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Act with Your Heart
Advanced Program for Graduates of Systemic Family Constellation Trainings
"Whatever you are meant to do, do it now.
The conditions are always impossible." ~ Doris Lessing

Is your professional work guided by the deep knowing within your heart?

Are you seeking to explore the complexities of consciousness so you can clear the shadows of fear and access the resources of mystery for yourself and others?

Do you want to gain greater competence using Constellations and their principles?

Act with Your Heart Advanced Program will nourish and support graduates of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion and comparable programs to integrate ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness, deepening your capacity to live your love and bring your intentions into reality. In this advanced circle, we will weave and grow together to leverage your strengths, nourish your big ideas, and offer them community, guidance, and heart-centered power.

As you navigate between the macrosystems of culture and environment and the microsystems of family, lovers and soul, your human body is being filled as a vessel of Spirit to engage in healership on all dimensions. Act with Your Heart is a program designed to support you in being the fullest expression and highest vibration of the life you have to live, the love you have to give, and the joy available for you to receive.

"In the midst of all the love, the fierce hands of love, I released all of the ways that I have been holding myself separate, trying to stay safe, trying not to be hurt, trying not to scare others. The freedom was an enormous gift and contribution." ~ Kimberly Cartwright, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion & 2017-18 Act with Your Heart Program Graduate

This is an advanced training in how to navigate ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness, archetypal patterns, and cultural fractals in Constellations, earth medicine and everyday life. 

Together we will explore the following themes and their impact on our personal and collective capacity to manifest visions into reality:

  • Oppression as the Source of Trauma
  • Eros, Sex, Shame, and Money
  • The Interplay of the Masculine, Feminine, and Gender-Neutral Energies
  • The Art of Decision Making
  • Ancestors are Real and How to Be with Them in Right Relationship in the Everyday
  • Balancing Love, Work, Health and Happiness
  • The Future Calling You Forward
  • Facing your Birth, Life, Death, and Legacy
  • The Soul of Your Imperfect Offering
  • The Body as a Constellation
  • Clearing Family Entanglements
  • The Science of Consciousness
  • Group Dynamics (Both Ancestral & Human) 
  • The Art of Constellation Facilitation
  • Advanced Techniques for Growing a Practice or Business
  • Love Relationships Post 20th Century

Are you doing what you feel placed here on Earth to do? 

Are you using your unique abilities? Or embarking on the chance to discover them? 

How often are you feeling a full-bodied “Yes” to your creative life force…and acting on that “Yes”?

For your voice to be heard, your movement to be visible, your offering to be received, and your place on Earth to be resourced, you must say “yes” to a lot of experiments (often created by Spirit) and stop inhibiting your own growth by saying yes to less.

Deepen your heart’s awareness, strengthen your spiritual practice, reach further into soul, lineal, and collective truths, and reconcile with their shadows.  Don’t push a boulder up a hill just because you can. Now, more than ever, is the time we need to learn a new way to lean in, tap in, root down, and rise up to manifest more powerfully the fullness of our individual and collective intentions.

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“A desire to clear away the blockages in my field that hold me back from manifesting my work of service in the world and the loving, nourishing relationships I want to deepen into inspired me to work with Emily and Dan. After having completed the program, I feel much more attuned to my ancestral and spirit resources/guides as well as aware of and embodying my intuitive capacities and bringing that forward in my life and work in a way that feels authentic. The biggest impact has been the integration of more parts of myself and a deepened trust in my capacity to work with the dimensions of consciousness as I navigate the waves of human existence on the planet at this time.” ~ Kat Gibson, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion & 2017-18 Act with Your Heart Graduate, Founder of Lady Gaia
We invite you to join us for the 2019
Act with Your Heart Advanced Program
The Act with Your Heart experience is comprised of four 3 day weekends that support you to:
Constellate the Three Dimensions of Consciousness: Ordinary, Ancestral, Spirit
  • The Initial Interview: Listening for Intentions, Ancestral Voices, and Spirit Guides
  • Tuning-In to Open the Organ of Intuitive Perception
  • Walking the Field to Activate and Perceive Ancestral Consciousness and Consciousness Beyond Human Scale and Form
  • Working with Generational Imprints, Disembodied Energies, and Ancestral and Spirit Presences
  • From Family System to Archetypal Consciousness
  • Taking the Lid Off to Find the Healing Movement
  • Releasing Entanglements and Presencing the Healing Sentences
  • The Poetry of Healing Meditations and Guided Imagery
Use Intuitive Perception as a Tool in Facilitation and Everyday Life
  • Enhancing Your Ability to Access Consciousness Beyond the Ordinary
  • Using Altar Constellations to Fulfill Your Personal and Professional Intentions
  • Decision Making with Ancestors, Spirit, and the Knowing Field
  • Intuitive Practices to Impact the Depth and Effectiveness of Your Personal and Professional Initiatives as well as Enhance Profit, Purpose, Passion and Productivity
  • Psychic Hygiene: Invocations, Revocations, Sacred Space, and Energetic Health
  • The Science of Psi Phenomenon
  • The History of Oppression and It’s Antidotes

Get Out of Your Own Way to Get What You Want
  • You and Your Intentions, Blocks, Entanglements and Resources
  • Lifting the Nourishment Barrier to Claiming Your Full Resilience and Embodying Your Life Force
  • Make Your Mess Your Message: Transforming Obstacles, Burdens and Restraints into Initiation, Guidance, Blessings and Resources
  • Taking Ownership of Your Core Strengths Free from Shame, Guilt, Fear or Resistance
  • The New Economy of Healing: Creating Your Unique Offering
  • Business Planning and Launching: Meeting the Polarity of Your Intention with the Fierce Courage that Dreamed It Possible
  • Facilitating Constellations, Ceremony, or Ritual Using Your Personal Style, Unique Skillsets, Innate Brilliance and Modalities
Science is Magic and Magic is Science
  • Partner with Spirit in Life and Facilitation
  • Wake-Up to the Consciousness Guiding Your Path and Sourcing Your Calling
  • Constellations for Illnesses and Physical Symptoms
  • Constellations for Social Alchemy and Collective Healing
  • Living as a Beacon of Light in a Darkening World
  • Sustaining Love Relationships: Monogamy, Polyamory, and Everything In-Between
  • Do What Needs to Be Done to Feed the Children and Inspire Peace in the World
"I learned more fully how to give love to myself and to trust my feelings and act on them more deeply than I do already. I’ve understood culture and the impact of history more than ever. To be part of healing the cultural fractures of our history, we have to act listening to the information from the Field.” ~ Sylvie Erb, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program & 2017-18 Act with Your Heart Program Graduate
The Program Components Include:
Four 3 Day Group Immersion Weekends Located at 14 Rhode Island Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island.
Weekend Immersion Dates (Subject to Change):
We will gather at 9:30am on Friday morning and end at 6:00pm on Sunday.
Five 2 Hour Group Video Sessions (8-10PM EST) for Teaching, Mentoring, and Support to...
  • Ask questions, explore challenges, and share successes
  • Deepen your understanding of the principles and tools guiding constellation work
  • Engage in experiential exercises with personal, ancestral, and spiritual consciousness that include tuning-in, standing representations, constellation altars, guided meditation, and body-centered practices
Group Video Session Dates (Subject to Change):
  • February 21, 2019
  • April 18, 2019
  • May 13, 2019
  • July 2, 2019
  • September 4, 2019
Private Online Forum for Group Connection, Ongoing Discussion, and Community Support Throughout the Program and Beyond
Autographed Copy of Dan Cohen’s Book, I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison
Upon Completion of the Act with Your Heart Program, You Will Gain Access to the Seeing with Your Heart Evolution’s Private Online Forum for All Generations of Seeing with Your Heart & Act with Your Heart Graduates to Connect, Collaborate, Share Insights, and Receive Ongoing Community Support

Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion that they have successfully completed the Act with Your Heart Advanced Training program. 

"Emily and Dan are as committed as is humanly possible to the Group and individuals. The energy channels as I perceive them are completely clear with both of them. I get no whiff of ego in any of my interactions with them personally or in the group. I have seen them go to the mat to accommodate, to understand, to heal and to resolve conflict. I think the two distinct but mutually supportive facilitation styles work." Kim Li, 2016-17 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Graduate
— Accommodations —
Lodging & Meals

For the first weekend, we have rented a block of hotel rooms at the Ramada Hotel 3 miles from the workshop space.  Private rooms cost $130 per night and shared rooms cost $68.  The following three weekends, we have rented a house 1.5 miles from the workshop space which can accommodate all of the participants. There are three price tiers for lodging per night: $120 for a private room, $70 for a futon, couch, mattress on floor, or $40 for an air mattress. 

The home is ideally located. It is a five-minute walk to Benefit and Thayer Streets and 10-15 minutes to down-town and the theatre district, India Point Park, the river, and the jewelry district.  Whole Foods and numerous coffee shops are all within easy walking distance. The bike path that winds along the water all the way to Bristol begins in India Point Park–a short ride from the house. Zip cars, regional trains, Amtrak and buses are all conveniently located within a few miles of the house.

We provide coffee, tea and plentiful snacks. You are responsible for your meals. We will have a lunch and dinner break each day and will provide restaurant recommendations if you would like to go out.  There is a Whole Foods in walking distance, along with cafes.  And we welcome you to pack a lunch. We will likely book reservations for the group to go out for dinner together one of the two evenings. 


The closest airport to Providence, RI is the Providence (PVD) T.F. Green Airport which is 10 miles away from the workshop venue. Boston Logan Airport (BOS) is 60 miles away, but has more flights and lower fares. Amtrak train service stops at the Providence (PVD) station. There is also express bus service from New York City or Boston to Providence. Participants utilize the private Facebook group to coordinate ride sharing from the airport, train and bus station.    

Click Here to Apply Now! Space is limited.
Feeling the tug of your heart, but not ready to apply?

Sign up for a free conversation so we can
explore if this program is a right fit for you

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