Removing The Block to Love: It’s Not You. It’s “Who?” (Excerpted from February 2016 Newsletter)

How many of us wish we were able to open our hearts more fully to love, to be true, to not stray, but be present and authentic in how we show up for one another? We all yearn to love and be lovable, but too often our closest relationships degrade into conflict, alienation or mediocrity.

When we feel lonely or rejected or unloved, our inner critic weaves a narrative:

There’s something wrong with me! 

Well, maybe there is and maybe there isn’t. We don’t know, but we have found that answering that question rarely yields transformational results that leave you feeling whole. We suggest that your Block to Love may dissolve like a sugar cube in hot tea from answering a completely different question:

Who is my block to love? 

The qualities we have characterized as personal defects, patterns, or beliefs are often remnants of an unresolved wound passed down by our parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

We swim in an ocean of consciousness that absorbs and remembers everything. Heartbreaks, tragedies and abandonments from generations long ago may leave an invisible imprint that remains active inside our bodies.

  • The baby who was left with convent nuns so his mother could marry in a white dress.
  • A father who sank into addiction and despair after losing his wife.
  • A family secret that is never revealed in attempts to secure a sense of belonging at the expense of happiness, joy, or freedom.

Fortunately, Emily and Dan can help the consciousness of past losses be transformed from blocks to blessings.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, February’s Free Consciousness Call will offer a meditation, short teaching talk and group exercise to help all callers “tune-in” to acknowledge and release who is blocking their loving heart. 

Behind the pain of personal and transgenerational trauma, we will make contact with the love and healing from the consciousness that envelops us.

This is your time to shed shame, loneliness, and struggle while opening to love, ease, and grace!