Being Born Backwards (Excerpted from October 2016 Newsletter)

Were you born backwards? We are not asking about breech births or other physical conditions of your mother’s labor. Being born backwards means that instead of entering the world of breathing with life pushing you forward, into a future of infinite possibilities, you first open your eyes to a landscape frozen in time from the impact of generational trauma.

Or a Jewish American child may experience being born into the terror and insecurities of the persecution and pogroms that afflicted her immigrant grandparents. Or a child of Irish descent coming into being in a prosperous family may have an unconscious kinship to famine and invasion that is many generations removed.

The consciousness of an individual survives the death of the body and remains actively in relationship with other living members within the biological lineage. In our experience, we cannot effectively clear the resistance that confronts our desires without working through generational trauma that is inherited along with our genetic characteristics.

If you are launching a new initiative, ready for more fulfillment in your love and sexual relationships, or ready to break out of a mediocre work environment, it is very likely that your step forward into birthing something new will be met by fears and obstacles that recreate the patterns of loss and failure that run through your family. As you move forward, you inevitably get pulled backwards.

Fortunately, there is a remedy for the phenomenon of being born backwards. Our Seeing with Your Heart Constellations find and clear the source of the burdens, blocks and restraints that stand in our way, weigh us down and hold us back. 

Your heart knows the truth and knows how to heal. You can illuminate your living connection with ancestral consciousness and the Fields of memory and awareness beyond human scale. Together, we will dive into the deepest part of the threads of your existence and free you to align your life, work and relationships with your higher purpose and deepest desire. 

The 4th cycle of the Seeing with Your Heart Immersion program began on September 30. We were pleased and surprised to have received so many applications and so due to demand we have opened a second section of the program beginning on November 4. The program will meet on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Narragansett, RI.

As in past years, rather than offering a traditional fixed training curriculum, we invite participants to arrive with bold intentions for themselves, their relationships and their work in the world. By the end of this 9-month deep-dive into consciousness beyond the ordinary, Systemic Constellations principles and the mysteries of feminine/masculine/gender-neutral ways of being, each person will overcome their patterns of generational trauma and powerfully fulfill their heart’s desire.