An Invitation to Make the New Year Truly “New” (Excerpted from January 2016 Newsletter)

As the calendar turns to 2016, many of us are questioning how to create more peace in our lives. We hold within us the desire to be free, awake and alive in the magic that is inherently ours as a human being.

Yet, 2016 is such a rare and unique time in human history that hardly anyone alive feels a sense of proficiency around what to do with it. We live in a world that is fast-paced, highly competitive, and screaming for our attention.  Between the fantastic technologies of Internet, cellphones, and cheap airline transportation on one side and the looming threats of environmental, military and economic catastrophe on the other, who is not confused navigating their own path forward into creating a peaceful and fulfilling new year?

We naturally respond with a sense of urgency, seeking more innovative ways to show up to life.  Like most endeavors, the newness fades and by March, that which was once energizing becomes draining and insurmountable.  We get overwhelmed.  We feel scattered.  Our stress levels rise.  We try to give it our all, but rarely feel like our efforts are ever enough.

Instead of experiencing the world we inhabit as creation’s playground, we find ourselves shackled to negative thoughts, disturbing emotions and troubling behaviors. We are often victimized by a harsh reality or we harshly contribute to the perpetuation of our own failures.

Peace starts with us.  The world becomes an enchanting and more magical place when we are open to receiving the magic that surrounds us and courses through our bodies. We create magic in the world when we are in loving relationship with ourselves, partners, family, friends and the larger communities we belong to.  Magic ignites as we begin to honor the spark of light within our radiant being.

Into this maze of confusion comes a resource available to all of us – it is the presence of consciousness beyond the ordinary. On one level, it is the presence of consciousness that survives death and remains in relationship with the living, especially members of your biological lineage. On another level, it is the consciousness beyond human scale, that of divine presences, archetypes, and natural elements, such as trees, plants, stars and water.

January’s Free Consciousness Call is devoted to helping ordinary people, living in the confines of ordinary reality to use this consciousness as a resource to release the shackles of shame and limiting beliefs about who you are and open to what is possible for your journey through this most incredible life as a human being.

We invite you to make real the hope you have for your life in 2016. Come into connection with all that resides within and around you. Change the paradigm. Open to mystery. Create community. Love the earth, sky, wind and ocean. Become a peacemaker for yourself and all that is in your care.

It’s a New Year! Welcome the possibility that you can release from the patterns of trauma and loneliness you inherited from generations past and take your place among the growing chorus of humans who are evolving human consciousness beyond the ordinary.