds, the field of consciousness opens, and ancestral entanglements release, love is restored and the movement “here I am” finds its posture. Within a matter of moments, hours, or days, they find a rush of energy and soulful spark awakening within their bodies.

We have come to understand that this energetic currency is creativity, a force that may lay dormant ready to be ignited in any place at any time. We are born with creative life force that holds the exact ingredients to fertilize, tend, and grow the seeds that only our soul can water and only the conditions of our life can bring to flower. Each one of us, whether we are awake to it or not, have creative ideas, projects, or initiatives that seek to be realized in and through us. Too often, fear and conditioning stand in our way.

“I believed creativity was hiding from me. Keeping itself from me. The more accurate truth was that I was blocking my creativity because my life experiences with others told me I wasn’t good enough or worthy enough to be creative. I had hidden loyalties through my family system that unconsciously told me I was not allowed.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, amplifies this idea:

“Creativity is a force of enchantment, a creative process that is both magical and magic… Our planet is inhabited not only by animals, and plants, and bacteria, and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are a disembodied energetic life form. They are completely separate from us but capable of interacting with us, albeit strangely. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through a human’s efforts that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual.”

All artful undertakings mirror the connection between the realms of the seen and unseen within the creator. We are all artists as well as works of art. We are creator and creation. Whether we are crafting a program, wildcrafting herbal medicine, writing a book, telling a story, navigating a canvas or exploring the landscape of the heart, we are a portal, conduit, and incarnate collaborator with and for our greater muse. We must ask ourselves, do I have the courage, audacity, and soulful confidence to say “yes” to the seductive ideas coursing through my imagination, waking me in the night, and knocking on the doors of my heart in synchronistic moments throughout my days?

Expressing creativity allows us to communicate with our playful spirit, wild essence, and source self. Like being in love, creative living spreads through our entire being. We recognize it; we seek it. And when we free it to awaken within, our soul is invigorated. 


Michelle Bias, MA and Emily Blefeld, LICSW, facilitators of this free workshop and 6-week online course, challenge limiting beliefs and explore hidden loyalties while supporting one another to stoke creativity and spark soulful movement. They know first-hand the fear of what might happen to creative art that is exposed to the larger world, and the desire to keep it safe in the smaller frames. They have wrestled with feeling a lack of permission to use their voice and a fear that if they did, they would lose their belonging.

They have discovered that if they want to truly bring their creative life force forward into its fullest form, they need to explore the systemic entanglements that stand in their way. After looking deeply at unconscious loyalties in a myriad of ways, they have found new avenues and resources for meeting themselves in the spheres of inspiration and harvesting the blessings that have awaited them.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or just beginning, you will be in good company and perhaps there will be something within our creative circle that will speak to you and your ideas.

We hope you will join us for a free workshop on Creativity to Spark Your Soul and Source Your Movement on 9/24 from 12-2pm Eastern.

Not able to attend the workshop?  The recording will be provided to all who register.  

If this idea is already sparking your soul, you might consider checking out the 6-week online course that follows beginning on 10/12/2022.

This creative container is a six-week class series that gathers twice a week. Attend one or both sessions. Introductory event is not required for enrollment, but recommended. Emily and Michelle will each teach alternating time slots so that all students can experience each facilitator for a minimum of three classes live (if only able to attend one live class per week due to time-zone).

Online Group Gatherings Begin on October 12, 2022

Course Components:

  • Constellations to spark your soul and source your movement
  • Creativity prompts to awaken flow and inspire depth
  • In-circle time to arrive, fully show up in collaboration with the Mystery, and create
  • Recordings of all classes for review and should you miss a live gathering
  • Virtual community to share in heart and art and overcome barriers to soulful expression
  • Private online forum for group connection, discussion, and resource sharing

Weekly Group Circles: All Times Eastern

  • (Week 1) October 12, 2022: 7-9:00pm and October 13, 2022: 12-2:00pm
  • (Week 2) October 19, 2022: 7-9:00pm and October 20, 2022: 12-2:00pm
  • (Week 3) October 26, 2022: 7-9:00pm and October 27, 2022: 12-2:00pm
  • (Week 4) November 2, 2022: 7-9:00pm and November 3, 2022: 12-2:00pm
  • (Week 5) November 9, 2022: 7-9:00pm and November 10, 2022: 12-2:00pm
  • (Week 6) November 16, 2022: 7-9:00pm and November 17, 2022: 12-2:00pm



Creativity to Spark Your Soul & Source Your Movement FREE EVENT 9/24/22 12-2PM EST

Gather in community with others to harness your creative lifeforce, weave the threads of magic into your creative projects while awakening your capacity to co-create with your guides and the ideas seeking you.

Alchemical Constellations Training Program Begins February 2023

A hybrid program, with virtual and in-person international intensives that cover the foundational principles and tools of facilitating Systemic Family Constellations with alchemy and magic. 

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.  

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