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When Emily was in her late 20’s, she and a few friends sat for psychic reading at a neighborhood New Age bookstore and crystal shop. When it came to Emily’s turn, a bejeweled woman behind a large crystal globe laid out an array of tarot cards on the table and closed her eyes to tune-in with Emily’s guides. When she opened them, she said sharply, “What are you doing here?” Emily, startled, responded, “What do you mean?” The psychic said, “You’re more psychic than I am!”

Emily left confused and brushed off the incident. She came from a scientifically oriented background, received training as an evidence-based psychotherapist, and claims of supernatural powers were scorned as woo-woo. There might be a heavenly God and a realm of angels, but these, if they existed, were hidden in a realm of faith inaccessible from the physical world described by science.

Early In Dan’s life, he struggled to reconcile his firm belief in scientific progress with his uncanny tendency to defy science’s core principals – such as the time he was with his 4-year-old daughter, Anna, in a major downtown hotel to meet their cousin for dinner. Not knowing anything about the location of her room, Dan felt they were being guided directly to her door. Sure enough, they left the lobby, rode to an upper floor, and marched down two corridors before abruptly stopping. Seconds later, the door in front of them popped open and their cousin appeared.

When Emily and Dan first met, they had each been in practice for 10 years, she as a psychotherapist and he as a Family Constellations facilitator. Their collaboration ignited these dormant psychic gifts in each of them. If they ever have tuned-in to your field or represented in your Constellation, you may recall how accurately they perceived your inner landscape and portrayed family members alive and deceased. Most importantly, you have experienced the bodily release of a Constellation’s potent healing movement.

After 10 years of weaving together, and offering immersion programs, their understanding of what seeing with your heart truly means runs deep. For 2023, they are excited to make the commitment to train and certify people as Alchemical Constellation facilitators. The invitation is for those who are ready to upgrade their knowledge of the architecture of human systems and expand their ability to access non-ordinary consciousness. With these abilities, you will have access to multiple methods for releasing inherited traumatic resonances from the body.

You may be one of those who are attracted to the practice of Constellations because at some point in your life you came to the awareness that the mainstream paradigms of science and culture cannot accommodate your emergent interest in consciousness. Like us, you may have gradually discovered you possess psi abilities such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Or you may have known you are an empath from a very early age but lived a closeted life hiding your abilities and interests from family and friends. Or perhaps you hear voices or see apparitions and have questioned whether you are gifted or just plain crazy.

Conversely, some of you reading this envy others who are open channels to non-ordinary consciousness. Like the Tinman in Oz, you feel like the doors of your heart are sealed closed from the accumulated pressure of social conditioning or childhood traumas that forced you to hide inside walls of protection. You yearn to bust out of your shell and feel yourself aligned with multidimensional consciousness, but the harder you try, the more blocked you become.

This tension between adhering to the good conscience of society, workplace and family and breaking bonds to awaken your perception and trust in your intuition is often painful to bear. How can you flow with the laws of the universe and grow your gifts for experiencing magic while shoehorned into social and economic structures that deny you? Many of you who have dipped a toe into practicing Constellations facilitation are disappointed to discover that the dollars earned do not add up.

Do you have to choose either financial security or inspiring work? We know too many graduates of well-designed and effectively delivered Constellations trainings who face this dilemma. It is frustrating and sometimes even despairing.

To fill this gap, Emily and Dan created the Seeing with Your Heart Alchemical Constellations Training and Facilitator Certification. It is a 15-month deep dive, not only into the depths of personal, ancestral, nature and spirit consciousness, but into the mechanics of a Constellations format that is effective, reliable, and easily adaptable into the toolkits of coaches, psychotherapists, educators, mediators, authors, and other creative professionals.

Emily and Dan, together with a leadership team of skilled facilitators, will guide you through a curriculum that is designed to unlock the consciousness of prosperity, opportunity, and radical positive change in yourself and the world.

A special feature of this program is we have included our business coaches, Ruble Chandy and Josh Pellicer, on the faculty. They are providing 6-months of admission to their weekly Business Hot Seat meetings and access to virtual pre-recorded courses. They specialize in helping small business owners grow their income exponentially without sacrificing their higher values. Your training will be enhanced with specialized coaching in topics such as how to write marketing copy, compose and edit YouTube videos, and create and promote workshops.

Additionally, we have invited our Synergy of Sound, Oral Transmission & Energy Medicine Colleague and Teacher, Lisa Murphy, to offer foundational classes and a private session. Learn to fully experience the world of energy and return your life, relationships, work, and movement to flow! Teachings and transmissions will include energy origins, oral transmission and natural laws. Lisa will discuss how to access your inner spaciousness which allows one to “see” and experience inner vision while engaging your compassionate witness and soul self. 

We are currently forming a leadership team of expert Systemic Constellation facilitators and assistant support to infuse your training experience with a variety of approaches and skillsets. Details will be announced soon.

If you are ready to learn about how to perceive the unwritten and unconscious ways that ancestral memories impact our everyday lives, we are ready to train you in Alchemical Constellations which transform the entangled energies of our ancestors, release the effects of inherited trauma and open channels to spiritual resources and support.

Since ancient times, alchemy was always comprised of two inextricably linked parts. One, was spherical, the feminine principal of creative wholeness. The other was linear, the masculine principal of directed action in the physical world. Together, alchemy was a quest for transformation and harmony.

Four centuries ago, these two parts were split off from each other in Europe. The masculine part, the pursuit of material knowledge for its own sake, became dominant and gave birth to global corporations and the Scientific Revolution. The feminine part was slaughtered in the European witch hunts and its wisdom was burned, hanged, or driven insane.

Now, the earth, the ancestors and the cosmic information field are calling to humanity to restore these two parts and learn them together. We are seeking to transform the legacy of inherited trauma into the gold of loving kindness. Doing so means doing it in community. You will gain your own wisdom and pursue your soul’s unique purpose, but with Seeing with Your Heart, you won’t be doing it alone.

With the weekly online meetings, two 5-day live training events, and private sessions you will organically make connections that will sustain you long after the program completes.

Announcements & Upcoming Programs

2 Day Virtual Retreat: Creativity to Spark Your Soul & Source Your Movement on January 21-22, 2023

Together in community with others, we will harness our creative lifeforce to weave the threads of magic into our creative projects while awakening our capacity to co-create with our guides and the ideas seeking us.

If you are interested in working privately with Dan and/or Emily, we welcome you to CLICK HERE to learn more about our services.  Together we will identify the inherited patterns present and the pathways to create space for the possibility of the future calling you forward.

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