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Monthly Consciousness Gatherings
Are you a deeply compassionate and intuitive person who wants to learn practical ways to integrate new discoveries in human consciousness into your everyday life, work and relationships?
Are you moved to explore, understand, and access pathways to live in alignment with your heart’s deepest truth?

For many years, Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld hosted a live consciousness teleclass that included heart-based meditations, teachings, demonstrations, and Q&A’s. 

These consciousness gatherings included:

  • Education, tools, and techniques to help participants understand and integrate the foundations of consciousness, Family Constellation principles, and intuitive perception into their work and everyday lives
  • Experiential exercises that allowed participants to explore varying aspects of themselves, their ancestral lineage, and spiritual resources
  • Demonstrations of how Emily and Dan utilize the heart as an organ of perception to heal trans-generational trauma

We are sharing our October 2018 call, Two Front Doors —which examines the intersection of sexual violence, alcohol and ancestral and spirit consciousness. 

Two Front Doors – Opening the Doors of the Heart as a Political Act

If you enjoyed what you heard, enter your information below to gain access to our library of past Consciousness Calls. 

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