Open to Darkness to Encounter Light (Excerpted from June 2016 Newsletter)

“If one cannot make something better or different, then make it holy. This is the meaning of the consecrated life, a life of the wounded healer, a life of walking definitively, gently, boldly, consciously, not in a one-sided world stripped of meaning, but by becoming ‘a woman of knowledge who walks in two worlds’ or ‘a man of knowledge who walks in two worlds.’ With grace and ease. With humility. Naturally. These are the great strengths you were born with, made visible.” ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We are presently in Loveland, CO to embark on a 5 day training intensive – The Heart of the Wounded Healer – with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. With Dr. Estes as our guide, we will explore a “two-world perspective” on the wounds we have inherited from our loved ones, our ancestors, the overculture – to understand them, illuminate their hidden wisdom, and take the treasure they offer to help us to do our impactful work in the world.

We greeted the early days of June with the successful completion of the 2015-16 Seeing with Your Heart Immersion and Advanced programs. We also traveled to Hawaii for a profound and memorable Intensive. Every circle drew in the breathtaking beauty of ocean and earth, unique wildlife, warm sunshine, and blankets of stars. We dove into the depths of human consciousness in exploratory and sacred journeys together.

Seeing with Your Heart means opening the organ of perception that resides in the core of the body. With every group and private session, we expand our understanding of the vast mystery of what it means to be human. Opening the heart and making contact with consciousness that is breaking through the walls of denial allows us to remember what we have always known and experience the pleasure and love that naturally resides in our minds, hearts and bodies.

The more adept we become at opening our hearts, the more we find ourselves greeting the darkness within and around us. The more we open to the darkness, the more we encounter light; the more we stand in that light, the more the darkness reveals itself.

We all are familiar with the feeling of wanting our lives to be flowing with love, joy and fulfillment. Yet, there is something often clouding the way. One of the key insights of Seeing with Your Heart is that the question to ask when we feel blocked is not, “What is in the way?” It is, “Who is in the way?” This question brings us into the second dimension of consciousness: the mind of our biological lineage. From there we can discover and repair the broken connections that may have occurred long before we were born, but have spilled over onto multiple generations through the mechanism of inherited trauma.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” — Carl Jung.

We discovered that by using your heart as an organ of perception, you can make contact with the consciousness that stands between a person and their heart’s desire. With this awareness, pathways to the resources of ancestral and spiritual presence become known, felt, and integrated. Blocks and burdens transform into blessings and freedom. What is possible for our lives when the only thing between us and the future calling us forward is an open pathway of possibilities? It’s time you found out…