Real Halloween: Demons, Witches, Curses and Madness: Under the Shadow of Stirling Castle in Scotland (Excerpted from November 2015 Newsletter)

Emily and Dan are back from their October trip to Ireland and Scotland. It was a journey of many incomparable miraculous healing movements and just as many dark encounters with the forces of malevolence, sexual violence, rage and bloodshed that have ignited the many catastrophes of our current times.

In Scotland for our week-long Intensive, we set up our altar by a window with a clear view to the 12th century Stirling Castle above us. During the days that followed, as we opened up the Fields of Consciousness to ordinary, ancestral and spiritual presence, we time and time again came into contact with the extremes of human emotion and behaviors.

As Americans, we wondered how these encounters relate to the broader societal issues we regularly work with in the States. Author Fox Butterfield put our question in context. His masterpiece, All God’s Children, is a searing examination of the caustic cumulative effect of racism and violence for black Americans. He writes:

“Between 1715 and 1775 a huge wave of 250,000 immigrants from Scotland and Northern Ireland poured into the US Atlantic south. These Scotch-Irish were a poor but proud people who had left their homeland after centuries of incessant warfare. They were tough, blunt, touchy, hard-drinking and pugnacious. By 1761, these settlers had defeated the Carolina Cherokee in some of the cruelest fighting in American history. Thereafter, they took to farming and acquired slaves. They introduced a strain of sadism, violence and extremism that became the curse of American racism.”

The legacy of this painful history was demonstrated once again this week in a South Carolina classroom. A violent confrontation between an Anglo American police officer and African American student showed the centuries-old preoccupation with authority and respect is still being acted out daily. Viral video of violent confrontation between cop and student.

During our Intensive in Scotland, we worked with ordinary people facing ordinary problems. A wife asking how to reclaim her sex drive after having children. A woman filled with turbulence concerning her relationship with her adult daughter. A man whose days are being diminished by waves of exhaustion. Opening the Field, we found ancestral and spiritual consciousness active behind everyone’s issues and intentions.

From our first introductory circle, the theme of the Intensive was: What wants to be seen? What wants to happen? The participants and the Field took this invitation seriously. What wanted to be seen was how warfare between the native Scots and their foreign invaders (Roman, Celtic, Viking, Norman, English, etc.), bloodied the ground we stood on and cursed the children born under the shadow of shame and guilt.

In looking for healing movements, we created Family Constellations and mystical sacred ceremonies. Even as the Field brought us into contact with terrifying forces, we trusted that the consciousness beyond human scale is breaking through to support the living to become more compassionate, more loving and more peaceful.