The Heart of Seeing with Your Heart (Excerpted from August 2016 Newsletter)

As the balloons dropped and Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination for President, Dan and Emily were facilitating a constellation with participants at the Social Alchemy Retreat that explored the following:

  1. What distracts us from the race conversation? 
  2. How can we reduce the fear response in white society when non-white individuals express anger?
  3. How do we work with the unexpected that erupts and overturns careful planning?

Other Social Alchemy participants constellated integrating feminine perpetrator energy and what needs to be seen and heard. While our Presidential candidates press their conflicting narratives and visions, the founding principles of the United States -freedom, prosperity, democracy, and mobility – are overwhelmed by their shadow polarities – mass incarceration, poverty, militarism, and oppression.

A basic principle of our work is that one must dive into the darkness to reach the light and rise into the light to encounter its shadow. When you step to your edge and move beyond, when you clarify your movement and crystallize your intentions, you will be inevitably greeted by your shadow and the energy that stands in opposition to you and your cause.

In the social realm, as soon as a change agent names the intention to understand racism or how the patriarchy lives in women, the shadow – whether it is fear, privilege or judgement – activates. Even the most well-intending people may unexpectedly become distracted or unconsciously pulled into perpetuating the injustice they purport to set right.

This ambitious Social Alchemy experiment brought together 40 activists to explore the large social fields of Mother Earth, climate change, racism and the Presidential election. These cause-minded, heart-centered, impact-driven individuals yearn to influence and impact their lives, their communities, and the world. They came to experience Seeing with Your Heart Constellations combined with group processing and harvesting tools.

The Race Conversation Constellation went nearly two hours. Among the representatives were two for the Race Conversation, two for the Distraction, White Society, the Fear Response, Abuse of Power, Mother Earth, Those who Don’t have a Voice, the Indigenous People, the Unexpected and many others. As always, the Field is our teacher and its lessons are non-linear.

For this Constellation, we heard the first sentences in the new race conversation and the representative for white society stepped drown from a position of superiority:

Representative A: I see so many unnamed souls that had to suffer and die.

Representative B: I feel that.

At both the Social Alchemy Retreat and the North American Systemic Constellations Intensive, we were deeply impressed with our Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program graduates as they fulfill the program’s mission of contributing to the growing chorus of humans who are evolving human consciousness. 

The Social Alchemy retreat was first envisioned and launched by two Seeing with Your Heart grads – Alison Fornes and Bruce Nayowith.

Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program graduates are asking the hard questions and experimenting with the Knowing Field to discover insights and healing possibilities.

  • How can we jump ahead of our shadow and look back to release the root cause? 
  • How can we shift the consciousness of humanity to become harmonious beyond race, gender, and culture?

More and more people are feeling ready to experience a transformational breakthrough, to step to the edge and beyond, empowered, on the path of their choosing.

If you too are feeling ready, please join us for a weekend of Seeing with Your Heart Constellations in late August in Wickford, RI or take the deep dive into the Mystery of your life, love, and purpose with the 2016-17 Immersion program.

Seeing with Your Heart Constellations free people — plain and simple. 

Instead of being blocked from fulfilling their deepest desires, they are powerfully stepping into the future that calls them forward. We are committed to supporting and nurturing heart-centered individuals to open to their unique possibilities, deepen their influence and expand their reach.