Learning to be Human in Our Most Evolved Form (Excerpted from July 2016 Newsletter)

We will love or we will perish
We will learn the rainbow to cherish
Dare to struggle, dare to danger
Dare to touch the hand of a stranger
—Pete Seeger

Last month we traveled to Colorado to participate in a week-long training on The Heart of the Wounded Healer with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés (author of Women Who Run with the Wolves). Her core teaching on “Walking in Two Worlds as a Way of Life” deeply resonates with our experiences journeying in the Three Dimensions of Consciousness.

As human beings we are born with extraordinary capacity to travel between the worlds – to experience ordinary reality, ancestral presence, and the divine all in one world without imaginary lines.

As newborn babies, we see clearly beyond our eyes, hear beyond words, and feel with an open heart. As we move through life, we make contact with the deep, inherited wounds of war, displacement, poverty and oppression.

Lines begin to form around our spirit. We stop playing, dancing, and singing, and at some point in time we wonder how, in our one brief life span, can we heal our woes and joyously dance in the shadow and light that vibrate in our tender hearts?

Inspired by Dr. Estes, we see how our experiences in the Field of Constellations, in both individual and group work are guiding us and our clients towards answers.

Yes, our hearts are yearning with desire to be seen and loved…

…and yes, we survive in an ever more toxic environment that hardly nourishes love and compassion.

And still, what continues to be revealed to us is that the presence of human consciousness that survives death is a resource that reaches out to us.

When we open to it, much of the grief, anxiety and despair that plagues us can evaporate like thick fog on a summer’s morning.

As that fog lifts, we make contact with the light on the other side — the mysterious consciousness beyond human scale and form — breaking through to enliven us with the strength and vitality that is the miracle of evolution and the human life form.

Our large group Constellation circles are blossoming into epic experiences where the push of the past and pull of the future merge into an exquisite tapestry of possibility.

The Three Dimensions of Consciousness come alive as participants open their bodies capacity to perceive the presence of human consciousness that survives death and the divine and spiritual entities that we call Third Dimension.

This consciousness beyond the ordinary is breaking through the cloak of the power structure’s denial. It is awakening our hearts to the call for humans to learn to be human in our finest, most evolved form.

July is the time for the annual North American Systemic Constellations Intensive in West Hartford, CT. For many participants who return each year, the Intensive is a modernized equivalent of the 5 Festival Days of the ancient Egyptian calendar.

These were holy days of high summer set aside for people to shed regrets, heal body, mind and soul, celebrate life and gather their sacred resources for the year to come.

Under a warm July sun and waxing Buck moon, there is no better place and no better time to recalibrate for the future that lies ahead:

  •  Seriously relieve the stress of being born into your nutty family
  • Get moving on a big launch to fulfill your life’s mission
  • Experience more love, eroticism and intimacy in your relationships
  • Build friendships and professional connections with other change makers and consciousness evolutionaries

This year will be the largest enrollment of any Intensive –and there is still room for you!

Immediately following the Intensive, we are pleased to host the inaugural Social Alchemy Retreat presented by #ConstellatePeace and Seeing with Your Heart.

We are convening a circle of healers and change agents to activate a new path for collective healing, earth community and social change. Social Alchemy creates a safe space in which deep, often suppressed aspects of the collective field can be seen, held and transformed.

The power of our work together resides in our innate but often untapped ability to reliably access and apply accurate intuitive and collective wisdom toward the service of social good.

If you cannot take 5 days off to attend the Intensive, we encourage you to consider attending the Seeing with Your Heart Weekend Workshop on July 23-24, Sterling, CT.

If you are ready to break free from the confinement and oppression of first dimension reality, stand in the Field with us for two full days.

Join us and feel for yourself that ancestral and spiritual consciousness are real and in service to your dancing with life.