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As the Year Turns, So Does Your Heart

Emily Blefeld, LICSW & Dan Cohen, PhD

Within the first 48 hours of the new year, you may have felt yourself bungeed between the elation of new beginnings and the collapse into panic, darkness, or despair.  Perhaps you lost a loved-one through death or breakup in 2018 and the turn of the calendar signals that your grief continues and your life goes on. Or maybe you aligned with your heart’s desire and consciously set intentions for 2019, and yet in the first few days of the year, you found yourself encountering the ever-so-familiar patterns of resistance. This cycling between joy and hardship feels to be yanking us into evermore instability. Even with hearts opening to love and courageous self-expression, a lot of folks we know felt 2019 descending on global humanity like a black cloud.

In spite of these ominous omens, many in our extended Seeing with Your Heart community are shining powerful lights into the darkness. They are contributing to the global movements of consciousness evolution by living in the creative tension between expressing a desire and activating its resistance. This tension becomes a propellant for movement when these polarities are understood and worked within a larger context of everyday life, ancestral lineage and spirit resources.

Dive into the Darkness to Find the Light

Rise into the Light to Release its Shadow

Combining the principles of Family Constellations with our tools of tuning-in, walking the Field and representing the consciousness of ancestors and spirit, Seeing with Your Heart is an antidote to despair. It teaches how to move fluidly in ordinary reality by accessing and integrating consciousness beyond the ordinary.

Equally important as these powerful tools, our groups, workshops, and programs are creating a new model for virtual, autonomous circles of community and belonging. Those who gather in circle all begin with slight unease and all end with embraces of good-bye ordinarily reserved only for the closest of loved-ones. Hear what some participants are saying:

“It felt as if everyone in the group had all been on their own far-reaching journey to come find each other. Every single moment could have been paused and dissected and discussed for a fortnight. I saw and felt meaning in everything.”

Kimberly Cartwright Joins the 

Act with Your Heart Facilitation Team

We are excited to announce that Kimberly Cartwright will be joining the 2019 Act with Your Heart facilitation team. Kimberly is a Systemic Constellation facilitator and founder of Healing with Ancestors, her one-on-one/group Constellation practice. She is also a fitness professional and healer.

From a young age, Kimberly has sought genuine spiritual understanding and inner peace. She practiced Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism for a decade in her 20’s, and after discovering a Course in Miracles in her 30’s, devoted herself to the core practice of the Course, which is shifting the mind’s orientation from fear to love.

In 2016 she received several powerful “downloads” from her Ancestors, challenging her to release self-imposed limitations. Shortly after this contact with the Ancestors, she connected “by chance” with Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Through the Seeing with Your Heart and Act with Your Heart programs, she began claiming the freedom she had denied herself. That freedom has taken the form of greater self-expression, authenticity and connection. In 2018, Kimberly created and launched two online courses: Peaceful body, Peaceful mind, and Spirit Guided Fitness. Both of her courses combine her two great loves: mysticism and physical movement.

Kimberly’s deep desire is to embody and facilitate the dissolution of the seeming separation between people, communities and nations. In addition to her graduating from both Seeing with Your Heart and Act With Your Heart with Dan and Emily, she is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, indoor cycling instructor, an ordained A Course in Miracles Minister, and student of non-dual teacher Rupert Spira. Kimberly has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication from Boston University

Her website is:

Together with Kimberly, Dan, and Emily and the others who are called into the circle, we will navigate ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness, archetypal patterns, and cultural fractals to vastly expand your personal and collective capacity to manifest visions into reality.

“I learned more fully how to give love to myself and to trust my feelings and act on them more deeply than I do already. I’ve understood culture and the impact of history more than ever. To be part of healing the cultural fractures of our history, we have to act listening to the information from the Field.” ~ Sylvie Erb, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Graduation & 2017-18 Act with Your Heart Advanced Training Graduate

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