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4th Australasian Constellations Intensive
"Creating Pathways to Deeper Listening and Presence"
February 26 - March 4, 2018 in Sydney, Australia
International Faculty Include:
Dr. Guni Baxa, Stephen Hausner, Ingala Robl, Jan Jacob Stam, Margarete Koenning, Mark Wolynn
Guest Presenters:
Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld, and More...!

You are warmly invited to the 4th Systemic/Family and Organizational Constellation Intensive, it is an outstanding opportunity for learning, transformation and connection with our International Faculty and many guest presenters from around the world.  All levels of experience are welcome.

Over six days a space is created for immersion in the core principles of constellation work, learning from masters in their respective fields, new and innovative applications in fields of Therapy, Health, Education, Coaching, Organizations and other modalities.

The training offers the experience of deep soulful learning and enrichment personally while gaining valuable new skills and insights professionally. A combination of lectures, workshops and experiential groups, with 4 different streams of learning it is open to all.

Participants include a diverse group of mental health professionals, educators, coaches, business owners and many other practitioners in alternative and complementary health practices.

Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen’s will present…

Seeing with Your Heart Constellations: Accessing Non-Ordinary Consciousness in Everyday Life

Many of us hold within us the desire to be free, awake and alive in the magic that is inherently ours as a human being. We seek to shed old paradigms, transform outdated stories, dismantle ancient codes, and remember our souls’ vibrancy.

Yet, in this unique time in history, as Polar icecaps melt, ocean tides rise, animal species go extinct at a rate unseen in the past million years, the multi-generational roots of dark, disempowering beliefs, self-destructive impulses, and paralyzing fears take hold of humanity.

Instead of experiencing the world we inhabit as creation’s playground, we find ourselves shackled to disturbing thoughts, emotions, and reality. Lines begin to form around our spirit as our suffering brings us in contact with inherited wounds of war, displacement, poverty and oppression.

Human life swims in a sea of consciousness. We are inhabited and surrounded by it. It moves in us, around us and through us. When we live as if the only consciousness that exists is created by inert molecules bouncing around in our brains, we are cut off from what is perhaps our greatest resource: the consciousness that permeates the universe.

Seeing with Your Heart Constellations invite you to experience where the push of the past and pull of the future merge into an exquisite tapestry of possibility. The dimensions of consciousness come alive as participants open their body’s capacity to perceive the presence of human consciousness that survives death and the divine presences, archetypes, and natural elements, such as trees, plants, stars and water beyond human scale. This consciousness beyond the ordinary is breaking through the cloak of the power structure’s denial. It is awakening our hearts to the call for humans to learn to be human in our finest, most evolved form.

Emily and Dan’s Seeing with Your Heart workshop at the 2018 Australasian Constellations Intensive will demonstrate their approach to release patterns of oppression and trauma inherited from generations past and invite you to take your place among the growing chorus of humans who are opening to what is possible for the journey through this most incredible life as a human being.

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