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E não ter a vergonha de ser feliz

É a vida, é bonita e é bonita

Do not be ashamed to be happy

Life is beautiful and it’s beautiful

~ Gonzaguinha

We launched the Brazil Alchemical Constellations Training with a 4-day live event beside the unspoiled waterways of the Pantanal, the geographic heart of South America. The day before the gathering, we swam under a high mountain waterfall where we were greeted by a female goddess who aligned our bodies to the rhythms of the natural world as we immersed in the vibration of her waters, plants and animals. 

Emily saw her moving and singing softly alongside the height of the fall and then felt her song encode into her body. Upon returning, she described her and the experience to our translator, Silvia, who said, “Of course, you met, Mamãe Oxum (Mother Oshun), the river goddess, who is considered a powerful Orisha associated with fresh water, fertility, love, and sensuality.”

When our students arrived the next day, they came fully committed to feel the pulse of the land, the light of the universe, the influences of the ancestors, and their soul’s purpose coursing through their bodies. When these harmonize, the chains of past traumas dissolve and we are freed to fulfill our highest intentions for love, abundance, and wellbeing.

Our group reflected the spirit and diversity of Brazil, and its unique blending of European, African, and Indigenous peoples and their cultures. Like all modern people, Brazilians are living in a moment of human history that is unique for its possibilities and its perils. 

As visitors from the States, it was exhilarating for us to feel that below the typical challenges and hardships, the students possess an underlying joy for the gift of life. 

They radiate the capacity to celebrate every moment – “to not be ashamed to be happy” – as sung through the lyrics of what came to be the theme song for this training.

During our days together, students awakened their intuition, reclaimed inner knowing, and discovered how unconscious entanglements and undigested wounds infuse their desires, intentions, and forward movements. 

At one point in the process, a woman representing Brazil began to drum and representatives for ancient wisdom circled around her. Emily set an inner intention (without voicing it) to infuse the sound and vibration of the representative’s drum with Oshun’s frequency and blessings. 

Just a few minutes later, another translator, André, shared that Shango’s presence was felt in the constellation, an important Orisha (African God) that embodies dance, thunder, and virility. 

He continued to suggest that Oshun is holding the space and has been with us throughout the course of the program. In community, we expanded our capacity to communicate and connect with elemental, ancestral, spiritual, earth, cosmic and mythic consciousness.

One of our most powerful exercises had the students stand in rotating pairs with one partner representing themselves and the other representing one of 

8 archetypal elements:

  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Your soul
  4. Your human body
  5. Eros/intimacy
  6. The brutal and blood-stained road your family has traveled
  7. Ancestral resources
  8. Spiritual resources

As they exchanged, powerful emotions, insights, prayers, and reconciliations filled the room. Everyone present was deeply impacted, as the weight of sorrows, regrets and grief dissolved from their bodies and the healing power of love and connection flowed in.

We are deeply appreciative of our host Gianeh Borges, the Instituto de OCA, and her extraordinary team of organizers, interpreters, supporters, and soul guides for holding us so tenderly with fierce intention. It was a journey from beyond the beyond and we are so grateful!!!


Hosted by The International Systemic Constellation Training

We welcome you to this 7-day training immersion, a transformational journey to open your heart to multi-dimensional powers of love and connection. The town of Ubud, known for centuries as a destination for the arts, will cradle you in a supportive and nurturing environment to release the deep roots of ancestral traumas and limiting beliefs.

Led by a masterful international faculty, each day’s circles will feature a mix of personal and collective Constellations, experiential exercises, and training to expand your skills in Seeing with Your Heart and facilitating systemic, intergenerational alchemy. The intimate structure of this immersion assures every participant of receiving at least one personal Constellation.

If your life is held back by hidden loyalties within your family of origin and a lack of clarity about your forward movement, your week in Bali will free you to embrace a new level of awareness that empowers lasting change in every area of your life. Your expert facilitators – Jonine Gabay, Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld, Ingala Robl and John Unal – will help you open your heart and connect with the love and support of your ancestors. Discover the joy and abundance that come from seeing the world with new eyes and immersing in the field for one full, magical week!

Sliding scale discounts on tuition available and lodging as low as $20 per night!


Journey around the GLOBE with Skilled Facilitators!

You will LEARN the essential principles of what is in service of LOVE and what harms LOVE. The impact of these understandings could transform your relationships, with romantic partners, parents, children, work, money and the planet!

Over 24 + hours of International Facilitators many with over 30 years’ experience, take you on a journey through a combination of seminar, demonstration, and experiential exercises where you will PERSONALLY experience the wonder of this work.

This method reveals deeper, subconscious patterns that can have a limiting or even destructive impact on relationships, health, success and happiness. Constellation work can address limiting patterns even when their roots go back several GENERATIONS and connect you to the wisdom of your ancestors


If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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