Intention and Resistance: The Hidden Agenda of Our Ancestors (Excerpted from September 2016 Newsletter)

Each day, we wake up to a new sunrise and greet life. At some point in our day, our minds encounter one of the four timeless existential questions: Who am I? Where am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Every one of these questions touches into the meaning of our existence and place in the world. Reflecting on our inner desire and outer reality may expose a yawning gap:

“There’s more for me to be, do, and feel in this lifetime and I endlessly seek to unearth what lies dormant within but yearns to be expressed.”

“It’s when my heart is most open to love that I inevitably encounter doubt, judgment, worry, disappointment, or defensiveness in myself or from others.”

We all want our everyday life to be meaningful and to reflect back to you that you are living your purpose, in the flow of love, and feeling happy and whole.

Too often we wake up to the call of our heart, we declare a strong affirmation or intention to manifest throughout our day, and as life unfolds in the following hours, we seem to have mysteriously activated what stands in our way. 

How come when someone expresses a readiness for a loving relationship, out-of-nowhere comes a big, fat rejection? Or when we create the time in our schedule to write the book we have spent our life preparing to write, we sabotage the use of that time? Why at every turn when we lift up our head’s and take a big step forward in our consciousness, are we confronted by our biggest fears and worst blocks as if they were lying in wait for us?

Whenever a person declares their intention, they literally activate its resistance from within not only their own consciousness, but that which is inherited and shared among their lineage. 

For example, someone who declares, “There’s more for me to be and do in this lifetime,” calls in the ancestor within the lineage who shared the same feeling, but failed in the quest. The intention to do spiritually informed work that generates a healthy income immediately engages a conflict with its polarity: poverty or spiritual corruption.

From the Seeing with Your Heart perspective, this phenomenon: declaring an intention and activating its resistance, becomes the key to the intention’s fulfillment. 

The resistance is an ancestor. Carl Jung described this eloquently in his 1961 autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections:

In the winter of 1955-56, I chiseled the names of my paternal ancestors on three stone tablets…. When I was working in the stone tablets, I became aware of the Fateful links between me and my ancestors. I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which were left incomplete and unanswered by my parents and grand-parents and more distant ancestors.

Human beings – in fact all life – swim in a sea of consciousness.

The consciousness of an individual survives the death of the a body and remains actively in relationship with other living members within the biological lineage. In our experience, we cannot effectively clear the resistance that confronts our desires without working through generational trauma that is inherited along with our genetic characteristics.

You will often hear us say, “the flow of money, sex, and love all move in the same direction as they are all a form of currency, a give and take, an exchange. As you clear the blocks in one of those categories, you clear the blocks in all. You are releasing obstacles to be in the currency, the flow, of the life force seeking to move through you.”

Graduates of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion learn to be human, fully engaging the organ of perception in the body’s core that can receive and transmit consciousness beyond the ordinary. When the remnants of Jung’s “Fateful links” with ancestral consciousness are lifted, one’s possibilities arise in a bright burst of imagination and the flow of opportunity presents itself.

During last year’s Immersion one participant took on the bureaucracy of a complex governmental system to radically alter the embedded policies that protect rights in theory and trample them in reality.

Another launched a local environmental initiative that engaged a diverse cross-section of community members in a common cause of protecting the earth from a major industrial development that would destroy the landscape for the benefit of a few well-connected investors.

And others challenged lifelong patterns related to feeling apathetic, unworthy, tired, disconnected, unloved, unclear, insecure, etc.

The 4th cycle of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program begins on September 30. This year, the program will meet on the shores of Narragansett Bay in Wickford, RI.

As in past years, rather than offering a traditional fixed training curriculum, we invite participants to arrive with bold intentions for themselves, their relationships and their work in the world. 

By the end of this 9-month deep-dive into consciousness beyond the ordinary, Systemic Constellations principles and the mysteries of feminine/masculine/gender-neutral ways of being, each person will overcome their patterns of generational trauma and powerfully fulfill their heart’s desire.