The Connection Between Love, Intimacy, Eroticism, and Money and How to Open Your Heart to All of the Above (Excerpted from September 2015 Newsletter)

How might your life change, if love, intimacy, eros, and money were available to you in great abundance?

What if you believed that you deserved joyful and deep connection, sexual fulfillment, and financial security?

For centuries, those yearning for sexual ecstasy and financial abundance have been met by systemic oppression that shames and disempowers the seeds of desire.  Many of us long for change, but accept the status-quo out of fear of the consequences of asking for or stepping into what we want. Or perhaps we don’t believe that our deepest wants are possible to manifest at this time or in these circumstances.

We have been taught directly and indirectly that we need a good job, a secure and committed relationship, and a stable life to feel whole and be best cared for.  What if you challenged that premise and stepped up to love yourself, embraced and celebrated your sexuality and eros, and opened your heart to deeper, more intimate connections?  And if you knew that this, in and of itself, would generate more money in your life, would you want to start right now and would this change where you work and what you do

Living with more playful pleasure, intimate vulnerability, erotic connection, and joyful freedom opens your heart and life to the flow of love and financial abundance.

On September’s Consciousness Call, Emily Blefeld Volden and Dan Booth Cohen will open up a conversation about love, intimacy and eroticism as seen through the Fields of Consciousness.

Many couples and individuals seek support from Emily and Dan with releasing old patterns of loneliness, relationship conflict, financial challenges, and loss of eroticism in their lives. As their process unfolds, they are able to trace the root of today’s difficulties to a specific ancestral source and literally free themselves and their living family members from being entangled with residue of old traumas that originated in past generations.

What Emily and Dan have found, is that even when the pattern is released, very few people have been taught the keys of being in a loving, intimate and erotically pleasing relationship with another person. For the most part it’s trial and error, with too many trials and tons of errors!