Climate Change as a Call to Transform Human Consciousness (Excerpted from April 2016 Newsletter)

After getting slammed with a record 11 feet of snow last winter, this year New England experienced the warmest winter on record. Climate change is accelerating and many experts forecast humanity is flirting with extinction from destroying our planetary habitat. Meanwhile, most of us enjoy the spring-like temperatures and lower heating bills, like tsunami beachcombers exploring the suddenly exposed seabed.

The climate crisis is more than a policy controversy or an incentive to implement eco-friendly lifestyles, it’s a call to Humanity to realize that we hold the gravest moral responsibility we have ever faced. The destiny of human life on Earth rests in our own hands at a time when willful ignorance is being sold to us like soda.

The crisis is multidimensional with diverse facets manifesting in environmental, social, political, and economic realms. We understand on a cerebral level that the world we know today is not going to be around for long; however, we commit to interminable wars, support predatory political policies, and neglect a systemic crisis with ethical and spiritual dimensions.
It is no coincidence that in such a rocketing external environment, our troublesome emotional and behavioral patterns are worsening across all populations within the Human race and fulfilling our heart’s intentions seems to progress as if by a horse and buggy.

The key to inner transformation and climate change is not a great mystery. It is to recognize that you are the answer to our resilience…you are the portal to our way forward. You are love, light, and source. You have already had magical moments in your life, when you felt a powerful electricity course through your body and suddenly your life was not the same. Do you have to wait for the next big shift to occur randomly or can you consciously create experiences of inner transformation?

We need a new paradigm that affirms the intrinsic value of every person, appreciates the diversity of all life forms, regenerates a sense of awe for the majesty of the Earth and cosmos, and inspires reverence in the Human heart.

As innovators in merging advanced consciousness and spiritual principles into psychotherapeutic practice, Emily and Dan access the heart as an organ of perception to open fields of consciousness that inhabit and surround us. They help open pathways that extend beyond individual awareness and enable anyone to experience a powerful, life transforming release.

Millions of humans are having encounters with the Call of Earth. Long repressed ancestral and spiritual consciousness is breaking through, calling humanity to listen to the deepest desires of the heart for the return of beauty, community and joyful relationship.

April’s Free Consciousness Call will offer a meditation, short teaching talk and group exercise to help all callers “tune-in” to the universal human capacity to bloom in the new spring. We will test the Field and invite each caller to experience for themselves how opening the heart is a gateway for restoring capacity for healing and growth.