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Step to the edge. Break free of old patterns. Shed obsolete stories.
Harness the power of your intention. Heed the call of your future.
And take your place among the growing chorus of humans
who are evolving consciousness beyond the ordinary.

We are the living, breathing fulfillment of 3 billion years of evolution.

We hold within us the universal desire to be free, awake, and alive in the magic that is inherently ours as a human being. Yet, instead of experiencing the world we inhabit as creation’s playground, we often find ourselves shackled to negative thoughts, disturbing emotions and troubling behaviors.

Our world is shaped by generations of oppression, violence, and the concentration of power. Between the fantastic technologies of Internet, cellphones, and cheap airline transportation on one side and environmental, military and economic catastrophes on the other, where do we learn how to become fully human?

The true answer lives in the mystery. When you step to your edge and move beyond, when you clarify your desire and crystallize your intentions, you will inevitably be greeted by inherited resistance standing in opposition to you and your highest purpose. 

The deep root of your burdens, blocks, and restraints that interfere with your peace stay alive in the heart for up to seven generations. Our process illuminates and clears these interferences, allowing your heart to open to nourishment from the strongest resources for life’s flourishing.

From that recognition comes the invitation...
Bring the threads of your existence and all of its complexity into focus. Engage in an experiential process that weaves generations past and generations following into collective relationship with the present moment. Understand the root of your present challenges and discover a simpler way to break free, and embody the immense strength and love held within your lineage.
And the vast web of consciousness beyond human scale -
that of ancestors, divine presences, archetypes, and natural elements,
such as trees, plants, stars and water.
"The work of Emily and Dan is a beautiful marriage of cutting edge science and sacred ancient wisdom. Their processes are illuminating, potent and liberating." — Julius Jones, Massachusetts
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