A Heart for Freedom (Excerpted from July 2015 Newsletter)

“There is a deeper life than the life we see and hear with the open ear and the open eye and this is the life important and the life everlasting.”  — Seán O’Casey

As we approach Independence Day, we are deeply aware of the chasm between the promise of “liberty and justice for all” and the reality of the lived experience of many people both in the United States and around the world. Our hearts yearn for freedom for all people and grieve for the oppression that weighs heavily in our society.

We ask ourselves what we can do to work towards a culture in which all are truly free and we find our answers in the Knowing Field of the Three Dimensions of Consciousness. In July’s Free Consciousness Call, we will open the Field to new insights about freeing the heart in the context of our work with personal, ancestral, and spiritual dimensions.

Each of us holds a strong longing to live freely, to speak our truth, to love whom we desire, to go where we are called, to choose “No” or “Yes” without coercion.

And yet, we are all familiar with those moments when we do what we are told, swallow our words, and succumb to shame or pressure.

We can do our inner work to break the chains that bind our hearts and engage in public activism to fight racism, oppression and exploitation. But, without understanding how ancestral consciousness reverberates in our hearts, we remain subject to being influenced by its hidden emotions, memories and desires, which are often directly oppositional to our own. It can be unnerving to realize that the things we are most afraid or rejecting of are often remnants of a past generation’s trauma.

How do we free ourselves from doing what we swore we would never do?

How do we free our hearts to love and be loved fully?

We do have freedom to choose and to shape our lives according to our intentions, purpose and passions. Our ability to live freely is enhanced when we become more aware of the hidden forces of consciousness beyond the ordinary. Rejecting parts of our own consciousness imprisons us in a web of resistance. Recognizing, acknowledging, and agreeing to every person who is a part of our unique vine of humanity frees us.

Freedom is nourished when we integrate ordinary, ancestral and spiritual dimensions of consciousness. We are far wiser than society typically allows us to be. Emily and Dan invite you to join them in opening your heart as an organ of perception to the consciousness that inhabits and surrounds you. This is an ability that is part of everyone’s human physiology.

All of us – the peace makers, oppressors, and change agents, the inspired, bewildered, angry, hopeful, and unaware – hold the potential to free our hearts from the binds of our second dimension ancestral entanglements. As these burdens are released, we increase our capacity to live our lives as vehicles for the manifestation of our dreams. We call on those of you who live with the intention of creating a world in which freedom, sustainability, and health is a universal right, not a privilege, to join us as we dive deeper into these themes on July’s call The Heart for Freedom.