Making Your Big Vision a Reality:What Calls You Forward? What’s in Your Way? (Excerpted from May 2016 Newsletter)

“The world we inhabit is abundant beyond our wildest imagination.There are trees, dreams, sunrises;There are thunderstorms, shadows, rivers;There are wars, flea bites, love affairs; There are the lives of people, Gods, entire galaxies.” — Paul Feyerabend

Inside our private practice and Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program, we are working with many social entrepreneurs who hold visions and intentions for deepening their impact, extending their reach, and growing their consulting, coaching, or healing practices and small businesses.

People come to us expressing a desire to break free from the blocks, burdens and restraints that keep them stuck. They tend to be creative, intelligent, out-of-the-box thinkers who aspire to turn inspirations into significant actions and to live to their highest potential. 

They care about being successful in their endeavors, but also desire to enjoy what they are doing and make a positive contribution to their families, communities, and humanity as a whole.

From our work with visionaries and our own life paths as successful entrepreneurs, we can tell you that the flow of abundance and expansive growth opens when you look beyond obvious, ordinary solutions into the realm of non-ordinary consciousness.

Rather than spinning your wheels in various directions, moving fast but going nowhere, we invite you to transform your existing reality by tuning in to the unseen, unacknowledged, yet powerful forces standing between you and your intentions. 

The Seeing with Your Heart approach teaches and supports people with accessing and utilizing the Three Dimensions of Consciousness to resolve personal and professional difficulties and excel in leadership of their unique life purpose.  We have worked with writers, film-makers, attorneys, activists, artists, and healers who possess a strong vision and harbor the typical doubts and anxieties that plague aspiring leaders… financial concerns, lack of clarity in their vision, fear that they don’t have what it takes, not enough time, etc.  Rather than discussing what’s at the root of these feelings, we identify who’s at the root.

When an initiative or project hits a snag or roadblock, we “tune-in” to the Field and set up representatives for the elements active in the system. Some of these processes involve practical first dimension (or ordinary) constraints, such as lack of financing, while others are more abstract and extend beyond anxiety, creative blocks and money.

When seeking to identify and release the root of the issue, we open into second dimension or ancestral consciousness where we tap into the unresolved, inherited trauma that remains active in one’s heart.

For example, when working with someone who has difficulty transitioning from an old way of working to a new, more innovative form, we may unearth the influential relevance of those who survived and perished in the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, or Irish Famine. The shift from old to new triggers feelings of loyalty and prevents movement forward.

Finally, we access third dimension or spiritual resources to support individuals as they navigate the project’s many challenges.  In many cases, it may be the consciousness of the ancestor’s homeland or a spiritual presence that can hold the family trauma and those involved.

 The emerging revolution in human consciousness tells us that when we uncover and clear the roots of negative beliefs, impulses, and fears, we open new pathways to passion, pleasure, and purpose. We can manifest our heart’s desire when we come into tune with the consciousness beyond the ordinary that inhabits and surrounds us.

If you seek to cultivate the capacity to pursue a goal with unwavering commitment or take an idea to manifested fruition, please join us for tomorrow evening’s Free Consciousness Call. Together we will explore the path to a life filled with greater consistency, effectiveness, connection, and joy.