Seeing With Your Heart
Immersion Program
See with Your Heart. Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life.
Launch Yourself to Launch Your Movement.

We live in the most revolutionary time in history…

A time in which the tectonic plates of consciousness are rapidly shifting — an era in which many of us are questioning how to live free amidst oppression, stay awake among the sleepwalkers and remain vibrant within a decaying overculture.

Enveloped by darkness, how do we live in the magic that becomes ours when we tap into our full capacities as human beings?

The Seeing With Your Heart Immersion Program is designed to support and nurture heart-centered individuals who yearn to influence and impact their lives, their communities, and the world — to achieve just that.

We’ve worked with writers, healers, film-makers, attorneys, farmers, activists, artists, educators, and coaches who possess a bold vision, but harbor the typical doubts, disbelief and despair that plague aspiring leaders—lack of clarity in their vision, fear they don’t have what it takes, financial concerns, lack of time, apprehension of change— the list goes on.

Seeing with Your Heart means accessing your body’s natural capacity to perceive and integrate the ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness that are at the core of what it means to be human.

Rather than discussing what is at the root of these challenges, we identify who is at the root and access the resources required to unlock the mind, body, heart, and soul.

The emerging revolution in human consciousness reveals that when we uncover and clear the multi-generational roots of dark disempowering beliefs, self-destructive impulses, and paralyzing fears, we open new and unimagined pathways to passion, pleasure, and purpose.

Inevitably, we can’t help but to manifest our heart’s deepest desires, when we make contact with the consciousness beyond ordinary life — the aspects we can’t necessarily see, but can definitely feel.

What we offer empowers cause-minded, heart-centered, impact-driven individuals to clarify their movement, deepen their influence and extend their reach. We make it easy for lovers to love, writers to write, visionaries to vision, and activists to act. Participants in this program step to their edge and beyond — and live there brilliantly.

Are you ready to shift the tectonic plates of your life and walk forward, empowered, on the path of your heart’s choosing?

"Dan and Emily’s work consists of helping all of us remember what has been forgotten, in our own lives, and more specifically, in our lineage. Emily and Dan act as courageous co-explorers into the underwater shadows of our psyches, both personal and collective." - Marc Luchs
We invite you to join us for the 2017-18
Seeing with Your Heart Immersion Program.
This deep, rich, and transformative program offers an experience that will help you increase your impact on the world and forever change how you approach your life. Dissolved paradigms will reconstruct your sense of what is possible.
Cultivate Self-Transformation:
  • Uncover the hidden patterns and habits that unconsciously hold you back
  • Release limiting beliefs, impulses, and fears
Improve Your Relationships:
  • Experience the gift of being supported, seen, and recognized for your extraordinary self
  • Stand tall in loving space with family, friends, life partners and fellow change agents who meet you with support, encouragement, and respect for your unique place in our world
  • Create and strengthen relationships that amplify your life’s potential 
Navigate Pathways of Consciousness:
  • Open awareness to the dimensions of consciousness that extend beyond human scale and form
  • Strengthen your connection to the wisdom of spiritual archetypes and the sacred earth
  • Communicate with ancestral consciousness that survives beyond the end of life
  • Use your intuitive perception to live and love in alignment with the truth of your heart
Learn Tools for Deepening Your Impact in the World:
  • Work with the heart as an organ of perception for greater intuitive awareness, connection and intimacy
  • Solve problems using a model that integrates personal, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness
  • Train to apply the principles of Systemic Family Constellations and the Three Dimensions of Consciousness in your personal life and professional practice
  • Integrate these tools with your current knowledge and skills to develop a practice model that is unique to you
Launch Yourself — Launch Your Movement:
  • Connect with your calling and move confidently towards the future that beckons you forward
  • Become an alchemist of the heart who transmutes the damaging effects of trans-generational trauma
  • Unlock your boundless potential and create a consciousness of prosperity, opportunity, and radical positive change in yourself and the world 
"It was one of the defining experiences of my life. I gained so much more than I could have anticipated and am exceptionally grateful for the entire experience, from start to finish." – Amelia Trotter

Located in beautiful Rhode Island among the natural landscape and abounding healing energy of Narragansett Bay and the native lands.

  • Four 3-day group immersion weekends in Narragansett, Rhode Island (Dates TBD)
  • Two Private 2.5 hour Systemic Family Constellations
  • Two 1.5 hour private mentoring sessions for personal and professional development
  • Five 2 hour group teleconferences (8-10PM EST)
  • Private online forum for group connection and ongoing discussion
  • An autographed copy of Dan Booth Cohen’s book, I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison
"Over the past 25+ years I have been part of countless workshops, seminars and programs that have enhanced my life — and perhaps those programs prepared me for the life transforming process that happens in the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program. Dan and Emily have developed one of the best, life changing programs ever offered." - Ed Federici

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