Meditations on Fathers (Excerpted from June 2015 Newsletter)

“The only thing of importance, when we depart, will be the traces of love we have left behind.” — Albert Schweitzer

June’s Consciousness Call and Consciousness Evolution Circle is dedicated to appreciating Fathers, with conversation, meditations and consciousness exercises designed to put our hearts in contact with the love that moves in us from the energy of the masculine.

Pause for a moment and breathe in your awareness of “father.” What emotions ignite in your mind, heart and gut? What memories are stirred up into your awareness? Do you feel close love? Or distance? Sweetness or pain?

Our dominant culture of Empire is strongly influenced by the biological fact that mothers take 39 weeks to make a baby while fathers need only a few moments. A mother’s identity is given; fathers depend on monogamy to know that a baby is an extension of their being. Patriarchy’s abuses of oppression of the feminine and repression of human sexuality exists largely to protect the identity of a father.

While many are fortunate to have loving and present fathers who live healthily into old age, some fathers are absent, distant or silent figures. Others are giants whose emotions and force-of-will dominate the family landscape. Few of us carry no wounds of being our father’s child.

When we tune-in to the three dimensions of consciousness (ordinary, ancestral and spiritual), one surprising feature of human biology comes clear: The field of father-consciousness inhabits and surrounds us regardless of the lived relationship. That is, if a biological grandfather abandoned his children and nothing was ever heard or seen of him again, his grandchildren nevertheless carry his consciousness in and around them.

Through consciousness therapy, it is possible to clear and release the many dark consequences of this unsettling biological fact.

Our hearts remember those who gave us life, those who gave us love, and those victims or perpetrators whose fate is entangled with our birth. Hearts hold tender love and blessing, but suffering and grief as well. The human being retains ancestral memories of unresolved trauma for up to seven generations.

Dive into the deepest part of who you are and witness the threads of your existence that connect you to your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Come on a journey into consciousness beyond the first dimension of the here and now. When you feel to the core of our existential crisis, deep inside your secret sorrows there is a closed door marked with the single word: Father.

Emily and Dan have designed a special meditation and exercise to contact and ease the darkness and embody the strength and love within your paternal lineage. Open your heart to non-ordinary dimensions of consciousness that are active within and around us. The resources in ancestral and spiritual consciousness are the key to releasing the burdens that weigh us down and to removing the obstacles that block our way forward. The love and support we yearn for becomes freely available when inherited trauma is relieved.