2018 SWYH Program Application

Thank you for your interest in our 2018 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program. 

We acknowledge and appreciate your desire to advance yourself personally and professionally and look forward to supporting you in exploring the possibilities available to you in this next step.

This program is both emotionally and intellectually rigorous. It requires you to hold the space to step into your own and others emotional fields, with integrity, honor, and sensitivity. 

In service to creating a safe container for the work, we have thoughtfully designed an application process that consciously assists us with forming a group of people who are ready for the depth and breadth of this experience and the opening that follows. 

Because we want to make sure our program is right for the individual and that the individuals are right for the group, we will be reviewing all applications and meeting with each applicant for a 30 minute Skype or phone interview.

After you submit this form, you will be redirected to view our calendar to schedule your Program Interview.

Please select the Free 30-Minute Consultation option and schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Still contemplating whether applying is right for you, right now? 

We encourage you to move forward with us – open to the mystery and remain curious as to what’s around the bend. We recognize that being a part of this journey takes courage and determination. You may fill out the application and then meet with us before making any commitment to the program.

We know that there are many emotional and logistical barriers to registering for long-term programs…

Concerned that there’s not enough time in your life to fit this in?

We appreciate the common apprehension in making a big commitment of time, mostly because we too have struggled with this element.  Many of the individuals we work with carry the burdens of over-responsibility to everything and everyone in their lives. So when asked to invest in themselves, they often delay doing what they know is best for them. 

We ask you this: If you knew that this program would help you to remove the hidden obstacles that are keeping you locked in a pattern of self-depletion and would open the door to joy, connection, and abundant energy would you apply?

If the answer is “YES,” please consider applying now and scheduling your free consultation. If not, how will delaying this serve you? And how will you change your patterns so you eventually have time for the things that matter the most?

Worried about the cost of the program?

Often we see people who have struggled much of their lives with developing a consistent and abundant flow of money. Each day brings deep financial stress and an endless yearning to eventually “get ahead”.  We find it incredible to witness what occurs when they invest in their healing and growth work.  Research has shown that love and money flow together.  When you increase the flow of love in your heart (both in relationship to yourself and others), you increase the flow of money in your life. 

Not sure the program is the right fit for you?

Before you can enroll in this program, you will be provided a time to meet with us to clarify if the program is the right fit for you.  We will only accept people into this program whom we are certain can receive the full benefits of participation.

In a free consultation, we will help you to make that decision consciously and with connection to your inner wisdom and resources.  Simply put, there’s no risk to you to apply — we’re here to support and determine the best next step that most serves you.

We understand that this is a big commitment, but we also know that typically the reasons for saying no to exploring your heart’s intimate truths mirror the barriers that hold you back from living to your full potential. 

We are ready to stand with you, to support you, to see you, and to be there by your side as you step into your purpose.  Are you?