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Seeing with Your Heart Evolution Video Call

For SwYH Graduates Only
Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 8:00 PM Eastern

  • Cappuccino constellations for all generations of Seeing with Your Heart Graduates
  • Receive support in manifesting individual and collective intentions while weaving a new way
Seeing With Your Heart Weekend Workshop

Reconnecting to the Ancient Roots of Human Sexuality
September 16-17, 2017 in Wickford, Rhode Island. 

During this unique and memorable weekend, you will dig into the ancient roots of human sexuality and illuminate your innate capacities for love, pleasure, sensuality, and sacred sexual power. Emily Blefeld and Dan Cohen will guide you to tune-in to your mind, body and heart and connect with the fire that burns deep within you and the hearts of those that came before you. Together, we will explore the three dimensions of ordinary, ancestral and spiritual consciousness while opening the doors to a revolutionary understanding of your own sexuality.

2017 North American Systemic Constellations Conference

“Bridging the Divide: Healing the Personal and Collective Soul”
October 5-8, 2017 at The Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, VA

2017-18 SWYH Immersion Program

See with Your Heart. Live Your Purpose. Love Your Life.
The first of four weekends begins October 20-22, 2017.

This deep, rich, and transformative program offers an experience that will increase your impact on the world and forever change how you understand your life. Dissolved paradigms will reconstruct your sense of what is possible. Expanded perception, attuned wisdom, and free flowing love unlock your fullest expression of self.

2017-18 Act with Your Heart Advanced Program

Exclusively for Seeing with Your Heart Graduates.
The first of four weekends begins on November 17, 2017.

Act with Your Heart invites you to weave in consciousness with tribe members from all generations while deepening your heart’s awareness, strengthening your spiritual practice, reaching further into soul, lineal, and collective truths, and reconciling with their shadows. Now, more than ever, we need to step more fully into our light, embrace our shadow and manifest more powerfully the fullness of our individual and collective intentions. 

4th Australasian Constellation Intensive

“Creating Pathways to Deeper Listening and Presence”
February 26 – March 4, 2018, Sydney Australia

Joining the 2018 Australasian Intensive as International Guest Speakers, Emily and Dan invite you to share in the mystery and the magic of Seeing with Your Heart Constellations, where the push of the past and pull of the future merge into an exquisite tapestry of possibility.

Seeing with Your Heart Systemic Constellations Retreat

4-Day Immersion in the Exquisite Riverslea Retreat Centre at Otaki Gorge
March 8 – March 11, 2018, Otaki, New Zealand

This 4-day Intensive Retreat in the exquisite Riverslea Retreat Centre at Otaki Gorge will open your heart to the power of consciousness beyond the ordinary and support you in answering the four timeless questions that touch into the meaning of our existence and place in the world: Who am I? Where am I?  Where did I come from? Where am I going?

Imagine if what stands between you and fulfilling your larger life’s purpose or deepest desires for love and happiness could be immediately transformed into a potent resource that moves you forward along the path to manifestation. This intensive retreat will do just that for you!


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