The Burning Ring of Fire (Excerpted from August 2015 Newsletter)

“Love is a burnin’ thing and it makes a fiery ring”  — June Carter Cash

August’s Free Consciousness Call will explore the ancient roots of human sexuality and our innate capacities for love, pleasure, and sensuality.  Our sexual energy is our creative life force and when it is suppressed or pained, we can feel out of alignment with our joy, dreams, and deepest desires.  If we want to embody a vibrant, regenerative, creative, loving, and spiritual self, we need to accept our bodies, open our hearts, and own the power that is our sexuality.

How are we supposed to step into the burning ring of fire and love in the ways we want to be loved if we are feeling cut-off, burdened by shame, or wrought with anger, hurt, or desire to withdraw?

Our sexuality extends far beyond a sexual act…it is a power unto ourselves that can be delighted by the sound of the ocean waves or the smell of an open flower.  It exists in relationship with ourselves first and foremost.  And yet, our hearts hold the memory of generations of sexual oppression – rape, incest, sexual abuse, harassment, physical and emotional abuse, sexual diseases, unwanted pregnancies, adoptions, lover’s betrayals, denigration, shame, abandonment, lack of validation for one’s beauty, sexual addictions, obsessive fantasies, viruses, cysts, tumors, and more.

Now is your time to have the doors of your heart opened by the fire that extends from the hot Sun to the core of the Earth to the flame of life that burns from root to crown!

How are we to reclaim the freedom to embrace and celebrate our sexual power when history has cut a wound so deep?  Many of us fear the fine line between igniting the passion of ecstasy or setting fire to our whole existence.

Dan and Emily will guide you to tune-in to your mind, body and heart and connect with the fire that burns deep within you and the hearts of those that came before you. Together, you will explore the three dimensions of ordinary, ancestral and spiritual consciousness while opening the doors to a revolutionary understanding of sexuality.