Suspended Between Gravity and Light

Fall Programs Available for Enrollment Newsletter below, but quick announcement first…. In the next couple months, Dan and Emily are offering another round of their Science, Myth, Magic, & Mystery and Empowered Empath & Sage Soul courses to brave journeyers who

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The Star of Bethlehem

On the night of this year’s Winter Solstice, December 21, the mythical Star of Bethlehem will reappear for the first time since 1623 when the planets Jupiter and Saturn merge low in the western sky in what is called the Grand Conjunction.

Bethlehem has a special place in my heart because in 1983 I walked across Israel and Palestine as a peace pilgrim, arriving there on Christmas Eve. It’s nearly 40 years ago and I still ask this question: Did God’s angels really play cards with me? In some way, the Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class is about how it took me nearly four decades to redefine ordinary reality so that the card game makes sense.

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Emily’s Soul Lineage & Winter Program

Soon after my gift of sight reignited in 2012, one of the most powerful presences that consciously appeared to me is one who I call the Danu Woman. She presented countless times before I fully heeded her call, always fierce and at times frightening, urging me to “connect to the heartbeat of the drum and return to the caves.” Her bright blue diamond eyes pierced through me as she stared from beneath the long black hair sweeping across her face.

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A Collective Constellation of the Trump Family Lineage

On the eve of the US Presidential election, we want to share this video Ancestral Roots, Donald Trump and the 2020 Presidential Election from a Constellation Dan facilitated in his Science, Myth, Magic & Mystery class.

This 3-month class has 24 participants from 7 countries who came together for a deep dive to explore how the shadow of malevolence and the light of love combine to create human experience. The group gatherings feature collective Constellations on questions of broad concern, such as public education, the justice system, sexuality and mental illness.

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Dan’s Story and New Program

My 65th birthday is this week. I am happy to report that my health is good, my life is filled with love and my skills are finely tuned. Dare I say as I turn 65, I am definitely a magician, maybe now even evolving into a wizard.

My entire adult life has been devoted to searching for the keys to stopping hatred and violence. I was born just 10 years after the Holocaust to a Jewish father who had been a US Army soldier during the war. While deeply loving, my father suffered from PTSD like many veterans. He was a community leader for Jewish Holocaust survivors and joined in the fight for civil rights and economic equality. But as a father, he was subject to fits of rage and violence. My mother was the daughter of a disabled World War I veteran, who was both religiously devote and emotionally abusive. In the space between them, I grew my desire to become a peacemaker.

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Emily’s Story & New Program

I spent much of my life looking forward to turning 30 years-old because, as I told my parents many times as a child, that’s when I would finally be “my true, fully expressed self.” This notion was persistent throughout my life with little explanation except the basic interpretation that I enjoyed adult conversation over games, women’s jewels and dresses over kids clothes, and freedom to create over meaningless homework.

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